Super Easy Skillet Garlic Knots Recipe

Have you started planning dinner yet? What do you usually make for a main and a side? Do you eat bread with your meals? There are certain meals I expect to have bread with and some I do not. Yet when we go to a restaurant, almost every meal is served with a roll or garlic toast. Nothing beats the smell of fresh garlic bread cooking in the oven! No matter if you are cooking a stew, spaghetti or a casserole, finishing it off with fresh bread is always so good. I do not make bread as much as I use to, but the family always loves when I do. It is a fave around here.

Making rolls or bread does not have to be tricky either. I know we have this idea of it taking all day and being very physical. But it does not have to be. You can easily make Garlic Knots to go with your next meal in the oven in a skillet.

Skillet Garlic Knots
1 package crescent rolls or puff pastry
3 Tablespoons butter
3 Tablespoons olive oil
1 Tablespoon chopped parsley
1 Tablespoon minced garlic
Preheat oven to 350F
Cut the crescent rolls into strips and tie the dough in knots.
Place 2 Tablespoons each of the butter and oil in a skillet until the butter is melted, then add in the garlic. Cook until fragrant and then take off the heat.
Place the knots in the skillet and spoon some of the garlic butter onto each knot.
Place the skillet in the oven and bake for 8-10 minutes until knots are golden brown.
In the meantime, melt the remaining butter and add in the oil and parsley.
When you remove the skillet from the oven, immediately pour the mixture over the hot knots.
I get these are not from scratch, but if you don’t tell your family I won’t 🙂 The Skillet Garlic Knots will satisfy your garlic bread craving and take no time at all.
Skillet Garlic Knots
What would you serve these garlicy knots with?


  1. s powell says

    I am making spaghetti tonight ; I will make these awesome garlic knots also.

  2. janicour says

    I am haveing guests in tonight Lasagna, and I will give this a try. Looks like a perfect match!!

  3. Thanks for sharing and these are super easy to make,i love it !

  4. These look absolutely amazing! Great job 🙂

  5. these look great!

  6. Florence Cochrane says

    These are easy and nice to go with any pasta dish.

  7. Those look so good! I make garlic knots all the time, so when I see the word “easy” attached to it, I get excited. Thanks!

  8. I love this idea. I love having bread with meals too but don’t want to go to too much work so this would be a perfect way of dressing up the normally simple crescent rolls.

  9. Oh my goodness this looks so good! I was looking for a bread recipe last night I would’ve got along well with our meal I wish I saw this post yesterday. I can’t wait to make it.

  10. suelee1998 says

    This looks so good I am sure my family would love this. I like to bake bread at times and my family really loves when I do.

  11. I gave up bread but holy wow does this look fantastic! It is my favorite flavors too!!!

  12. These just sound way too good. They look impressive too! I’d love to make some to go along with some Italian.

  13. Jeni Hawkins says

    These look like they would be perfect for pasta night. I am going to have to try them out.

  14. Claudia Krusch says

    These look so delicious and easy to make. I will have to make them to go with my lasagna recipe.

  15. I am excited to make these on the weekend. I am making a huge pot of chili these will be perfect with. I am sure they will be a big hit.

  16. My husband makes a tasty spaghetti recipe. These garlic knots would be perfect to go along with it! I will pass it on to him.

  17. reesann723 says

    I’ve never made my own garlic knots! It sounds delicious! Gotta try these!

  18. I love garlic knots. I’ve never made them myself before though. Looks like a simple and delicious recipe!

  19. These would have gone great with dinner tonight! I’m saving this for next time.

  20. PERFECT side for pasta and salad! So easy to make too!

  21. I so wish these could be Gluten Free!

  22. This looks so good! Sounds perfect to go with my favorite soup or spaghetti! 😀

  23. These look so good. I love that they are so easy to make. These would go great with pasta.

  24. Hubby is the bread maker in our house. I will have to get him to make these.

  25. I was watching something on TV the other day, and they were eating garlic knots and I wondered to myself how to make them as they looked delicious. It’s like you read my mind. I am going to have to try these ASAP.

  26. We use all the time especially when spaghetti or chili con carne is on for dinner.

  27. Shirley Powell says

    Thanks for the easy recipe for garlic knots

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