Summer Lovin’ Cash Giveaway- Win Cash! #SummerLovinCash

Boy the school year flew by! If you are lucky enough to be having summer like weather, maybe you are already enjoying some much needed R&R! If not, hopefully your time will come soon!

Our summer is spent by the lake and hanging with family. I am looking to go to the farmers market and maybe take the kids to the water park. But for the most part, we just chill here 🙂

Summer isn’t just about relaxing, it’s about slowing down and spending some well needed time taking a break and being with family and friends.  How about winning PayPal Cash to help entertain and have more fun? That’s right, I have teamed up with amazing group of bloggers to bring you the ultimate cash giveaway worth $425USD PayPal Cash! We wanted to celebrate all things summer and what better than to celebrate with some cold hard cash. Take advantage of this wonderful giveaway and enter now for your chance at the Summer Lovin’ pot.

What would you do with the money if you won?

The more entries you complete the better your chances are of winning. Good luck!


  1. Francine says

    I’d use it for a nice dinner out!

  2. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    My husband are going on vacation to celebrate our anniversary, so I’d use the money towards that!

  3. I would use it on a road trip.

  4. It’ll be useful to pay some bills.

  5. Deanna Barkley says

    I’d use it toward buying an ipad mini.

  6. Susan T. says

    I’d put it towards a new mattress set!

  7. Id use it

  8. Mishelle Greening says

    I’d like to actually take the kids away on a vacay this summer – I’d use it towards that.,, find a hotel with wifi and a pool!


  9. I would treat myself to a nice meal and then put the rest down as an extra payment on my credit card bill

  10. Cynthia Gaarder says

    to take my kids on a vacay

  11. I’d buy some pretty sandals

  12. I would buy groceries and use the rest for bills or rent.

  13. Sab Edwards says

    More yard work, or if thats over and done with, I’m going to do the porch,start with flooring then add cupboards as I have a seriously small house (752sq ft)

    So far we’ve taken down the last 40ft pinetree (the previous one fell on the neighbors house last yr) Tomorrow a guy is coming to chew up my 5 tree stumps in the back yard (i’m keeping the mulch for the flowers) Also have two huge elms in the back that are falling apart (one branch fell on an old car and broke the back window out and it was so big the two of us could not lift nor move it)
    nothings cheap, the pine was $1000, the tree stumps are $200 and the elms are $2300 (which I cant afford right now)

  14. my villa says

    i’d get a 4-in-1 convertible crib

  15. Terry Stevens says

    I would buy tires for my vehicle.

  16. I would use the money to pay my college fees and books

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