How to Make Your Fur Baby Part of the Family Experience

For much of human history animals have been part of the tribe. They were necessary companions that helped create a safe environment for their humans and who helped procure food at times. It is a recent trend that animals have transitioned from helpers and pets to what many people now call fur babies.It is now easier than ever to choose which pet to bring into the family, then create special keepsakes, and take all members of the family with you on vacation and out on the town.

Choosing Your Family

Originally, humans tended to cultivate relationships with cats and dogs because these were the most beneficial in terms of survival. Cats were able to keep the pest population down and dogs could provide a variety of services. In more recent years, a much larger variety of animals have been brought into homes around the world.

Some of the most popular fur babies beyond cats and dogs include rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, mice, rats, guniea pigs, and chinchillas. Some of the more exotic options include skunks, hedgehogs, ferrets, goats, monkeys, and dwarf pigs. Many people also include those animals which don’t have fur as family members such as snakes, frogs, lizards, and birds.

If you have young human children it is important to find a pet that won’t be threatened by the competition. Ideally, they should be inclined to integrate with the younger members of the family and view them as playmates. Dogs tend to be a good choice for families because of their inherent ability to integrate into a pack. Some of the best dog breeds for families with young children, or who are anticipating the inclusion of children at some point, include the Labrador retriever and collie.

Family Mementos

People have historically wanted touchstones and keepsakes of their loved ones to keep and pass down. This is also becoming increasingly true for the furred, feathered, and scaled members of the family. Artists and entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly innovative in offering new ways to celebrate and commemorate the animals with which we have bonded.

One of the most iconic forms of art in the 20th century, Pop Art, was made famous by artists such as Andy Worhol. Pop Your Pup has made it easy for art lovers to recreate this classic style using a photograph of their beloved pet. The resulting artwork can then be printed on an item of clothing to keep them close to you or printed on canvas to create an enduring artistic legacy of their role in the family.

Other innovative artists are taking imprints of paws and noses and turning them into gorgeous pieces of unique jewelry. Instead of having baby fingerprints turned into silver or gold jewelry to be worn as reminder of the first precious moments of your time together, you can now do that with the fur baby equivalent.

Fur Baby Friendly Vacations

If you have a family member from another species you understand the pain of leaving them behind when you want to go on vacation. Even if you send them to a luxury pet boarding center, you will miss them and they will miss you for the duration of the trip.

Most parents would never consider leaving one of their children behind when going on a family vacation, and it is becoming increasingly common for pet owners to be similarly disdainful of the idea. Fortunately, as more business owners adopt their own fur babies and recognize the consumer demand for pet-friendly destinations, vacation options have increased.

There are hotels and bed and breakfast locations throughout the country that are eager to accept families with furry members. Many of these destinations even have amenities specifically designed for your pet such as treats and on-site pet services for grooming and veterinary care.

An increasing number of airlines are even making it possible to bring your pet with you into the cabin of a flight. There are some rules, however. Their carrier must be small enough to fit under the seat and they must remain inside it throughout the entire flight.

The role of animals in the lives of humans has continued to evolve throughout human history. Many people now consider their pets to be members of the family. Business in all industries are taking notice.



  1. edmontonjb says

    We have lots of trouble leaving our furry family members home alone, even for short periods of time. We usually end up getting a sitter for them but I would love to plan a vacation where they can come along with us.


  2. Great post lots of ideas and tips for pet owners.

  3. Victoria Ess says

    Great idea! It’s difficult to take a pet on family vacations, but it’s possible with a bit of planning!

  4. Ronald Gagnon says

    I had the wonderful experience of have a rescue bunny grow to share love with me for over 3 years. When she died in my arms (cancer not caught in her semi-annual checkup) it devestated me…now 7 months later I still can not give her kennel and runway away…though I know it would come in very handy for the Rescue societies

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    A great post that I enjoyed reading. I’ve always found it off putting that you often can’t take pets with you to a hotel but that is changing slowly, there are even cat cafes these days.

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