Treat yourself to Something Fashionable this Summer

The long awaited arrival of summer meant throwing open the doors of the wardrobe and bringing out that dress. Again. At least it would have done, until I took a little look online.

If you are also someone whose wardrobe screams 1997 more than 2017, all is not lost. Now that the initial stampede has gone, the stores are already starting to think about stocking up for the fall, and that means that canny shoppers can pick up some fashionable summer wear from reasonably priced outlets like JD Williams just in time for the long summer vacation period.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Now you just need to know what to look for to out style every other Mom, whether it’s on the beach, out and about around town or even for a crafty date night with the other half.

Crazy clashing colors

Summer is all about bright, primary colors, but designers from Top Shop to Givenchy have been pushing it one step further this year, mixing blue with green, orange with purple….. One thing is for sure, you just can’t go wrong.

Big is beautiful

The 80s are back! Well, perhaps not quite, but exaggerated accessories, oversized shirts and cinched in waists have been a big thing on the catwalks this year. Cool and practical, while also an easy look to create for yourself.

Speaking of the 80s

According to the fashionistas at Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and Gucci, Saturday Night Fever is back with a vengeance for your nights out. Think one-shoulder dresses and spandex – maybe you won’t need to venture out to the shops at all!

Shirts just got interesting

In the same way as modern chefs are reinventing the apple pie or chicken Kiev, the crazy designers at Prada and Michael Kors have done something very unusual with the good old fashioned shirt. Cropped, off the shoulder, ruffled sleeves – it’s deconstruction at its best!


Or should I say STRIPES – if Victoria Beckham says they are in, who am I to argue? Vertical stripes that shout out to the world, using those wild colors we mentioned earlier are all the rage this summer.


If all of the above are sounding a bit too “out there” it’s comforting to know that some of the old classics remain just that. The spring fashion shows actually had more in the way of head to toe florals than had been seen in years. Clearly an example of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


  1. tjbugnet says

    I was not familiar with JD Williams but now I will have to spend some time scoping their site for some new goodies. Thanks

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I’ve not heard of JD Williams before either. Just discover it British so I guess it’s only online here, couldn’t find any actual stores.

  3. I really like the off the shoulder shirts they have now.

  4. Stephanie LaPlante says

    I love crazy flashy colors. Brings cheer to any room.

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