It is NOT a Sunburn, Some Redheads are Red!

We have had some great weather here in Canada for the last month. Early summer has made our days being spent outdoors more than usual. A few days my kids got a little bit too much sun (even though I do my best to cover them up). But me, a redhead who burns super easy, has been lucky. A hat and sunglasses along with sunscreen is a must on hot days!

When I get hot though, my pale fair skin does go a bit red. I have always been this way and to me, it is normal.  I recently asked my Dr and she kind of chuckled saying “You are a redhead, what do you expect?”

But for some reason, people feel they need to point this out. even as a child I was pink or red most of the time. If you push against my skin, the colour will go more white. This to me, is normal. This is me.

And you know what? I am pretty tired of it!

If I did in fact have a sunburn I would know it and not need it pointed out. Yet almost daily someone feels they need to say to me “OH you got a bit of sun!” or “Ouch does that hurt?”

I seriously look at them confused as I am clueless or was when it first started happening. My response is usually “Nope, that is just me. Redheads are red” Then they look at me like I offended them with my answer.

At 40 I know to avoid the sun and it is not often I am out long enough to get a burn. I do not tan, never have never will. The one thing that sometimes does happen, my freckles will multiple and eventually melt together. This can give an illusion of a tan or glow from the sun 🙂

I get I am not the only one experiencing this. I wrote about how rude it was to point out people’s differences last year.  I just do not get the need to do it.


I am usually very comfortable in my skin. The redness usually looks blotchy and uneven not really burn like. But when people comment about it, it makes me feel self-conscious and puts a damper on my day. I want to wear sun dresses and tank tops without comments about being red. Do I need to wear a sign saying “It is not a burn, it is me. I am a redhead?”

Do people point things out to you about you that bother you? Share below!



  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    My brother was a redhead so I do know about this problem and we got teased something awful at school because he was a redhead. No one else got bugged because their brother had brown, black nor blonde hair

  2. An old girlfriend of mine was a red head and had to be very careful while out in the sun.

  3. kristen visser says

    I hear ya! I am not a red head but sometimes i get red in the face for NO reason! I am cool with it and it instantly fades away until someone brings it up and says something like “wow looks like you were in the sun for much to long” and then of course that makes it worse and my face becomes more red and I am like “seriously did you have to say something”

  4. binabugged says

    My son is a red head and burns but my baby sister who is also a red head does not burn …she turns into one HUGE FRECKLE lol

  5. My grandson has red hair and it seems redheads have fair skin and they burn easier.

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