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We have had some pretty epic road trips over the years! I think it all began as a child when my parents would take us on cross-country drives to visit family. I loved seeing the sites, hanging with my baby sister and eating at various spots. Now being a mom it is the most affordable way for us to travel. We always have at least three of the kids with us. We have driven across Canada a few times. We have driven to Florida and it is nothing to pop over to another province. My kids are just like me, they love going for long drives.

The key to a good road trip is being prepared. Having everything you could possibly need along the way. Food, clothes and fun! Have a route planned and know where there are rest stops with food and bathrooms along the way. It’s a bonus if there are fun attractions and great sights to see as well.

When planning for our roads trips we always stop into Canadian Tire to stock up. Games for the kids, water bottles, towels for the beach and everything we need to keep our car in tip-top shape. I love how they even have snacks there now! It truly is Made for Life in Canada!

My husband is pretty handy and does most of the car maintenance himself. But when he can not, the people at Canadian Tire are there to help. His road trip routine always includes checking the fluids in the expansion tank, radiator, transmission & brake assembly and getting an oil change done or doing one himself and washing the car. Not sure why, he just likes to drive a clean car.

Recently we were headed to the mountains for a fun few days away. Headed to Canadian Tire to pick up some Quaker State Advanced Durability Motor Oil for the car and some other essentials for our trip. Quaker State is a great oil at a great price especially at Canadian Tire where you get CT money back with purchases.


We picked up  Quaker State Advanced Durability Motor Oil to change our car’s oil.  The thousands of miles of stop-and-go traffic, idling, and extreme temperatures that are the true tests on your engine. Quaker State Advanced Durability has  proven it delivers twice the wear protection of the industry standard throughout its life. It is important to have your car in good running shape if you are headed on a trip. We do have CAA as well just in case though.

Changing the oil was actually easier than I had thought it would be. In no time the car and family were ready to head out on the road.

A few of our road trip must haves are below

  • Pillows if the drive is longer than a few hours
  • Wipes for hands, faces etc
  • Entertainment for the kids (books, laptops, games)
  • Cash (always shocked how many places still do not take debit or credit cards)
  • Bag for trash (empty when you stop at rest stops or gas stations)
  • charger for cell phones
  • a good GPS with updated maps
  • snacks and drinks (cut down on the amount of stops needed when you have these)
  • a disposable camera and travel journal for the youngest (she loves to document our trips)

When you are prepared and your car is in road trip ready condition, you will be stress free and can enjoy the trip along with your family. There is still lots of time to get out and plan a mini vacation before the summer is over.

Not sure how much or what kind of oil your car needs? You can read your owners manual for information, or talk to one of the friendly staff members at the Canadian Tire automotive desk.

Where would you go on your next road trip? What are your road trip must haves from Canadian Tire?


  1. jmanandmillerbug says

    The first thing we do when we go on a trip is check the oil and tires! I want a fun vacation not a stressful one! I LOVE road trips!

  2. We never go on any road trip without my husband giving the car a good once over from top to bottom. It’s so important for safety.

  3. It’s SO important to remember to fully check your car and all parts of it before a road trip. You don’t want to be on the road and have a problem. Great information, here!

  4. Great post! I have friends who just jump in the car and go when it’s time for a road trip. They never check anything. I don’t get it. It seems like such a big risk to me, when you can just get your car checked out and continue on.

  5. This is a great post! It really is important to remember to check your car out and make sure it’s ok before you leave on a road trip. It is good to remember that there are more important things to plan for a road trip than just your snacks!

  6. My husband works for a tire company, so you bet he checks them regularly! That is not something I want to worry about on a road trip

  7. It’s always a good idea to get the oil changed before heading out on a road trip. Our Canadian Tire is great at keeping same day appointments open for those unexpected road trips!

  8. I do have a couple more trips planned this year and I want my car to be in good shape. I’ll have to make sure my oil is changed!

  9. Car maintenance is really important when you head out for a road trip. I’ve made that mistake before and it so much more expensive to break down somewhere than to just have routine maintenance done before you head out.

  10. Claudia Krusch says

    Canadian Tire is a great place to go for car maintenance. They have everything you need and great mechanics. I always get my car checked over before a road trip.

  11. Elizabeth Lampman says

    I always go to Canadian Tire for all my car needs. They have everything I need and at great prices.

  12. I don’t recall ever hearing of this brand. My husband is the one who deals with all the car stuff. I’ll have to see if he uses this or not.

  13. My husband always checks the tires and oil before we head out on the road. He does he own oil changes too. He’s handy like that. I hope you have lots of great road trips ahead

  14. Looks like you are really prepared when it comes to road trips. I try to cover everything when we are getting ready to travel, but I should know more about my car in general.

  15. My family went on one heck of a road trip this past June. It was so much fun to all be together.

  16. We made the mistake once to not have the van checked before we went on vacation. That was a very bad move! Had to call AAA at 10pm out of town with 4 tired little ones! We’ll definitely stop for a check up for all future vacations!

  17. There are six kids in my family, so road tripping was the only way we vacationed. I have such fond memories of those trips! I need to keep your tips in mind for my next road trip with my own family. Car issues don’t make for the best memories.

  18. It’s very important that your car is in tip top shape when you travel. Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire can be a real disaster.

  19. Sooo I am a new driver and have been spoiled for years as my husband does and manages everything to do with our car. We do tons of road trips, I will have to start learning about cars and the maintenance. 🙂

  20. Victoria Heckstall says

    It is very important that our car had a maintenance and be prepared for a travel. Canadian Tire is a great place to go for a car maintenance.

  21. We haven’t been on a road trip in ages. We are hoping to drive from Ontario to Alberta next summer. This list will of must haves will come in handy.

  22. I smiled as I read your post. Taking the car in for an oil change and tire check before an epic road trip was when I knew we were close to that vacation and I could start getting excited.

  23. I make sure my car has had an oil change and is filled with gas before any road trips. As far as where would I like to go? A road trip to Prince Edward County would be nice, especially in the fall.

  24. That’s a great list of items to take along on a road trip. You must have had a great time! #client

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