Fun Road Trips to Tooele County for Families

Planning your summer getaway? What about a family road trip to Utah? Tooele County is in Western Utah and it is conveniently located near Interstate-80, so people from near and far can drive there easily.  The county is rich in history and is well-known for its iconic landscapes. It is a great spot for family vacations and very affordable, especially if you drive.

One of the most exciting places in Tooele County is the Miller Motorsports Park.  The track at the park is 4.5 miles and has twenty-three turns in all.  People are allowed to bring their own vehicle to drive on the track or they can attend the on-site school where they can learn how to maneuver a Yamaha motorcycle or a Ford Mustang GT.  There is also a go-kart track where people can race go-karts, even if they do not have any experience.  Throughout the year, there are numerous national and regional racing events and everyone is invited to attend.

Since history is such a large part of Tooele County, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are multiple museums.  Inside the Tooele Valley Railroad Museum, guests can see Utah’s last functioning steam locomotive and take a miniature train ride around the museum.  There are many copper mines in the mountains that surround Tooele County and the Oquirrh Mountain Mining Museum has exhibits that shares the history of those mines.  The Utah Firefighters Museum has fifty fire engines on display.

The Historic Benson Grist Mill in Stansbury Park is no longer in operation, but it has been restored and looks exactly like it did when it was first constructed in 1854.  Near the Grist Mill is a cabin from 1872 and a blacksmith shop from the 1920s.

The Tooele Arts Festival normally takes place in the month of June every year at Tooele City Park and people can purchase paintings, sculptures, and jewelry at this event.  Everyone can listen to live music as they are wandering around the festival and children can make their own pieces of art at the arts and crafts area.

The month of August brings the Tooele County Fair at the Deseret Peak Complex.  This three-day event includes carnival rides, pony rides, a rodeo, demolition derby, a petting zoo, and live music.  The Miss Tooele County pageant is held on a day prior to the fair as is the infamous three on three basketball tournament.

Everyone who travels to Tooele County should find themselves excited, because they are going to be in the same place that the Pony Express traveled through many years ago and where the first transcontinental phone line was placed.  Tooele County has been a place of action and adventure for many years, and that tradition will continue far into the future.

Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Tooele County tourism. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! Nothing beats a good road trip. We’ve never been to Utah.

  2. We’d definitely have to make a stop at the county fair in August. It would be cool to see the Historic Benson Grist Mill too!

  3. I have only been to Utah once and that was to drive through it. I need to make a vacation to just there once and check out the state! There is SO Much to see there.

  4. I’ve never been to Utah, but it’s always been a place on my bucket list to see someday. I’ve always been fascinated by the Pony Express!

  5. How cool is it that the Pony Expressed traveled this way too! I know my kids would enjoy this!

  6. I don’t get out to Utah much in fact I have never been to Utah but Tooele looks like a great town with so much to do in the summer. I’ll keep it mind if I ever get out there.

  7. I love a good road trip. This sounds like a really fun one filled with character.

  8. I’ve been to Utah, but never for a road trip. I always love finding the hidden spots in every state, and this looks to fit the bill!

  9. Road trips are so much fun! I love how spontaneous they can turn out. If we ever end up in Tooele County I know a few cool places to stop by and visit now!

  10. I love road trips both when I was a little kid and now with my own family. We’ve been to Utah before and there are so many beautiful places to go. Will have to visit Tooele County, it sounds really special.

  11. My family loves road trips! Can’t wait to go back to Utah!! 😀

  12. Jennifer G says

    This looks like so much fun. We really love road trips! We have never been to Tooele County but it sounds like a must visit.

  13. Alicia Gonzalez says

    I love learning about new places and their special qualities. I’ve was born in NY and live in CA, traveled many of the States in between, but have never been to Utah. I do love a great roadtrip though, so this might deserve a pin on the map!

  14. This sounds like a fun place to visit. My son would love the go-kart racing.

  15. I love Utah. It’s such beautiful country up there. I would love to head up to Tooele country with the family.

  16. I would love to get away with my family. This seems like a fun place to visit.

  17. I miss when the kids were younger and loved to go on road trips. Now they are both in College so we do not get to go to far. Tooele County looks like a great place to go and explore.

  18. Sounds like you and your family had a lot of fun on your road trip to Utah. A state I’ve never been to, Utah would be a great state to visit

  19. I have only traveled through Utah. Never really stopped to enjoy it, I think I would like to see Historic Benson Grist Mill in Stansbury Park

  20. I had no idea there’s so much to do in Tooele County. I have to ask… do the Yamaha motorcycles and Ford Mustangs take to the track at the same time? I’m picturing a bit of chaos but then again… I kinda think that way. Ha! Thanks so much for all the great info. I love Utah!

  21. We used to go on road trips as a family all the time, and I would definitely have loved this! Tooele County sounds like a blast!

  22. Sounds like an awesome place to go and check out!

  23. Desiree Lopez says

    Road trip! I loved to go on road trips when I was a kid. They were so much fun and we always found cool new things to see and do. Tooele County sounds like the kind of place we would have visited.

  24. It’s been a while since we have passed through Utah. This looks like it will be a fun road trip.

  25. That looks so much fun! I always love road trips with the family!

  26. suelee1998 says

    I have always wanted to visit a fair! Living in the city there are not may family things like this, may be one day!

  27. Our family loves road trips! Yours looked like so much fun!

  28. The Tooele County Fair at the Deseret Peak Complex sounds fun! Who doesn’t love a pony ride?!

  29. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    It’s a while since I’ve been on a road trip in the States but would love to go again. The last road trip I did was last summer, from Germany to Denmark and back again – it was no fun at all since all the highways and some bridges were undergoing repairs so it took twice as long as it should have.

  30. Kevin B says

    Cool shades there. LOL

  31. Sounds like a lot of fun and something for everyone to do!!

  32. Kim Tanti says

    Sounds like a good time. We found it is so expensive to travel in Canada or the U.S. It is cheaper to go to an all inclusive in the cold weather. So sad.

  33. Road trip are amazing and could be lots of fun if you like driving. I tend to do road trip close to home as I dislike sitting in car for long period of time.

  34. It would be exciting to traverse the Pony Express trail.

  35. I have neer been to Utah,but honestly you just can’t beat a good road trip!

  36. Dianne G. says

    When my children were young we made a summer road trip to Utah in our little Toyota with black leather seats and no air conditioning. It was hot and that was not the vehicle you wanted to be in!!! It was fun though as there are so many museums, historical buildings all along the way. County fairs are always fun events all across the US.

  37. Tooele County sounds very interesting with the history of the Pony Express and the first transcontinental phone line was located there

  38. Stephanie LaPlante says

    I’ve never heard of this place before. Definitely sounds worthy of a road trip destination. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Fun! I would love to visit the county fair.

  40. We love Utah, great state for doing outdoor activities! We’ve passed through but never made any stops, now we’ll have to. Can’t wait to explore Tooele County with the family.

  41. Elva Roberts says

    Tooele County in Utah seems like a wonderful county to visit. I would love to visit the museums and see the old trains, etc. There is so much history in this county and so many family events during the summer. I hope they have a successful summer in tourism.

  42. mohammad anjum says

    loves road trips! Can’t wait

  43. toandfroblog says

    I always thought of Utah as a cold place, probably because of the winter olympics in Salt Lake City. When we had friends move there, I was surprised that it is always very warm, with no snow, in some parts. Maybe one day I’ll make it there to experience the state for myself.

  44. This seems like a truly great road trip! Very motivational post!

  45. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I know that I went to Utah many, many years ago but Tooele county doesn’t ring any bells with me. I always enjoyed road trips, even very long ones and I’m sure I’d enjoy visiting Tooele county too. 🙂

  46. The Miller Motorsports Park sounds awesome and fun for everyone, I know that is where everyone would want to go from this household!!

  47. We love to do road trips a lot during the summer months. Utah and Tooele County would be a great road trip. Sounds like a lot of history and a lot of fun to be had.

  48. I do love a good road trip and can’t wait for the summer to get moving !

  49. Stephanie LaPlante says

    I’ve never known much about Utah but definitely sounds like a fun place to visit. I’d enjoy the museums for sure.

  50. Shirleyp says

    The Miller Sports Park would be a fabulous road trip

  51. kristen visser says

    sounds like an absolutely blast! I have never been before and first time hearing about it

  52. The go-karts would be fun!

  53. Victoria Ess says

    This sounds like a great road trip to take! Utah sounds fun!

  54. This would be a lovely road trip for the entire family.

  55. We’re planning some road trips this year, and yours is definitely a worthwhile suggestion. Thanks!

  56. Laurie P says

    I’ve never been to Utah, maybe that will change one day 🙂

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