Healthcare Apps You Should Definitely Try Today

Maintaining good health is getting easier by the day. We now have more tools to help us stay fit, control our diets and maintain healthy lifestyles. There are even apps that do a lot of health-related tasks, from counting steps and measuring your calorie intake to connecting you to doctors and experienced physicians. According to the AACSB online MBA department of Northeastern University, healthcare apps are among the most successful healthcare startups on the market. There are a few worth trying too.

Medisafe, for instance, can help those around you stay in tune with your medications and restrictions. Loved ones can now stay in sync with your prescribed medication schedules, allowing them to remind you if you forget to take your meds. Impact, on the other hand, is an app that can help diagnose concussion through simple assessment tools.

You can learn more about the best healthcare apps to try as well as other interesting healthcare startups you can follow from the full infographic, 12 Startups That Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare by

Northeastern University’s Master of Business Administration Online Program


  1. I was just thinking about researching health apps for medication reminders when your newsletter arrived in my inbox. Thanks for sharing.

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