Why You Need Both A Healthy Diet And A Workout Plan

Getting in shape means that you are going to have to make a lot of changes to your lifestyle. Too many people make the mistake of assuming that they either need to simply focus on one or the other and you will want to refrain from doing that. These two things must go hand-in-hand in order to give yourself the best possible results.

Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

In order to make sure that you are getting the most out of the time you spend working out, you will need to make use of several services. For example, joining a fitness center such as Fitness 19 would be a good place to start. However, you will need to take it a step further than just joining and jumping on a treadmill once in a while.

You will need to make a commitment to go to the fitness center several times throughout the week. If you feel as though you do not have enough time – you need to make the time. This might mean waking up thirty minutes earlier in the morning. It might mean catching up with your regular evening television show another time.

Once you are there, you will want to consult with a personal trainer and check out a lot of the classes that are being offered. It is also important to make sure that you are making use of plenty of weight training exercises as well as cardio workouts for the best possible results.

Eating For Fuel And Happiness

It is important to make sure that you remember that no matter how much weight you want to lose, you cannot starve yourself. If you are not eating enough calories throughout the day, your body could go into a starvation mode. When that happens, you will find that your body is going to want to hold on to every single calorie it can because it does not know when you are going to eat again. And remember, if you are not getting enough calories in your system, you will not have the fuel needed in order to work out properly.

The better option is to eat smaller meals more frequently. So, instead of one or two big meals, you will want to eat five small meals. You will also want to make sure that you are using healthy recipes for the majority of the dinners you prepare.

Tips For Not Failing

If you want to make sure that these are changes that are going to last a lifetime for you, you will want to be realistic. Is a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing that is coated in chocolate sprinkles the healthiest snack for you? No. However, should you refrain from ever eating a piece ever again? No, and this is because if you do, you might snap one day and binge eat the entire cake. Instead, you are going to want to find a balance. You may want to try allowing yourself to have a “free day” over the weekend. As long as you are not getting out of control, you can skip your diet rules and eat the pizza and a piece of cake.

Another thing to remember is that there will be days when you miss out on going to the gym or you fail to do your best while you are there. You need to accept that and do not punish yourself by giving up. Tomorrow is always a new day so no matter what small setback you have, as long as you keep pushing forward, you will eventually be the weight you want and look incredible.


  1. Elva Roberts says

    I really like your post . I realize that healthy eating and regular exercise go hand and hand to build a healthier, leaner body. Take your time and eat smaller meals more frequently and exercise consistently. Thank you for your tips.

  2. Thanks you for this great post we just found out hubby has high blood so we are changing things up and eating healthier and exercising daily!!

  3. Thank you for the inspiring post I dont need to lose weight. I am trying to get in my daily exercise and eat healthy.

  4. It seems so logical that we need good food and exercise to get or stay healthy. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Great post! I’m currently trying to lose the 60 pounds I gained during my pregnancy! I’m pretty good at getting my workouts in but tend to fall of the wagon when it comes to eating well. I typically tell myself, “I can eat that cake because I worked out,” even though I know I could be sabotaging myself and not getting the most of my workouts by doing so. This is a great reminder that diet is just as important as physical activity!

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