Putting Your Family’s Health First

Every parent wants to have a healthy family, but not everyone knows how to achieve that state. In a world with a dizzying array of products and services promoting the best resources for your family, knowing where to turn can be hard. Fortunately, the best answers are also some of the simplest. Put the following tips into place to help you support the physical, social, and emotional health of everyone in your home.

Putting Your Family's Health First

Prepare Smart Food

Fast-food restaurants and convenience meals have much allure for busy families, but products packed with preservatives and sugars aren’t the best for your family’s health. Master a handful of simple homemade recipes that you can use as quick go-to options on even the busiest days. Ditch microwave chicken nuggets for baked chicken breast bites. Pour your own whole-wheat waffles on the griddle instead of popping sugar-filled frozen ones in the toaster. Skip the powered cheese for your macaroni and make this favorite from scratch by creating your own cheese topping.

Read the labels on any packaged food products that you buy. Opt for those with a short list of ingredients that you can readily identify. You’ll find plenty of quick snack bars and easy meal replacements that can keep you going on hectic days without overloading your body on sugars and additives. Need some ideas? Follow Amway on Instagram for healthful inspiration.

Choose Activities With Movement

School and work keep many people tied to a desk for most of the day. When you finally get home, you can easily fall into the trap of settling down on the couch for a favorite show or a few hours of gaming. Don’t underestimate physical activity’s importance, particularly for children who are still establishing the habits that will carry them through their lifetimes.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least one hour of physical activity every day for children ages 6 and older. While your kids may likely bemoan a regimented fitness routine, several alternatives will leave them jumping for joy.

Explore fun ways to get everyone up and moving. Start checking out playgrounds and state parks in your area. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard with silly challenges, such as hopping on one foot, balancing a book on one’s head, or crab-walking between markers along the route. Even a living room dance party can get family members moving.

Maintain a Healthy Home

Your home is only as safe as the products you use inside it. If you’re using potentially hazardous cleaning agents on the counters where you cook or spraying air fresheners filled with questionable chemicals, your house probably isn’t as fresh as it seems. Keep your family healthy by choosing natural cleaning products instead.

You can buy safe, eco-friendly cleaning products from nearly any store today. You can also make your own cleaning products with simple ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. These alternatives are as effective and far safer as commercial products.

Stay Social With Your Family

You’ve probably heard that children should limit their screen time, particularly at younger ages, but do you know why? One of the primary reasons that pediatricians now recommend zero screen time for babies younger than 18 months is the detrimental impact it has on social development. Replace screen-focused activities such as watching movies with social alternatives such as board games to make sure your kids are getting the social interaction their developing brains need.

Fortunately, you can find a face-to-face alternative to nearly any screen-based activity if you try. Swap hours of Minecraft for a family activity with building blocks. Turn off cartoons and pick up a book. Turn away from your phone and put the family in the car for a live visit with the friends you were texting. Swaps like these examples can greatly improve social development skills.

Maintaining a healthy family isn’t as difficult as it seems. In fact, many of the best things you can do for your children are fun for parents as well. The strategies presented here will keep your family healthy, happy, and cared for.


  1. These are such great tips. Trying to opt for more healthy ideas for the Fam but I’m struggling even with just committing to it for myself. You’re right – we can totally make it fun and super convenient.

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