Why Rustic Style Is The Best Design For A Family Home

If your home has been looking a little lackluster lately, it can be easy to fall out of it. Thanks to the rise of social media we now have easy access to pretty much anyone’s home, via apps such as Pinterest and Instagram. People just LOVE to show off their fancy interiors and magazine-worthy homes online; and when we are sitting in our own mess of a house, with children’s toys everywhere and a kitchen that hasn’t been cleaned in a week, it is very easy to feel inferior by comparison. What it is important to remember is that these people are only posting pictures of their homes when they are in the best condition. For all we know, there could be an over-spilling toy-box just out of shot, or an unruly family pet shedding matted hair all over the pristine white carpet. There is no harm in taking interior inspiration from these kind of pages, but remember that in a REAL home, design has to be workable. As someone with a family, certain styles may simply not be right for your home. For example, the minimalist trend was huge last year – all about monochrome colors, clean lines and delicate pieces of decor. Yep, it sure does look dreamy – but in a house with young children, is it going to work? Probably not? Achieving minimalism in a madhouse is pretty much impossible; plus, will all those white walls, carpets, and furnishings, you will probably find that you end up spending most of your time cleaning! No one wants that, so it may be time to find a more practical ‘look’ to adopt for your property. After all, it does just look well put together and complete when all of your rooms have the same theme flowing through them. One theme, in particular, that shines through as a good option for a family property is the rustic, log cabin kind of vibe. Here are some ways you can install it in your place, no matter what your budget is.

Wood…wood everywhere!

This one might seem obvious; after all, the clue is in the name with ‘log’ cabin. Wood has been used in homes for years, right back to when it was the predominant building material centuries ago, to the decorative material it is used as now. Most of us can’t (unfortunately) afford to drop everything and go and live in a cabin in the woods. But we can use wood throughout our homes, in various forms, to create a warm and rustic look. If you have the time and money to take on a fairly big project, why not consider having one of your walls re-paneled with wood? This can look great in a family living room, or maybe even in the master bedroom. You can go for stacked logs to give your home a taste of the great outdoors – or you could go for something a bit more contemporary, such as flat polished wood. If your floor is already wooden, try a different shade of wood to create contrast and to add a bit more depth to the room in question. If this project sounds like a bit too much for you, there are also plenty of other ways you can add wood to your home. Wooden furniture is one, and so is wooden decor. You can even make this yourself, by taking home an interesting looking branch and displaying it as ‘modern art’ – just make sure it isn’t harboring any creepy crawlies first, though!

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Warm colors

One thing that most log cabins have in common is that they all have a generally warm color scheme. Cabins and lodges tend to be in the middle of nowhere and used to have dubious home heating systems – therefore anything that could make the property seem warmer, people used to use. Now, it’s not as though you’re going to be in a real log cabin – it’s far more likely that you are in a townhouse in the middle of suburbia. But all the same, a warm color scheme is a pretty fail-safe option in most modern family homes. For starters, warm colors are usually darker. When you have kids around, stains and dirty fingerprints simply become a part of your everyday life – and evidently, these show up a lot more on lighter colors. Plus, warmer shades tend to work all year round, whereas an all-white room can feel pretty cold and harsh during the winter months. Go for creams, browns and orange shades to give a pleasant hue to your home. These kinds of colors also look great when lit up, and you can even add a pop of cold color by way of contrast if you like.

Comfort is key

Search for the words ‘log cabin’ online and what you will notice about nearly every result is that they just all look so comfy. A chic minimalist home may work for the big city slickers for whom work never sleeps. But in a house with kids, you will no doubt want somewhere that you can happily put your feet up on with a cup of tea and a good book after another busy day. Plus, hard, sharp surfaces are an accident waiting to happen when you have children – it’s just not worth the risk. So, make sure you have a big, squishy couch for all of you to curl up on as a family. Smaller couches may cost less, but a family-size sofa is way more practical and cozy, too. Plus, your couch is an investment – spend some money on it, and you know it will last you for the foreseeable future. Make sure the bedroom are equally comfortable for you and your children by getting hold of some top quality bedding. One thing you may not know about eider down and the eider duck is that they originated from the snowy land of Siberia – where log cabin design was and still is rife among locals. Take inspiration from this snow-capped region by laying your bed with luxury comforters and throws – and when the summer comes around, simply remove a layer to help you cool off.


It was mentioned above about how the warm colors of a classic log cabin look great when lit up at night. Lighting is, in fact, one of the most important components when it comes to setting the atmosphere in your home. When your kids have been hyper all day, adjusting the lighting can be a subtle way of showing them that playtime is over now and that they need to start preparing for bed. Dimmer, softer lights have been proven to help initiate sleep among adults and children alike. As well as the ceiling light in a room, add a couple of table or floor lamps that you can switch one when it starts to get darker outside. These are perfect for when you are having something like a family movie night and can help with that great rustic look that Northern home design excels at. If you really want to commit to the theme, look for lampshades that are made from imitation animal skin – remember, you want anything that exudes a warm, glowing light. Many people seem to think that once they have children, any hope of having a stylish home goes out the window. But by picking the right theme, you can easily have the best of both worlds.

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  1. We just moved to an apartment, downsizing to make life simpler. I love your ideas as we are now able to go rustic and modern with some charm. My kids aren’t little anymore so no more “hey don’t touch” and I agree warm colors. I have one wall with painted art work all from my eleven year old son. Warm browns, reds, beige, taupe scream comfort to me. And anything made with reclaimed wood.

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