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When I was a child I was not really into sports. I had always wanted to be more involved, but for some reason it never worked out. So when it came time for my own children to get involved in sports, I encouraged them however possible. My boys who are both teens played basketball, baseball, and participated heavily in Track & Field. As young children they were on soccer teams, joined soccer camp and had me as a parent volunteer at times. My one son still is very active in volley ball and basketball and is often the game MVP. He is tall and has a great interest in the game so enjoys playing. I never pressured them and supported them when they decided they had enough or wanted to take a break. Winning was not always the goal. We never ever made the kids feel bad about losing. The goal was to do their best and constantly improve against themselves. To be good sports, gracious winners and when they lost, lose with dignity.

Now our youngest is getting more and more involved in sports. She loves swimming and running the most. She has been taking lessons through school for swimming as well as hanging out int he pool during her free time. She participated in a few cross-country runs this year and is expressing interest in both track and field and basketball. I am excited to see where she ends up and what sports she excels at.

No matter what, it is her choice and I and her family will support it. Being active and being part of a team is great for youth.

5 Benefits of Youth Sports

Being part of a team

Learning to support others, cooperate and work as a team is something children will take with them into school, the workplace and beyond.

Following rules

Having clear rules and expectations helps a child succeed.

Being active

In this technical world we live in it is easy for children to be less active. Being involved in sports keeps them healthy and active.

Learning to lose

Winning is great but losing is a part of life. Learning to lose as a good sport is very important. It helps us set goals, learn to not give up and to carry on when we feel our lowest.

Supporting others and being committed

Being involved in sports helps our children follow a schedule, show up on time and cheer for others. Some basic essentials of life can be learned by participating in sports.

As a parent all you can do is support our children and encourage them to do their best. A big supporter of young athletes across Canada is Under Armour. Team UA Next Canada Powered by Sport Chek is a competition to find the next Under Armour athlete. You can register the athletic youth in your life at

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  1. I did track & field, volleyball, soccer, softball, and swim lessons all through childhood into high school and I loved it – it definitely builds a lot of character!

  2. When I was little I was never involved in sports…unless you count hopscotch and skipping lol! However, my hubby was and so were our kids. They learned so much about themselves and life in general from years of organized sports. I highly recommend it!

  3. I always hated sports as a child but I am super active since turning 30 and healthier than ever in my 40s. I also have two daughters who are all about sports. My youngest never met a sport she didn’t LOVE instantly almost. She rides horses, runs, plays basketball, hockey at school and is a probationary black belt too. She also skis with us and swims of course. I wish I had been athletic earlier in life but I accept it now and am happy to be here nurturing athletic girls.

  4. I was never a sport kids, but now that I have my own kids I have played more sports in the last 6 years then I did in the previous 16 and I love it. Soccer, basket ball, skating, swimming, hockey, hiking, biking have all become part our of everyday live now. Feels great to see the kids so active and get out there and get moving with them. I actually just picked up some new athletic clothes for the kids and myself!

  5. I would totally support my kids in whatever sports they wanted to play. I wish I had the support!

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