6 Ways to Show Your Yard Some Love This Spring

Spring is a popular time of year to cut loose and go on vacation. It’s also a time of year where people prepare to give the yard some much needed TLC. If your grass and garden bed are in need of resuscitation, the following six tips will help you show it the right kind of love this spring.

6 Ways to Show Your Yard Some Love This Spring
Assess the Debris
Spring is the start of vacation travel, backyard barbecues, and outdoor family fun. But if your yard has seen better days, you want to prepare it properly before you decide on your guest list. Go over the front, back, and side yards of your property to assess the damage. Remove the litter and grab some a tree loppers to remove dead tree branches and leaves first. Once you’ve cleared the obstacles, you’ll be able to determine the condition of your grass and garden. If your lawn is matted down, use a rake to boost the flow of air. This simple act can also help prevent mold, insect infestation, and disease. Raking also encourages new grass to grow

Identify the Needs of Your Grass Early On
Depending on the area you live, you’ll need to identify the needs of your grass based on your region and temperature climate. This determination is important as it will help you maintain lush grass during the spring season. If you’re prone to crab grass, apply a pre-emergent application before temperatures have reached 60 degrees. If you do so afterward, weeds will have already begun to sprout, and the application will be less effective. If you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, consult with a professional to get a personalized approach to your lawn care.

Spring Nutrients
Similar to your own needs, your lawn needs the right nutrients to grow and thrive. You can give your lawn a jumpstart on its health and wellness by fertilizing in the spring. The right blend will help it flourish through the heat and stress of the coming summer. If your area gets an insufficient amount of rain, an application will also help combat stress during the dry months. If you’re a DIY-er, read the directions carefully before applying. No matter how bad your lawn may be, don’t over-fertilize. More than one application during the spring could cause your lawn to burn. It may also make it more prone to future diseases.

Aerating your lawn come spring allows air and water to seep into the roots more quickly. This can result in better root development and future growth. To gain the most out of this critical task, you want to aerate your grass before the temperatures go above 60 degrees. If you do it after when the weather is warm, the holes left by the aerator will become a beacon for weeds to take over your lawn. You also want to refrain from aerating your lawn if your grass was sodded or seeded within the past year.

Repairs May Be Needed
Mother Nature can wreak havoc with your yard during the off-season. Spring is the perfect time of year to repair a lawn with brown, dead, or bare patches. Simply remove the dead or brown grass thoroughly with a rake. Apply a blend of dirt and grass seed to the damaged area. You’ll also find lawn repair kits to replace bald patches of lawn.

Tune Up Your Equipment
If you’ve put your lawn equipment away for the winter season, you want to have it checked before you begin to mow and trim again this spring. Your local home improvement store can tune up your lawn mower and sharpen its blades. When the temperatures begin to rise, you’ll be ready to mow, edge, and trim bushes. Dull mower blades will bruise and pull out the blades of grass instead of cutting it.
Your yard has probably taken a much needed rest over the winter. But now it’s time for your lawn to wake up and don a brilliant shade of green. The above easy tips will help you prepare your yard for spring.


  1. Hmm..it does seems like a good time to hurl family out onto the lawn and start freshen things up a bit… Thanks for the good tips!

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    What a marvellous garden, wish ours looked like that. Unfortunately spring seems an awful long way away at the moment. These for sharing these great tips with us 🙂

    • Melanie Gray says

      Isn’t this weather the pits? I cannot wait to squish my toes in the green grass <3 I've never aerated my lawn, so maybe that's something to try this year. These tips will make for extra lush grass to go barefoot in!

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