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When I look back on my life, I have very little regrets. Everything happens for a reason and somehow works out in the end. The one thing I do wish, is that I had traveled more when I was younger. I traveled quite a bit with my family as a teen,then took a break while I raised my children until recently. Over the last few years I have started traveling a bit more and my kids have expressed interest in doing the same. We do quite a bit of local travel and I like to do some exploring on my own when possible. But when you are young and have no responsibilities, traveling is the greatest thing and the perfect time to find yourself.

When you travel you submerse yourself into the culture and way of life around you. You learn a new language and get to experience people of the area first hand. Every destination is unique and has a story to share. Learning about the history and what makes that spot so unique is always a great experience. When you first become an adult and leave on your own, it is a great time to explore the world and get to know yourself. With every trip I take I learn a little more about myself. I step outside my comfort zone and amaze myself by pushing myself to socialize and tour new areas.

I know many parents cringe at the thought of their child traveling around the world alone. They worry about money and safety as well as their son or daughter’s future. But the time between high school and college is a great time to travel, a time of freedom and flexibility. Even if only for a few weeks, the summer after secondary school is a great time to travel and transition into the next stage of life.

You never regret the chances you took in life. Live your life to the fullest and have no regrets. Explore the world and get to know yourself.

Whenever my adult children talk about traveling, I try to encourage them . The destinations are endless and they can either travel with a friend or alone. All that is needed is some research and planning.

Introducing Contiki

Contiki are the world leaders in travel experiences for 18-35’s. We’re about discovery, once-in-a-lifetime moments, human connections, and making every second of being young count. We run over 300 trips in 50 plus countries, each and every one designed to get to the beating heart of a destination, understanding the local way of life and unearthing #NOREGRETS experiences. A member of the family-owned The Travel Corporation (TTC), we are renowned and trusted for our outstanding quality, service, value, reliability and financial stability. Want to know more? Visit

Looking for the perfect gift for the 18-35 year old in your life? Open their eyes to a world of possibilities by giving them the gift of travel through Contiki!

We can open a book and read about far away places, but nothing compares to first hand experiences. Being a mom to a 19 year old and 23 year old, I hope they get out and explore. I know they would love to venture somewhere on their own and be stress free for a while.

Contiki trips have a travel manager who speaks English as well as the local language. You will have hotel contact information provided ahead of time to give to family, so they can contact you as needed. Your travel group will be made up of people from all around the world between the ages of 18-35.

Your crew are with you on the entire trip and give you all the info you need on the trip: city tours, histories of countries, provinces and states, fun nightlife and daytime activities, and they keep you entertained on coach rides.
In Asia, as well as your Tour Manager we also use expert Local Guides who’ll give you a unique insider’s perspective into the places you visit. It’s the special angle only a local can give.

On the trips to Europe, many of the crew are from Great Britain, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. On the trips in the United States, Australia and New Zealand the crew are natives of that country. Contiki has both male and female tour managers and drivers who have very different experiences prior to working for Contiki.

If you book alone, you will be matched up with a roommate who is compatible. No matter what your travel style is, there is a tour waiting for you.

Parents why not gift your graduate a Contiki tour as a graduation gift?

As a parent I have peace of mind booking with Contiki. Being able to gift my family with an amazing trip and knowing they really are not alone, makes me confident in choosing this tour company. Spanning 6 continents, with the best team in the business, more included experiences, and your transportation is just the start of what you get with them. They also offer more flexibility through 8 ways to travel, 5 ways to stay and endless free time and options.

Give the gift of travel

Give the gift of travel today and check out the Contiki Gifter program here

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Where would the college student in your life like to travel?


This post has been brought to you by Contiki, all opinions are my own 


  1. Travelbuds says

    I was fortunate to start traveling at the age of 16 without my parents. I did a 2 week Mediterranean student cruise and it was amazing. In my early twenties when I had started working I went on a month long camping Contiki trip and I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. It has changed a lot since I went (over 30 years ago) but I’m sure the experience is as fantastic now as it was then. Experiences not only of seeing the countries but things such as the bus getting stuck in the narrow streets of Italy and no place to go but back. Also, the bus breaking down in Florence and all of us got out and push started the bus. I will encourage my kids to travel as much as they can when they get to their later teens and early twenties and I will surely be suggesting a Contiki trip for them.

  2. Robin Rue says

    I love to travel as much as possible. I will definitely check out Contiki.

  3. This is a fantastic idea. I’m still not comfy even as an adult travelling solo, but more power to those that are!

  4. momknowsbest15 says

    Now that the kids are older and we have more money, I like traveling. I have so many places that I want to visit.

  5. This is a great idea! I would like to travel alone in small-small breaks 🙂

  6. I love to travel. It is such a bonding experience to travel with family and friends and it shows you just how diverse this world is!

  7. I agree that we should let our children go out and explore the world but Contiki sounds like a great way of exploring in a safe manner. I like that they can match you with a roomate too x

  8. What a brilliant idea for a grad gift! Most college students I know what to travel to Europe.

  9. Its a brilliant idea for a grand gift! A trip to Europe is always a wish of everyone.

  10. My husband and I are wanting to travel more this year. I think giving the gift of traveling is an amazing idea.

  11. Everyone who has the opportunity to travel should be encouraged to take advantage of it. I know that things I saw and people I met in other countries when I was younger had a significant impact on my life.

  12. I didn’t travel at all until I was 22 or so and a group of girlfriends that worked together with me at Red Lobster booked a trip to Margarita Island in Venezuela. I wish I had chances to travel as a teen but I was sick with Crohn’s so much back then that it wasn’t even an option. As an adult as soon as I had that first trip and flight I was hooked. NOW I am fortunate to be able to write about so many beautiful and amazing places and I get to see them that way. My kids often come with me. BUT that said they are getting older and One at 15 just did a big trip to NYC without me so I foresee a time when this will be a great option as a gift for either of the girls. Contiki is very reputable so I could see trusting them too.

  13. I’m letting my son travel alone his senior year. He’ll be going to Trinidad or Honduras. I know it will be a life changing experience for him.

  14. Yes, yes, and yes! I just booked a weekend getaway for my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary. We haven’t stayed away from the kids in YEARS so this is very exciting for us!

  15. raisingyourpetsnaturally says

    That’s a pretty neat service. I wasn’t much of a traveler when I was in college. It wasn’t until about 7 years ago when Dexter came into my life that I really started to take trips. Now, it’s one of my favorite things to do. No regrets. 😉

  16. Traveling and experiencing other cultures can be so eye-opening. It’s a great gift to give someone else.

  17. My parents were HUGE about travel! I plan to do the same with my LO.

  18. My son is the one who dreams of landing a job that entails traveling to different places. Well, I guess to get him started with this dream, I would take advantage of Contiki. It would be great to get him exposed to life abroad, to “get his feet wet” first before taking the plunge.

  19. Victoria Ess says

    I regret not doing this when I graduated!

  20. Aimee Geroux says

    That is really awesome. I wish I had travelled more in my younger years but I had my first child at 19. I am hoping my girls will travel before starting families and Contiki sounds like a great way for them to do it when they are old enough!

  21. I’ve traveled quite a bit in my lifetime, but I’ve never done a trip abroad by myself. It’s something I wish I would have done in my 20s!

  22. I love to travel, but we don’t usually go far from home. We have 4 kids so it’d be a long trip if we did.

  23. Elizabeth O. says

    This is my first time hearing about Contiki and I think it’s a wonderful idea. It’s nice to give our children a chance to travel alone and explore the world. It’s one of the best gifts.

  24. For me, experience is the best gift and you can experience so much when you travel. This is awesome, I love that they focus on the younger generation. It would be nice for them to see the world.

  25. I really love to travel especially when I’m with my family and that is the best experience for me to travel around the world with my family.

  26. You have no idea how much I’d love to do this for my daughter who graduates in two weeks. We just don’t have the finances to do it though, period. It is a lovely idea though!!

  27. Hannah Marie says

    I think it’s a great idea to gift our loved ones a chance to travel. My family and I travels once a year and I think it’s the time to be bonded and refreshed.

  28. I love that they’ll match you with a roomie! Sounds like a great way to make a lifelong friend. Definitely checking this out!

  29. This is such a great idea! I know so many friends and family that love to travel and this would make a great gift for them.

  30. I did a Contiki tour of Europe 16 years ago with my Husband (then boyfriend). It was an AMAZING trip, and a perfect way to get to see many places with experienced guides. Our trip wasn’t gifted, we both worked to pay for it, but it was so worth it and it is still one of the best vacations I have been on.

  31. Taking note of this. My son is turning 18 real soon!

  32. Travel has taught me so much about myself and what I love about the world. I think that travelling with a group is a great way to get started and perfect way to see so many places in the world. Would have loved to go on a Contiki Trip at that age!

  33. LOVE this! Wish I had known about Contiki travel even a few years ago, but this would be awesome for my siblings that love to travel with friends and on their own! I’m going to make sure they know about their latest offer, thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  34. Yes. For me, traveling is a one of the best ways to escape from stress and negativity. If we think too much of things like the ones from the past that we regret, take a trip and simply enjoy the moment.

  35. Our family loves to travel. It is our way to bond and to have fun. We discover a lot about places and things and we just can’t wait for our next journey.

  36. This is probably the best gift you could give someone. Unless they are afraid to fly or something, lol.

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