I am on a Mission to find Age Appropriate Shorts for my Daughter

It has been a while since I have had a rant to write on here. A few weeks ago I was away for work and my youngest daughter was starting cross-country. In true 8-year-old fashion, she told her dad the night before that she needed shorts for  practice. Makes sense as it has been a whole year and she grows season to season. Her dad was busy and could not get to the city to buy her shorts, so he sent our oldest son. While shopping he did not like how short the shorts were in the girls section and felt they would not be good for sports. They were styles for older girls and a bit fashion forward than function. He ended up buying her one pair but also grabs some shorts from the boys section just in case. Well he was right and the short shorts were not good, but my daughter has been living in her boy shorts since then.

The weather has warmed up and summer looks to be here, so I took her out to find some more shorts. Sadly we had the same experience. I am not a prude but my 8-year-old is not wearing Daisy dukes to school. While shopping at Wal-Mart I too ended up picking up jean shorts for her in the boys section. The boys had a huge variety to choose from. The girl shorts were all very short and many had slits up the side making the shorts flap somewhat. I got her to try them on in case they looked different on, but they were just awkward and uncomfortable. In the entire store I found one acceptable pair of girls shorts. When I asked the dressing room attendant if she knew of more shorts that were “age appropriate”? She replied with “She can wear bike shorts underneath”. Really? Either she has no idea how uncomfortable and hot that would be or does not have kids. Not a good option. How about the parents stop paying for unacceptable crap and hold out for age appropriate clothing.

When cashing out the cashier asked me if we found everything we were looking for. I told her my frustration with the shorts and she said many parents were saying the same. Later on we headed to Winners where I experienced a similar scenario. I was able to find two sporty style shorts for my daughter after lots of digging. The rest of the shorts in the store were super tight or extremely short. I get kids like to be fashionable but parents can not be buying these, are they? When I mentioned it to the cashier there, she said she was finding many parents not caring about what their children were wearing. She was a bit younger and not a parent, but it made me think. Is this true? Do parents not care what their children wear?

I am now looking online for shorts in hope I can find something for her to wear that looks cute and feels comfortable. Something an 8 year old can wear to a friends house, school or wherever without having to pull and adjust to be covered. Kids want to play and not worrying about panties showing or shorts falling off due to fit.  Plus m,any schools do have dress codes and short shorts would not be allowed.

I am looking for shorts that are short enough to cover the bottom but not go to the knees. Shorts that are not just for sports but day to day wear. Am I crazy? Do these no longer exist in our world?

Looking for shorts like these

I do not want to buy shorts like these below

(The ones I saw were actually shorter and cut so the bottoms looked worn )

Are you having the same struggle as me? Are you finding it hard to purchase age appropriate clothing for your girls? It would be great to be able to add some more shorts to her summer wardrobe along with her dresses, skirts, capris and the few pairs we found. If you know of anywhere in Canada to buy cute styles, please let me know.





  1. Most of my daughter’s clothes are hand me downs. But I did buy her some last year from children’s place that I found comfortable and age appropriate (she’s 7 now). I’d also try old navy and if you’re willing to shop online lands end.

  2. Lee-Ann S says

    We’re having similar challenges for Miss R here. I have had very little luck and find Miss R is leaning toward skorts which seem to be a bit longer or Bermuda shorts. We also had a similar challenge with swimming suits.

  3. SUCH an issue with me for sure. I’ve had a bit of luck with my 8 year old but my 12 year old – wow. They are all just below the butt cheek. ALL. I don’t blame you for buying boys, don’t retailers get that girls shorts can be cute but have decent length?

  4. nicolthepickle says

    I vote for Lands END! They have cute little girl appropriate ones, right now a nice chambray pair, and a striped one too,lots of plain ones. And they often have coupon codes for 30% off.
    Since they’re in the US you may have to pay duties, but they’re calculated right in at checkout so no surprises at the door.
    They also have age appropriate bathing suits for girls too.

    Ps. Kudos for you for trying, not caving and buying the short shorts.

  5. Mistydawn Haynes says

    My girls are in high school and college but I see the trend has only gotten worse. Stay true to your thoughts with your daughters . You won’t regret it. My girls are leaders with their peers and one is a VP of her sorority. The standards you develop in your girls with presentation of themselves to the world will teach them to respect themselves. First impressions will always make lasting impressions. Stay classy.

  6. Have you checked out Peekaboo Beans? This Canadian company makes very age appropriate, yet stylish clothing for kids (0-3 months to size 10). Their shorts may look short when you see them, but when they have them on they are exactly where they should be.

  7. Victoria Ess says

    That sounds tough! Hopefully, stores increase their selection as spring progresses!

  8. Cobralin Brochu says

    YES, we also have an issue with shirts.. My 8 year old is having to wear a sports bra under shirts/tank tops because the sleeves or neckline are too revealing… and to find a sports bra for a little girl that is not padded is really hard too. Such a sad world.

  9. I have been having the same issues and not just for shorts. Bathing suits have also been a real struggle. My daughter is 7 and doesn’t need to be wearing a bikini. For the shorts, I managed to find some cute and length appropriate ones at the Children’s place and H&m saved the day on the cute one piece bathing suit front

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