Little Life Box the Healthy Subscription Box for Canadians

Subscription boxes are one of my favourite things. They give you an opportunity to try a variety of products in your home within a certain theme. This year I have committed to improving my health and saying yes more. I want to live my best life and enjoy every minute of it along the way. A part of this commitment is getting out more, getting active and eating healthier. My problem though is finding the healthier options to eat as I love to snack, while still enjoying them.

As soon as I started living a better life and paying attention to my health, I felt happier and looked better. My skin and hair were healthy and glowing, I could keep up with my kids and not be tired all the time. I have a way to go, but I am taking it one day at a time and am loving the way I am feeling.

Introducing Little Life Box 

Little Life Box is a Canadian, family run healthy lifestyle subscription box. They ship out a box of healthy samples and full size products to their members across Canada on a monthly basis with products ranging from nutrition to beauty items with vegan and gift box options. Our goal is to encourage our members to make healthier choices by replacing their products with better ones that both support great companies and help the environment.

You’ll receive 8-12 healthy items (snacks, skin care, vitamins and more) and a mix of samples and full-size products in every box. Products can be vegan, gluten-free, eco-friendly, biodegradable, made in Canada, non GMO, organic, fair trade, with no preservatives, natural or cruelty-free. The box is valued at $35-$75 including shipping. The Original box has a mix of healthy products (can also contain vegan products) and the Vegan box is strictly vegan.

I received my Little Life Box and could not wait to open and see what was inside. The box was filled with products that were all considered to be health and beauty. Some I had tried before, some were new to me.

I am not going to lie, I totally loved seeing chocolate inside this box. Now this is my kind of snacking! Everything in the box was great and fit my life perfectly. Being able to try out these items really gave me a sense of what I like and what I do not. I am now on the look out for the cranberries and the soap and they are my fave!

Order your subscription today 

Monthly boxes

Get 50% off your first box! Use code SWEETDEAL at checkout!

Order one month for $23 or 3 months for $22/month. Order 6 months and save even more. You choose if you would like original or vegan boxes as well.

Having older kids who live on their own, I love to give subscription boxes as gifts. You can gift a box for $28

Classic Gift Box

  • 10-12 of our most popular healthy items
  • Mix of snacks, beauty items, supplements and more
  • Mix of samples and full size items
  • Interior Gift Wrapping
  • Personalized card
  • Value of minimum $40
  • Will ship out within 5 business days

You can also gift the Man box and the deluxe box depending on your gifting needs. See options here

This subscription box is great for anyone looking to make healthy changes in their lives. When I go into a store I always stand there staring at the counter not sure what to buy and what to walk away from. This box gives you the opportunity to try new products at an affordable price. Order you box for next month now.


  1. I love this idea! It can be hard to make changes, especially when you don’t really know to start. I could see how something like this would really help!

  2. Dawn gordon says

    Great idea for healthier changes
    I was going to do a post on subscription box craze and discuss the cost of filling them and the packaging because I’m seeing people complain of “not getting as much as they thought or the quality of the items ” by the time they pay for the packaging and profit much can they stuff inside one?

    This box you posted looks plentiful but it is a more expensive subscription !

  3. This is my kind of box, I like all the healthy snacks and beauty products, what a great range.

  4. Wow,this does sound nice,The Man Box

  5. I won 3 months of this and oh my god I was very impressed with it, all 3 months were amazing and the boxes were filled to the brimm!!!

  6. nicolthepickle- Nicole Graham says

    Good for you! It is nicer to feel better and more healthy.
    This box looks great.

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