A Guide To Enjoying Red Wines In Summer

If you love the richness of red wine, but you’re worried you can’t enjoy them in the summer, that’s not the case. Red wines make a great addition to a summer meal if you know how to pair them correctly and how to enjoy them in the warmer months. Don’t worry about tucking your red wines away this summer. Instead, drink red wine no matter the temperature with tips like the ones below.

Cabernets and Grilling

There’s the common misconception that cabernet red wines are completely out of the question for summer, but they’re actually a great fit with a lot of grilled recipes. Cabernets have a lot of flavor and pack a big punch, and they also create a great balance with meats that have smoky flavors straight off the grill.

Look for cabernets with elegant, spicy and tart flavors to bring out the taste of your favorite grilled meats this summer.

When you’re choosing a cabernet for summer, look for ones that are soft on tannins, and maybe even have some fruity hints.


Summer is a time that’s great for dry red wines, and these can benefit tremendously from the process of decanting them. Put your red wines in a decanter and let oxygen be introduced to it. This lets out the aromas and creates a smoother flavor.

Chilled Red Wine

A lot of people think chilling their red wine is a no-no, but this isn’t the case at all. A good rule of thumb is to put red wines in the refrigerator for about 20 to 30 minutes before you plan to serve it. This creates a brighter and more refreshing red wine to enjoy.

It can be excellent to chill red wines before an al fresco dinner party for example.

One of the biggest reasons people think you can’t enjoy red wine when it’s warm out is because it’s served too warm. It ruins the taste and the experience.

Of course, if you choose a red with a lot of oak and tannin, too much chilling is also a problem. Following the rule of thumb above of just chilling it for around 20 to 30 minutes usually works out optimally.

Lower Alcohol Content

If you’re drinking a really bold, high-alcohol red wine when it’s hot outside, it can take its toll. When you’re selecting a warm weather red, instead look for something with a lower alcohol content. Starting with around 12% alcohol is a good place to be. This is particularly important if you’re choosing wine for entertaining.

If you choose a higher alcohol wine it can have more of a noticeable effect in hot weather, so you may end up with intoxicated guests.


  1. Robin rue says

    Red wine is the only kind of wine I drink. There is never a bad time for it ?

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    Red wines are my favorite for sure. This is an incredible guide!

  3. I love red wine, especially during summer barbecues, but I am far from an expert. All of this information is so helpful. Thanks!

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  7. We buy both red wine and white wine in our household. We definitely prefer for red wine to be chilled rather than room temperature. You are right, a lot of wine drinking die-hard’s think that it’s a no-no, but I think it’s more decadent that way.

  8. Great tips. We are wine fans in my house and enjoy them all year long but sometimes, it’s not as easy to pick the best ones for the warmer weather.

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  10. Great reminder about the higher alcohol content and warm weather! I love red all year- but always look for something a little lighter, less body, in the hotter months.

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    I am not a drinker, but I do find this fascinating anyway. The info about chilling red wine was new to me.

  19. I used to only drink white, but got older and only do red. I am no expert but I chill, freeze and all! lol 🙂

  20. Red wine is one of our favorites for summer! I think it pairs amazingly with my favorite dinner any time of the year! 😉

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    I never thought about chilling red wine. I always thought it was served at room temp.

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    A great reminder about the higher alcohol content and warm weather! I love red all year- but always look for something a little lighter, less body, in the hotter months.

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