5 Panty Hose Hacks that will Surprise you

Before we start, I must admit I have not worn panty hose in years. For some reason every time I do, I get a run and stopped buying them. However I do still have a few pairs of the knee highs in my drawer. They are great for the Spring and Fall evenings when you do not want to wear socks but do not want to go barefoot either. If you have some in your drawer you were thinking about throwing out, don’t throw them away. Recycle them in one or more of the following ways. Who knew they were so versatile?

            Door Draft Blocker

On cold days, many people feel wind blowing through the cracks of their entrance doors. It’s a mostly unavoidable annoyance that leads to an unpleasantly drafty house and a higher heating bill.

There are commercial products available to fix this issue, but why not resolve it yourself? Simply fill an old pair of hose with rolled-up towels or washcloths and lay it in front of the problematic door. You can also use rags or scraps of material you may have around if you are like me, and can not free up towels. Easy-peasy!

Freshen Up Shoes

Don’t let foot odor get you down. Deodorize your shoes with a stocking filled with baking soda and your favorite essential oil. It absorbs the bad odors and refreshes your shoes, leaving a pleasant scent.


If you’re searching for an easy way to clean brass or copper, consider pantyhose as an excellent way to polish these surfaces without scratching. Why? Pantyhose are made up of a delicate blend of nylon based synthetic fibers, which means they’re perfect for polishing without the need of a polish cream.

Onion Storage

Storing onions can be tricky. They tend to force other fruits and vegetables to ripen or rot faster than Mother Nature intended.  That being said, when stored properly in a cool, dry place, onions typically last for several months. Here’s how.

Start by putting an onion into a full leg of pantyhose, tie a knot and repeat until the stocking is full. The knots placed in between each onion actually makes it easier to get an onion when you need it. Just cut below the knot you placed and voila, you have your onion.

Soap Sock

If you prefer bar soap, you know how annoying it is when you’re down to a sliver of soap that doesn’t produce suds anymore. Enter a D-I-Y soap sock.

Cut off the foot from a pair of hose and fill it with smaller pieces of soap or even a full bar. As an added bonus, the soap rubbing the nylon makes more than just using your hands.

I get these hacks are not for everyone, but hopefully, a few of these nifty pantyhose hacks appeal to you. To save money, look for hose at garage sales and flea markets and get creative! If you are crafty, panty hose make great sachets for drawers, animals to decorate and work great for covering your hair and preventing breakage when sleeping.

Do you have a panty hose hack you swear by? How do you reuse yours?



  1. Here’s another one – I use pantyhose in pottery class over my molds so the clay doesn’t stick 🙂

  2. nicolthepickle says

    You can use them for those fun grass head things too. My kids think those are cool.

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