Super Relaxing Staycation Ideas for a Summer Break

Summer holidays are almost upon us. If you’ve spent a lot of money during spring break or you are saving to get away in the winter, you might want to keep your summer itinerary budget-friendly. So, what can you do that is relaxing, fun, affordable, and means you don’t need to leave the house? Here are some super relaxing staycation ideas for the summer break.

Give your home a makeover

If you’ve skipped the spring clean (and even if you haven’t!), you might want to consider spending your holidays doing a home makeover. Now, decorating your house is actually rather fun, especially if you don’t set yourself horrible deadlines. Have a de-cluttering day and organise a yard sale to earn money for new rugs, fabrics and other decorative elements.

You don’t need to do the whole house – just create a summer sanctuary for yourself if you want. This could be in the back garden or on your tiny little balcony!

Plan a spa session

You don’t need to go to a spa to enjoy a relaxing time. You can create a magical moment with you and your friends by having a few scented candles lit up, cleansing drinks and snacks at hand and go through some great homemade spa treatments. You often don’t need to spend a lot of money shopping for these as plenty of them use ingredients you can find from your home cabinet!

Bring the abroad to you

It’s not necessary to travel around the world to enjoy different cultures! Pick any culture you love and do some research on it. Choose a weekend that you’ll just celebrate this place. This could mean watching films or TV shows from the country, eating regional cuisine, listening to the local music and playing games the locals like to play.

If you have kids, they could paint the flags and create bunting with those. You can also craft other simple decorations relating to the culture and even organise a little quiz about the country.

Organise board game Olympics

Since we’re not going to have Summer Olympics to look at this year, you could organise your own. Now there are all sorts of games to do this with but how about board games? You could pick a range of games and then compete against each other in your favourite games – the winner could get a specific price. This could be anything from movie tickets to the option to pick the food for the family dinner!

Try geocaching
If you’ve not yet tried geocaching, then you must so do this summer. The activity means you take a GPS phone – download an app, for instance – and you start looking for the nearest caches. These are hidden away somewhere in the neighbourhood by other users. The idea is to take the surprise and leave something for the next person! It’s definitely something fun to do with children – after all, it is exactly like treasure hunting.

Catch up on the must-read books

The world is full of amazing books and your holiday is the perfect time to read those books. After all, the summer holidays might not offer sunshine and rainbows every day, so staying in with a book is something a good idea.

Now, there are plenty of books to read. If you have books, you’ve always wanted to read, make a list and read them now. But you could also go through some big lists like the books to read before you die and the books every woman should read.

Take a tour at a local brewery or winery

If you want to treat yourself this summer, then you should visit a local brewery and winery. You don’t need to be a connoisseur of the drink – it’s just something fun you can do during the day.

Although you can often visit these places on your own, it’s recommended to attend one of their guided tours. These will help you learn more about the drink in question and you might even gain new local knowledge!

Give gardening a go

Do you have a small plot of land available? Then start your own vegetable garden. Gardening is super relaxing and it doesn’t cost a fortune to get started with just a tiny tomato plant or a potato plantation.

Plan your next trip

Dreaming about your dream vacation can be fun. Too often, we make hasty decisions and end up booking our holidays in a rush. So, how about taking the summer break to plan your next holiday?

Browse online sites, read travel blogs and create your ultimate holiday. You can even watch movies related to the location, listen to the local music and eat the country’s culinary favourites. Just be warned, you might end up browsing deals on and find yourself skipping the staycation idea altogether – sometimes you just can’t help but to go on a holiday!

But if you do manage to stay home, then the above ideas are relaxing and fun. Your wallet will definitely thank you at the end of the summer!

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