Planning The Perfect Family Vacation No Matter Your Budget

Never make the mistake of skipping out on the planning of a family vacation because you are working with a tight budget. There are many wonderful vacations that can be taken without spending a ton, as long as you are making use of your advance planning skills.

Find A Quality Beach

If you and your family love some fun in the sun and swimming in the ocean, you are going to want to think about some of the beaches that you can visit. The nice thing about beach vacations is that besides eating out at new and interesting places, you do not have to spend a lot of money on activities unless you really want to. You can spend day in and day out at the beach. Lay out and get a tan. Play volleyball and build sandcastles. Take turns burying each other in the sand and make sure that you are getting plenty of pictures of the fun. Of course, you will also spend time swimming in the water.

All you have to do is to find a quality beach, such as one of the family friendly beaches in La Jolla. Two examples of family friendly beaches includes the Children’s Pool and the La Jolla Shores. Should you want to send some time surfing, or teaching the kids how to surf for the first time, you will want to head to Windansea beach.


Camping is one of those vacations that are usually only as expensive as you want for it to be. You can find many pay-to-stay camping sites through state parks all over the country. At such campgrounds, you might find that the only things to do is ride bikes, go hiking, sit around a campfire, or possibly swim in a lake if there is one nearby.

However, there is also the option of staying at a campground that is a little more commercial, as it will have many more things for the kids to do. Depending on the campground and their policy, you might have to pay for some of the extra things that the kids want to do. For example, some bigger commercial campgrounds will have a miniature golf course or an arcade, both of which will cost money. However, even though those things can be an extra expense, they should not cost too much money so you will not have to worry about going broke.


For anyone on a super tight budget for their vacation time, you might want to think about having the best possible staycation possible. You can have a little fire in your backyard, spend one of the days binge watching that show you wanted to catch up on with the family, or simply catch a few sunrays in the backyard. Even if you did a little work around the house, it can still be a lot of fun and a very productive time for everyone. Just make sure that you are reserving as many days for nothing but lounging and relaxation to make the most of the experience. Don’t forget, having a staycation does not mean that you should stay in the house the entire time. You might want to spend some time visiting local historical sites or museums in your area that you may have forgotten all about.

As you can start to see now, there are a lot of things that you can plan to do for you vacation that will allow you and your family to relax and recharge without having to go broke. Just make sure that you are spending some time planning your perfect vacation as far in advance as possible so you can make the most of the time you are allotted by your work and the kids school schedule.


  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    On a budget you always have to plan, whether it’s for meals for a vacation. Camping is a wonderful experience for children. I loved it as a young adult but haven’t had the chance to go for over 40 yrs, however I will be going in a few weeks with my daughter and family. Hopefully I’ll be able to go fishing too, not done that in a very long time either.

  2. Camping is something we do every year & it is very affordable. It gives the kids a chance to explore nature & make wonderful memories. Make s’mores around the campfire, bring games from home, create a scavenger hunt… there is so much you can do on a budget!

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