The Power of Smart Location with Tile (Giveaway)

Every single day I am losing my keys! Well I personally am not the one losing them as I always place them on the same counter, however my kids tend to use them and never put them back there. With my house key, car key and the key to the garage on one ring, it is important I can locate them when needed. My one son finds it funny that he always puts them up high and I can not see them. Thing is, I am usually looking for them when he has already left for school. My other son has a habit of leaving  my keys in his coat pocket or who knows where. It is extremely frustrating for me to look for them each time I want to leave the house. I can not imagine how much time I lose every time I need to hunt them down.

My husband on the other hand has so many keys he never loses them. If anyone were to pick up his key chain you would hear them and know they were moved. However, he loses his glasses all the time. As he only needs them for reading, they get moved around quite a bit. But remembering where is the issue.

If there were only a way to find these things that easily saved us time and helped keep us stress free.

Well there is! Both tile Mate and tile Slim will help you keep track of your items that go missing like ours.

Introducing Tile

Never lose your purse, phone or wallet again with Tile—the most reliable and easiest way to track your valuables. “Piece” of mind is as simple as attaching a Tile Mate or Tile Slim to anything you care about. The Tile App allows users to ring their Tile to locate a misplaced item, find their phone even when it is in silent mode and view the last known location of their item on a map.
Tile’s #1 best selling devices, network and mobile app work together to help people locate the things that matter to them most.Tile Mate: $30 each, $90/ four pack.
Tile Slim: $39.99 each $129.99/ four packAvailability:
Online at Tile,, and in stores at Canadian Tire and most major retailers.

As soon as we were sent the tile Slim and tile Mate we placed them on/in the items we misplaced most often. We connected our phone to it ans waited. Of course it was not long before we needed to find my keys and the tile made it super easy.

Ring lost items from your phone. If your Tile is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.

Find your phone.

Can’t find your phone? Double press any one of your Tiles to make your lost phone ring—even on silent

Remember where you last had it.

Always keep the app running in the background, and Tile will automatically remember the last time and place you last had your item so you know where to start looking.

Your tile attached to any item, slips inside or adheres to flat surfaces. The tile Mate is small and has a hole for key chains, zippers etc while the tile Slim fits in cases, wallets and even pockets of bags. With tile you will no longer lose your items that are so close you can taste it! The tile is water-resistant and has a one-year non-replaceable battery and limited warranty.

  • Simple. Set up your new Tile in less than a minute. Ring your things if they’re nearby, find them on a map if they’re far away, or if your things have been moved, get updated on their current location by the Tile community. Tile can also ring your missing phone—even if it’s in silent.
  • Reliable. It never needs to be charged, never needs new batteries and is guaranteed to last a year so it can be there for you when you need it.
  • Versatile. Tile Mate fits every lifestyle: Hook, stick or slide a Tile onto or into anything and never worry about losing it again.
  • Tested. Tile has the world’s largest lost-and-found network, which locates over half a million items every day.
  • Personalized. Choose from four different ringtones.

If you want to stop wasting time looking for your stuff you will want to pick up a tile today! I am looking forward to using one on my suitcase next time I travel.


One lucky Canadian reader is going to win 1 tile Slim and 1 tile Mate to help them keep track of their important items. Fill out entry form below for your chance. Good luck!


  1. I lose my keys all the time and need a tile for finding them instead of wasting time looking for them.

  2. I can’t choose between losing phones and keys in this house. All the time. lol. I’d have to flip a coin.

  3. This would go to my husband so he can put it in his wallet.

  4. My keys! Thanks

  5. Pick a day.My time is spent on quest after quest for glasses,keys,purse,wallet.It SUCKS!

  6. Does my mind count as an entry ?

    Just kidding !


  7. It is my car keys as I often misplace them or leave them in coat pockets and forget which coat.

  8. Tara Betterley says

    I am forever losing my keys and my cell phone (not to mention my debit card!)

  9. I need to have it for my keys

  10. joanne darrell says

    I lose my mailbox key often.

  11. Back door keys

  12. Rose Holloway says

    Mostly my mind but the keys are #2

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    That’s an easy question for me, it’s always my phone that I seem to lose, I think it just likes to hide from me 🙂

  14. I can find my things, but I will give this to my husband for his keys – it is almost a daily problem.

  15. My keys!!! I lose them ALL the time! My partner is getting sick of checking my ‘usual spots’!

  16. car keys hands down !

  17. I am always losing my keys and my cell phone, I even spent a half hour looking for my eye glasses and they were on my face, I think I’m losing it lol

  18. It’s not me but my dil. She loses everything! I joke with her all the time about forgetting the baby! She even lost the Tile I bought her for xmas.

  19. The same thing all the time…My cell phone and my keys

  20. My phone and keys

  21. michelle matta says

    I lose my keys and my phone but usually i can call my phone to find it.

  22. Cherie Cipriano says

    I have lost my keys too any times only to find them on n the washing machine, the kids art box and in the cereal box!!! My kids just love to try and help me!!!


    oh my keys for sure

  24. I lose my phone all the time, briefly, but I do!

  25. it’s a toss up between my keys and my phone.

  26. Mary Boudreau says

    More often than not I lose my mind :)) but the tile won’t work for that so I’d have to use it for my keys

  27. I can never find my keys, and I even have hooks at my entrance.

  28. Our local hardware store is making a lot of money off me. I’m constantly losing my keys and rarely getting them back. I could use some of these Tiles.

  29. T Schmidt says

    I lose my keys all the time and need a tile for finding them

  30. Wendy Jensen says

    What I lose the most are my keys so a Tile Mate would be great for that.

  31. Florence Cochrane says

    My keys is what I spend time looking for the most.

  32. Definitely my keys!

  33. LOL do ferrets count? How about my mind? OK, OK, I have misplaced my keys more then I want to admit but my husband has now lost his bike key 3 times and the bikes not yet a year old

  34. Definitely my wallet, I often set it down and then forget where I put it. Which of course once I realize causes panic until I find it.

  35. What I lose most often are my reading and computer glasses. My husband’s weak points are his keys and phone.

  36. I always lose my keys or my wallet, which puts me a panic until I find it, hours later.

  37. I am always misplacing my cellphone.

  38. Totally need this to keep track of my keys – i put them down somewhere different all the time!

  39. I always misplace my keys. It is so frustrating

  40. I lose my phone all the time!

  41. Anu Chopra says

    I need a tile for my iphone as I am always misplacing it!

  42. Nicole Jubleew says

    We keep losing our tv remote (how did it get into the fridge?) so a tile would be perfect for it.

  43. Gillian Morgan says

    I am constantly losing my car keys. Its like they run away from me all the time.

  44. oh gosh – my phone! I need this on my phone

  45. Victoria Ess says

    I’m always losing my car keys and need a tile for that!

  46. I lose my phone ALL.THE. TIME! It’s actually ridiculous. It’s almost always on silent too – of course! I think its amazing that the location tiles make it ring even when its on silent. That is too cool.

  47. I don’t lose anything, but my hubby–well, he can’t seem to keep track of his truck keys!

  48. travelbuds says

    i need it for my son’s house key.

  49. I lose my keys in the summer – every other season I have pockets for them but not summer!!


  50. I misplace my keys or my phone the most!

  51. keys for sure. thanks

  52. My sunglasses

  53. I misplace my keys ALL THE TIME! I could use the tile on them

  54. I am always misplacing my snartphone.

  55. I loose my keys, purse, phone, ipad, purse, should I go on? lol

  56. I need it for my keys and purse.

  57. I lose my hair brush ALL the time, but I’d feel a little silly putting a tile on it!! The boyfriend could use one for his house keys though.

  58. Always my keys!!!

  59. I am always losing my keys!

  60. Karin Dollery says

    I definitely loose my keys the most. It seems I spend half my time looking for them. This gadget sounds like a dream come true

  61. I am frequently losing my cell phone so the Tile would be a life saver for me. It would save me precious time.

  62. I always lose my phone! It’s black so it gets lost on any black surface.

  63. Dianne G. says

    I often misplace my keys, phone and tablet. I forget which coat pocket or sweater pocket I have left them in.

  64. I always lose my phone, so this would be helpful!

  65. Wanda Bee says

    I am constantly misplacing my keys.

  66. I often misplace my wallet

  67. I lose my wallet and my keys quite often!

  68. Lori Sexton says

    Usually, I can’t find my keys

  69. Jennifer P. says

    For me it is my keys that I lose all the time!! And in the summer, my sunglasses.

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