Clever Ways to Re-purpose Pringles Cans

If you are a fan of Pringles, it is safe to say you might have a few cans around you saved! The cylindrical canister is perfect for re-purposing! With a little imagination and creativity, you can make a Pringles canister look like something totally different!

So if you finish off a can of Pringles, don’t toss the can, save it and try one of these awesome DIY’s! From using the can to store spaghetti noodles, packing up cookies to give to loved ones, and so much more. You will be amazed at the 15 fun ways to reuse your can!

Clever Ways to Re-purpose Pringles Cans

Fun Ways to Re-Use Your Old Pringles Cans 

Store Plastic bags: Have a lot of plastic grocery bags laying around from your weekly grocery shopping trip. Consider putting them in the Pringles can. Wrap the outside of the canister with some cute paper, and cut a hole in the lid, so you can easily pull out the bags.

Spaghetti Noodles: These containers are perfect size for storing spaghetti noodles in! It will keep your noodles fresh, and they fit perfectly inside. Just add a label to the outside so you know you have pasta inside.

Cookie Holder: This is great for around the holidays! Use the canister to put homemade cookies inside, to give to loved ones. Just wrap the outside of the canister with some pretty paper, add a gift tag and you have a cut gift container!

Hold Paint Roller: Your not quite done with painting but don’t want to finish for the moment. Consider placing your roller inside the Pringles canister. It will keep you from making a mess and will keep the paint wet on the roller so you can reuse it.

Phone Speaker: At the bottom end of your canister, cut a hole big enough for your phone to fit in. Then start playing music with your phone in the canister, and it will amplify the sound, acting as a speaker.

Knitting Needles: Perfect size can to store knitting needles!

Twine Storage: If you have twine around for crafts, consider placing them into the canister for storage. You can poke a small hole in the lid to thread the twine thru.

Pen Holder: Cut the canister down to the size you want, and then store pens and pencils in it on your desk. Just use fun paper, to decorate the outside of the can!

Christmas Lights: Wrap your Christmas lights around the outside of the can. This is a great way to keep your lights from tangling up, and then store in a tote with all your other decorations.

Store Pet Food When Traveling: Store your cat or dog’s food in the Pringles can for road trips. It is nice and compact in size so it works great for loading up and store for traveling.

Store Loose Change: Use your empty can to store loose change. Just cut a slit in the lid to drop your change in the can with ease.

Wrapping Paper: If you have some wrapping paper, consider placing inside one of the Pringles cans. This is a great way to keep it upright and store in your closet!

Kid Speaker: Let your kid decorate the outside of the can, with pretty paper, glitter, stickers, etc. Then cut out the bottom and let them use it as a speaker.

Store Utensils: Decorate the outside to fit the theme of your kitchen. Then cut the can down to size and put your kitchen utensils inside of it. It can be a fun way to put it on display.

First Aid Kit: Wrap white construction paper around the can, put a red cross on it, and then fill with first aid supplies. Store it under your kitchen cabinet or in the car for a first aid kit!

The outer label removes quickly and easily for you to leave as is or decorate as you woudl like. The canister fits nicely for storage and would make a great addition to any craft room if your kids are looking to get creative.

Do you have any uses for Pringles cans? We would love to hear about them below.


  1. Super ideas and many good reasons to buy Pringles.

  2. mamabear6910 says

    these are great ideas, my hubby bus 2 cans of the walmart brand each week. I have been trying to figure out what to put the spagetti in, now I know.

  3. Diana Powell says

    Love these ideas !!

  4. What fun and interesting ways of recycling chip cans. I am a little concerned about being able to get all the greas out though.

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