The Best Degrees for Working Abroad

While traveling is wonderful, sometimes we want more. There are many options when it comes to working abroad. You could get a job working in a bar or resort quite easily. However, if you’ve got a family to support, and a way of life to maintain, a better option might be to return to school to gain a fantastic degree, which will allow you to get a great, well-paid job in a foreign country.

International Relations

An international relations degree can give you a huge range of different options when it comes to living and working abroad. You could work for a big business, either American or foreign, as a diplomat or political analyst. You could even use your skills to continue your education and become an international lawyer, working on matters of economics, trade, business, and social welfare.

Another option for graduates of an international affairs masters program would be to work for a non-profit organization, or even the peace-corps, working to improve the economy and social welfare of your host country.

As a graduate in international relations, you would have a great understanding of the language, culture, economy, and political systems of many different countries. A degree like this would be a real asset for anyone looking to make a life abroad.


Anyone with a firm grasp of both written and spoken English can work teaching English abroad. However, if you want to make a career working in foreign schools and universities, it’s a good idea to gain a degree. This would enable you to rise to the head of the department and gain national respect.


Engineers are in high demand all over the world. A civil engineering degree allows you to work in construction, designing, planning, and building structures, such as buildings, roads, and bridges. Structural engineers work with architects, making estimates and calculations, deciding what materials to use for all parts of the structure.

Two of the main jobs for engineering graduates abroad are water resource engineers, who develop systems for water management, and engineering geologists, who work with geological factors, which can affect structures.

Computer Science

Like engineers, those with high-class computer science degrees and knowledge of modern computer systems are in high demand across the globe. Computers are very much a part of all industries today. GMercyU’s computer science degree could help you to find work in a huge range of different industries in many countries across the world, especially those in which the use of computers is just starting to grow and develop. Your skills and experience would be valued enormously.

Living abroad can be a truly life-changing experience, as there is only so much you can learn while traveling. Living somewhere else, fully immersing yourself in a culture and way of life, can be a fascinating experience. Getting a great job means you can do it all, without ever having to worry about your family. The experiences you gain could also be invaluable if you ever chose to return home.

The Best Degrees for Working Abroad


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