Set Your Kids Onto Music In The New Year

Now that 2017 is in full swing, there’s no better time to tackle the goal of getting you kids into music. The chaos of the holidays is finally behind us, so you have the time to add daily practice sessions and weekly lessons into your family’s busy schedule. Once you do, you’re setting your children up for success! Keep reading to learn the surprising benefits of learning an instrument at a young age.

Set Your Kids Onto Music In The New Year

Time is everything. You know that. Whether it’s getting everyone out of the house in time for school and work or simply getting dinner on the table, how early you start these tasks will effect just how successful you are. And just like these two examples, the earlier you can start your kids’ musical training the better chance they have at succeeding.

There’s some science to it. Recent studies suggest there’s a window of opportunity that’s considered the perfect time to get your kids interested in music. This window, from ages 0–9, is important because it indicates a time when their brains are still squishy and impressionable. They’re undergoing critical development in the areas of the brain responsible for language and mathematics during these ages. It just so happens that the same parts of the brain responsible for speaking, writing, computation, and problem solving, get a workout when they play music. When music is introduced into their studies at this time, they’re more likely to absorb all of the new skills they’re learning at school.

That’s not to say musical education is only for those 9 and under. Any kid can pick up an instrument if they believe in themselves — and yes this does include kids like you! It just means the longer we wait to learn the metre of music, the more work it will be to train our brains since we lose mental plasticity as we age. But don’t worry — your teenagers won’t have to worry about putting in extra work to learn their instrument. They’re still young enough to pick it up easily if they put their minds to it.

As a result, studies have shown kids with musical backgrounds outperform those children who don’t every time. They’re able to perform divergent thinking — or creative and critical problem solving — faster than their cohorts. As they improve their ability to understand spatial sense, math, and language, they’re also increasing their emotional fluency. Music gives them an outlet for their inner feelings, with proven benefits to their mental well-being by lowering stress and blood pressure.

Musical training can also teach your children the positive results of hard work. Learning to play an instrument doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It’s the product of deliberate practice and determination to learn. Once they surpass individual notes and are able to play their favourite songs, they’ll see the pay-off of their concentration — which is a valuable skill to have later in life. It can also do wonders for their self-confidence so they’re more likely to take on new and exciting challenges.

With so many benefits to learning, there’s no reason to delay signing them up for lessons. Since this is Canada, you’ll find help you can rely on from the sales reps at Long & McQuade, the largest and most trusted chain of music stores in the country. These professionals are experts at what they do and can recommend the best teachers and instruments for your children. Their massive inventory of musical instruments is also available online at You can use their website to find out if they have music lessons at a convenient time for your family. With only a few clicks of your mouse, you can have your kids outfitted with the gear they need before they start their musical careers.

Take advantage of the new beginnings the New Year offers. Sign your children up for music lessons and see how they improve over the next 12 months. You’ll notice it isn’t just their abilities at the fret or keyboard that progress. Music will help them realize their full potential in all that they do.


  1. We are actually trying to do this right now. We have a key board already and hopefully getting lessons really soon!

  2. This is awesome! Growing up, we all HAD to take piano lessons. If we completed 3 years, we could pick any instrument to get lessons for and play. It helped teach us a lot of lessons about commitment and patience!

  3. My kids haven’t had any formal music lessons but my daughter taught herself to play the keyboard. We all have an appreciation for it.

  4. My kids love music. I don’t think that there is a day that goes by that they aren’t listening to something.

  5. Introducing children to music early is such a great way to teach them something valuable. I hope that my kids teach theirs.

  6. Sarah Bailey says

    I never had formal lessons but I wish I would have. I love music and everything about where it comes from.

  7. My son has been picking the guitar a little bit. I fully encourage it. Music is a great way to improve all sorts of brain activity.

  8. I would love if my kids could play instruments. I am thinking about having them play the piano or guitar.

  9. Elizabeth Lampman says

    I think it is important to introduce kids to different musical instruments. I used to love music class in school. Now the kids only get to play a recorder.

  10. These are great points. I’m glad working with music can be so beneficial to kids. My daughter loved it!

  11. My son is 8 and just started guitar lessons. Looks like we just made it into that 0-9 year old age window! He likes lessons so far 🙂

  12. My mom started me in music lessons at age 7 to which I’m so grateful. Can’t wait to start with my own kids!

  13. This is amazing! I would love to encourage my kids to never be afraid to learn something new. I guess a new instrument to learn would be great for this year. 😀

  14. Love this, also learning an instrument teaches discipline, they have to stay at it and practice to be great at it -such is life.

  15. reesann723 says

    Both of my kids are really eager to learn how to play an instrument! I have been looking for piano lessons for them!

  16. Both of my kids take piano lessons and I truly feel like it is one of the best investments I have made in terms of their education and their ability to express themselves! Love this post so very much!

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