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I have always been my children’s biggest cheerleader. Over the years I have encouraged them to shoot for the stars and try whatever their heart desires. It is funny how all four of them chose different paths. What one loves and succeeds at, another dislikes and struggles with. This is with all aspects in life, school, sports etc. No matter what though, we are here to support them and help them along the way. When it comes to sports that often means driving to practice, cheering from the sidelines, and tracking down that perfect pair of shoes or piece of equipment to get the job done.

Ever since my eight year old could walk, she has been throwing a ball, catching one or kicking one. Her love for all things sport related is no surprise to us. She has three older siblings, two being teen boys who love sports. Running, basketball, swimming and pretty much anything else you can think of, they are involved in. She is currently swimming every week with school and just finished up cross country. She was so proud of herself this year, running farther faster than the previous year.

When you invest in your children and sports, you invest in their future. It is a commitment but a worthy one. Sports helps them develop strengths, discipline, self confidence and learn to be part of a team. Many of the friendships they make along the way they will have forever. I can not wait to see what she gets involved in next year.

A big supporter of young athletes across Canada is Under Armour. Team UA Next Canada Powered by Sport Chek is a competition to find the next Under Armour athlete.


Team UA Next Canada

Seven to 12-year-old hard-working athletes are eligible to compete to become the face of Under Armour in a brand campaign at Sport Chek stores across Canada.

The winning boy and girl will join the elite roster of Under Armour athletes and serve as a youth ambassador for the brand. In addition to being featured in the brand campaign, winners will receive exclusive access to Under Armour gear.

Parents, guardians, mentors and coaches have until August 31, 2017 to nominate a young athlete online at Entrants must submit videos throughout the summer showing their passion and athleticism to make a compelling case for why they should the next Under Armour athlete.

If you have an athlete in your life that would love to be part of this, don’t wait! Get them submitted and show their enthusiasm to the world.

The current Team UA NEXT Canada Powered by Sport Chek campaign features Brenden McLeod of Newmarket and Maya Rajhans of Etobicoke. Brenden is a hockey and lacrosse player and Maya is a basketball and soccer player. They were chosen because they had the right mix of determination, passion, teamwork, and WILL.

See them here

For more information on TEAM UA NEXT Canada powered by Sport Chek, or to submit a nomination, visit

Also check out @sportchek on Twitter and Instagram using #TAKEYOURSPOT and #UANEXTCANADA.

Do you have an athlete in your life that would be interested in this? What sport do they love best?


Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Team UA NEXT Canada Powered by Sport Chek. All opinions are my own.


  1. My daughter currently takes tumbling. She also does swim lessons part of the year. My son will also start tumbling in the fall. Physical activity is so important for kids!

  2. My kids are both playing sports; my oldest concentrates more on soccer, while my youngest is trying to find the right fit still

  3. wow this is pretty cool I didn’t even know this opportunity existed

  4. awww – I love this! These kids are clearly super talented and determined. Trying to think of who I would nominate. I love that there’s something like this for the kids -a great way to get them motivated (even though they probably don’t need any reason).

  5. Tiara Wilson says

    This is so cute. I would love to enroll my child when he gets a little older. I am hoping that we can get him into many sports, clubs, etc.

  6. very cool. i know my kids would love this! sharing with a few other friends.

  7. Well as you know my kids are super into sports and numerous other activities. This looks like a great contest. I would nominate a few different people I know actually. My friend’s daughter also is an exceptional young athlete.

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