Celebrate Canada’s Birthday in Family Friendly Winnipeg Manitoba

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As a young girl I lived in Calgary for many years. Most of our family was in Ontario and we would make the trip to visit them twice a year. Over the course of that road trip we always made stops to check out some of the cities along the way, and one of our favourite spots to explore was Winnipeg, Manitoba. There was always something to do and the people were always very welcoming. When we decided to make the trip across Canada with our children, we made sure to add Winnipeg as a stop.

This is the year that Canada celebrates the big 1-5-0!  Yes, that’s 150 years for this country and there are going to be plenty of ways that the locals and all the visitors can party and celebrate throughout the entire year.  If you’ve ever considered touring the country a bit, this is the year to do it. Every town, city, and province will have events taking place, and Winnipeg is no exception.

If you are in the Winnipeg area or planning a visit there, you will want to check out some of this birthday fun! While there you can stay at the Holiday Inn Winnipeg Airport Polo Park Hotel. A great spot close to all of the fun!

Celebrate Canada150 by checking out these 7 family-friendly activities in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

Canada Summer Games

Winnipeg is the host city for the Canada Summer Games this year, and since the Games are celebrating their 50th anniversary, it’s sure to be a great party. Families can watch athletes compete in 16 sports with 250 events, as well as enjoying the live music, arts and entertainment taking place for this special anniversary.

Islendingadagurinn Icelandic Festival

The Islendingadagurinn Icelandic Festival is held every year in the resort town of Gimli.  In 1967, a Viking statue was erected for Canada’s Centennial Celebration and now 50 years later, Viking Park is opening. There are going to be three gardens in this new park including the Troll Storm Garden, Elf Garden, and Breakwater Garden.

Celebrate Canada Day

The festivities on Canada Day will be even bigger this year, and events are being held at The Forks, Assiniboine Park, and Osborne Village. People will be able to listen to live music, spend time with friends and family, participate in activities and games, and watch amazing firework displays. I am certain there will be birthday cake as well.


Folklorama is being held August 6th-19th and it is expected to be the largest multicultural festival ever held. There will be more than forty pavilions filled with cultural displays as well as live entertainment.

Winnipeg Folk Festival

The Winnipeg Folk Festival (now in its 43rd year!) is being held from July 6th through July 9th at the Birds Hill Provincial Park, and is a great opportunity for families to check out some live music. There will be ten stages and 70 featured acts, as well as a family area and lots of delicious food.

Variety Heritage Adventure Park

Children and adults can learn through play at the Variety Heritage Adventure Park at the Forks. This is an interactive playground with splash pads where everyone can learn about the history of Manitoba.

Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park

There is a Hudson’s Bay Company fort (built between 1834 and 1837) inside this park, and this year there is a new historical interpretation experience as well as an app that families can use as they are exploring the fort and the grounds.

These are only a few of the many events taking place during Canada’s celebratory year, and families will find themselves having to choose between many activities on occasion.  That’s okay though, because at least the year will be filled with fun, excitement, and adventures for everyone.

Do you have some fun ways to celebrate Canada 150 in Winnipeg? I would love it if you could share them below.


  1. I was in Winnipeg a few years ago at an OR Nurses conference and we had he best time. Everyone made us feel so welcome!

  2. ivy pluchinsky says

    Being from Manitoba, and living 1 hour from Winnipeg, I enjoyed reading this article! I live in the country just outside the city and there are also lots of cool things to see here too! It’s fun taking a road trip and exploring different provinces/ cities/ and towns.

  3. lncleslie says

    I grew up 20 mins outside Winnipeg and live in the city now… We are called “Friendly Manitoba” for a reason!!

  4. I have never been to Winnipeg – well actually I think I stopped and transferred planes there once. I have the last couple of year been thinking about visiting in the winter – I know someone else told me NO way it’s too cold. But I hear great things about some of the events they stage in the winter there now. I would be open to the idea of visiting the city to check it out in either season though.

  5. Someday I hope to make it to Winnipeg. It is on my bucket list!

  6. momknowsbest15 says

    Sounds like it is going to be a fun year. I have friends from that area

  7. I have never explored much of Canada before and I sure would love to celebrate their day in of their beautiful cities! Winnipeg sounds like a lovely choice!

  8. I really hope that one day can visit Canada. As a Social Studies teacher, I teach about this beautiful place. Hoping one day to see it in person.

  9. Anne Yedlin says

    I would love to be a part of the celebration. It looks like a lot of fun. I’ve only been to Canada one time and enjoyed it very much. Such a wonderful place and friendly people.

  10. Nicole - Miss Sparkle says

    Canada is very high on my travel bucket list. I can’t wait! This place sounds so lovely!

  11. All of this sounds incredibly fun and rich with history! I want to visit Folklorama and Viking park to learn more about the folklore and culture! I like trolls as well so it would be fun to see all the souvenirs! Happy 150th to Canada 🙂

  12. It sounds like Winnipeg has so many great things to do this summer! I’m pretty far away in Toronto but you’ve got me inspired to look into Canada Day celebrations here in my city.

  13. How cool that is a big year for Canada! There looks to be a lot of fun activities happening!

  14. Oh wow. I so wanna visit Canada with my husband David, someday. It’s on our bucket list, before we settle back to Asia. 😀

  15. Intercontinental Hotels are one of my favorite hotels, especially here in Asia. They give superb service, and actually not too expensive rates.

  16. Meryland Cuevas says

    I’ve been to Canada once and I drove from New Jersey, what a beautiful place to visit! I want to go back. Next time I should check the hotel line

  17. I have family near Toronto. Canada knows ho to get together and celebrate traditions.

  18. I love Canada. It is beautiful and would love to visit again.

  19. Jennifer L says

    Wow Manitoba sounds like such an amazing city to visit in Canada. I´d love to do a full trip all over canada.

  20. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    There is always something beautiful anywhere in Canada. Looks like this is going to be a big, big celebration! Wish you all the best Intercontinental hotels are the best place to say when travelling.

  21. I have not been to Canada in years. Lovely place. Hope to get back soon. The hugs was just there for work, Loved it

  22. I have only been to Winnipeg once. Maybe I should go back with the kids.

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