Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Being a redhead I just can not handle the heat and sun. I spend a lot of the summer hiding under my big umbrella on the deck or looking for a shady spot. I love being outdoors, but not in the sun. I am always looking for ways to keep cool while still enjoying the summer weather.

Do you like the hot summer heat? Are you trying to find ways to stay cool this summer? If so, check out the list of ideas below on ways to stay cool. If you live where it gets really hot, you know that as the sun rises so does that summer heat.

Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Affordable Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Curtains Drawn During Day: Even with your house blasting cold AC air, you find it gets hot as the day goes on, consider keeping your curtains closed during the day. This will help the hot summer heat beating into your house. Consider even buying blackout style curtains to help keep the heat from creeping in your windows.

Get out Early: Want to go to the farmers market, or a stroll in the park. Consider getting up and doing it first thing in the morning. Beat the summer heat as much as you can. This is when I like to walk as well, if not in the morning, late at night.

Frozen Towels: Take some washcloths and soak in water, and then roll up and freeze them. Then when you are outside, working in your garden or doing activities you can wrap around your neck to keep cool. These are great for going out to the fair, watching soccer games and more. Just store in a little cooler.

Light Fabric: If you are going to be out, wear light colored fabrics, and clothes that can breath. If it is lose fitting that will help air flow through, instead of something skin tight.

Frozen Fan: Fill a bowl with water and freeze. Then once it is frozen, take the ice out of the bowl and place in a bigger size bowl, and place right in front of the fan. The air from the fan will be cooler because it is grabbing the cold from the ice.

Run water on wrists: If you are feeling really hot, run some cool water on your wrists. This will cool your whole body down pretty quick.

Drink lots of Water: Make sure you are staying hydrated, as you dehydrate your body temperature can rise. So staying hydrated can really help keep your body temperature down.

Water Fun Day: Whether you hook up a sprinkler and play outside, or head to your pool. Have a water fun day can help beat that summer heat, and kids will love it.

Freeze Pillowcases: If your house is pretty warm, think about freezing your pillowcases for an hour before bed. Just take pillow out and toss in pillowcase, and let it get nice and cold. Then put your pillow back on and hit the sack. It will be nice and cool, and help you to fall asleep faster. You can even do this with your sheets.

Use the Oven Less: Consider not cooking on your stove as much or using the oven. Find meals that don’t require long cook times, or use your grill or crock pot. This will help your house to not heat up from the heat of the oven.

Many of these are common sense but when you are hot, you may not be thinking all that clearly. Do you have any tips on keeping cool?


  1. Great tips to keep cool in summer. I have a fair skinned redhead and we try to slather her in sunscreen and wear hats but it doesn’t always work.

  2. Frozen towels is a great way to stay cool. I have a hard time in the sun. I just get to hot. Water balloon fights are a great way to keep the kids cool.

  3. I think these are great ideas! Some I’ve never tried before, like the frozen towels. Summer can be really unbearable and I’m taking note of these!

  4. It gets pretty hot in my bedroom because it is upstairs. I usually use a fan in my room for some extra cooling, but sometimes it doesn’t help. I never thought to try a frozen fan, though! I am going to give this a try this summer.

  5. The fan trick and the frozen pillowcases are brilliant! I would have never thought of those. Can’t wait to try these tricks as it gets warmer out!

  6. Great tips to beat the summer heat! I didn’t know about putting running water on the wrist. I’ll try it out. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Alicia Gonzalez says

    These are great tips! I have asthma and it’s always worse in the summer. Staying cool is important to me! I love the pillow cover idea, too.

  8. I never taught of freezing pillowcase. That’s awesome tip! I personally enjoy cooler weather better than hot scorching summer. So, I’m going to try this trick for sure. Thanks!

  9. Such a good tips I love this how to stay cool for this summer, I need this it’s so hot here even if midnight

  10. I can not take the sun or extreme heat, so I stay out of the sun, these are some great tips on how to stay cool!! love the pillowcase one!!

  11. planningthemagic says

    What perfect tips. Summer heat is coming right around the corner in NJ so I need these.

  12. Great ideas! I especially love the pillow case one. Will definitely be trying that this Summer 🙂 ~J~

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