Have a Magical Adventure with PLAYMOBIL’s New Themes! Giveaway

My children can play and use their imagination for hours and hours. I often wonder how they can come up with the stories and adventures they do. It is always fun to watch and even better to play with them and enjoy the good times. PLAYMOBIL is fun for all ages! Their interactive playsets allows your imagine to explore worlds you and your children will only dream of. One day be a princess high up in a castle and another be a pirate walking the plank. The adventures are never ending just like the smiles.

Discover PLAYMOBIL’s How to Train your Dragon™ theme while protecting the tribe and preventing your norse adventure from becoming an occupational hazard! However, if the fire and fight doesn’t suit you and a vacation sounds much better, allow PLAYMOBIL to time-travel you to destinations like Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and maybe even explore a Princess Castle on your way.

Pharaoh’s Pyramid

With thrilling puzzles, dangerous traps and valuable treasures. But beware of skeletons and the mummy! $89.99
– Each of the five chambers inside the pyramid have individual traps (secret switches, trapdoors, revolving door etc.)
– The back of the pyramid is shaped for better play ability. After removing the pyramid’s sidewalls, even more chambers are revealed for new play possibilities.
– Portal in the front of the pyramid is permanently closed and cannot be opened.
– In the secret burial chamber there is enough space for numerous Egyptian treasures.
Unlock ancient secrets and mysteries inside the PLAYMOBIL Pharaoh’s Pyramid. The five chambers within hide precious treasures protected by tricky puzzles and sneaky traps.
Discover the treasure room filled with jewels and golden riches, and climb the stairs to enter the tomb chamber complete with mummy. Just watch out for the booby traps!
Playset includes three figures, tomb, mummy, two skeletons, treasures, spiders, fire pots, hieroglyphics, and many other accessories.
Last year my daughter went to a How to Train Your Dragon themed birthday party. From there her love of the show and all things dragons blossomed.

Drago’s Ship

With Drago Bludvist and dragon cage. The ship floats. Even the weapons shoot. $59.99

Battle the dragon-riders’ fiercest enemy yet. The floating ship of Drago is coming and it has all the necessary evil tools to fight and trap dragons.
The on-board cage with lock is used to contain captured dragon prisoners, while the functioning crossbows defend against any incoming fire. Set includes Drago, spears, torch, and other accessories.

Royal Residence

PLAYMOBIL Royal Residence is a princess’s home away from home. This palace has plenty of space downstairs to entertain guests while the royal baby sleeps soundly in the nursery, just up the winding staircase.
Change the princess’s outfit thanks to the removable hoop skirt. Playset includes two figures, baby, cradle, throne and many other accessories. $88.99

These are just some of the new sets from PLAYMOBIL. You can collect the entire theme and enjoy non-stop fun and adventures with your child.
These and other PLAYMOBIL playets are available across Canada at most major retailers and toys chains. Visit www.playmobil.ca for more info.

I received the above mentioned product free of charge. All opinions are my own.


  1. Another set i would love from PLAYMOBIL is the 6880 Night Train with Track

  2. the Camp Site with Fire set has caught my eye!

  3. Heather Swanson says

    NHL hockey

  4. The Roman Warriors ship would be my first choice.

  5. Anne Taylor says

    I’d love the Pharaoh’s Pyramid set!

  6. Rosanne Robinson says

    Another set that I would like for my grandson is PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters.

  7. My nieces would LOVE the Pharoah’s Pyramid toy. Fab.

  8. My daughter would also love the Modern Dollhouse!

  9. Florence Cochrane says

    NHL® Advent Calendar – Rivalry on the Pond is a set I would like.

  10. Brenda Smith says

    I really like the NHL Set.

  11. SweetPanda says

    I love the Ghostbusters™ Firehouse

  12. I would love the Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1 car! I never knew they had a ghostbusters line. So cool!

  13. My kids would love the playground set.

  14. edmontonjb says

    I know my son would love the Adventure Tree House set


  15. ivy pluchinsky says

    I like the Grand Princess Castle set

  16. I would also the Fire Station with Alarm (product no. 5361)

  17. Jennifer P. says

    I would also love to play with the Playground set with my kids – so many fun details!

  18. Maritess S says

    I have been eyeing the Camp Site with fire set for my little one.

  19. love the NHL® Advent Calendar – Rivalry on the Pond set

  20. Another awesome set would be the Cruise Ship

  21. I would love the Eret with 4 Shot Fire Ballista

  22. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    PLAYMOBIL® Ghostbusters would be a great set to have as would the Royal Residence set.

  23. I would love to have the Deluxe Dollhouse. I think i would sneak in and play with it

  24. Rose Holloway says

    We would love the Ghostbusters Firehouse

  25. krisha4444 says

    I love the Playmobil Playground ! My daughters would have a blast playing with that

  26. My granddaughters would also like the playground set.

  27. Another set that I would like to have is the playground

  28. The Playground Set!

  29. lisa bolduc says

    my son is on love with Playmobil. he has tons of pieces front he city action set. he was just playing with the tactical unit and the police car today

  30. Julie bolduc says

    I like the food truck

  31. Debbie White Beattie says

    Another set I would love to have is the Hawk Knights` Castle set and I know my nephews would love it.

  32. 9109 Coffee Shop Play Box

  33. Another set we like is the NHL hockey arena

  34. Erin McSweeney says

    i would also like to have the Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1
    product no.: 9220

  35. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I would love to get the Pharaoh’s Pyramid set for my nephew.

  36. I would like the Gobber with Catapult set. It looks fun.

  37. My grandson would enjoy the NHL Playmobil.

  38. I think either of the Knights’ Castles would be a big hit over here

  39. Carol Denny says

    The Dressing Room with Salon would be fun

  40. Juliee Fitze says

    The NHL arena looks like something my grandkids would really like.

  41. Wendy Jensen says

    Another set I would love from PLAYMOBIL is the Camp Site with Fire.

  42. Elva Roberts says

    The other set I would choose is : “Game on with Hockey.”

  43. The police station looks cool, I can see the kids loving the jail.

  44. The NHL arena is something my husband and my child can enjoy together.

  45. My daughter would love the pony farm!

  46. The playground set is cute

  47. Sunshine G says

    My kids would love the NHL.

  48. The Cruise Ship set is something I’d even love to play with!

  49. Astrid & Stormfly would be great for my granddaughter since her name is Astrid.

  50. I like the NHL..thanks

  51. Victoria Ess says

    I’d also love the NHL set!

  52. julielaura1 says

    The Ghostbusters set looks fun!

  53. I like the Pharaoh’s Pyramid. It is so accurate.

  54. I’d also love the Adventure Tree House!

  55. The Pharaoh’s Pyramid product no.: 5386

  56. I think my niece would also like the Camp Site with Fire.

  57. I love their history sets especially Pharaoh’s Pyramid.

  58. The Ghostbusters™ Firehouse is amazing! I love it!

  59. I think that my kids would like the Playground Set.

  60. We’d love the helicopter police set!

  61. We’d love the Camp Site with Fire.

  62. misselles80 says

    My 4 and 5 year old would love the camp site with fire set! Thanks so much for the chance to win the Princess Royal residence!

  63. Kelley Moore says

    I would love to have the NHL hockey for my nephew

  64. nicolthepickle says

    The pharaohs Pyramid set is amazing! I love the ideas they come up with.

  65. I would love the Ghostbusters fire house!

  66. My daughter would love the Ghostbusters set! Since seeing the movie she likes anything related to it.

  67. sarah alexis says

    Camp Site set would be amazing – we love camping!

  68. Love the Ghostbusters set!

  69. I would love the have the Family Camping Trip set for my grandchildren to play with.

  70. michelle matta says

    the adventure treehouse is pretty awesome

  71. The Pharaoh’s Pyramid set is incredible! Such detail!

  72. My teenager STILL loves playmobil 🙂 She’d love the set that includes the outhouse.

  73. Carey Hurst says

    Everything GhostBusters , the Huge Staypuffed is awesome.

  74. binabugged says

    Pharaoh’s Pyramid
    product no.: 5386 LOOKS pretty awesome

  75. Mandy Stokes says

    My daughter would love the hospital set!

  76. I would love the police set, both of my little ones love cars and we play with cars and all sorts of vehicles every day, many times a day lol. Thanks for the chance to win, twitter fan@plumerea

  77. Dana Miller says

    Another set I would love from PLAYMOBIL is the Fairies Play Box. http://www.playmobil.ca/en/play-box—fairies/5661.html

  78. Linda Svarovsky says

    Love the adventure treehouse set.

  79. Darci Paice says
  80. Lisa Neutel says

    since we love camping my kids would like the campsite set with fire

  81. I love the Camp Site with Fire – 9153, It’s ADORABLE. The details are perfect.

  82. love the family fun camping trip with tent

  83. Sandra McG says

    my granddaughter would love the camping set with fire. they camp a lot so this would be perfect for her!

  84. My grandson would love the 9244 Drago’s Ship

  85. Carol Mccreery says

    Love the ghostbusters set

  86. Melissa Fowers says

    The grand princess castle set my daughter would freak for it

  87. The Vet Visit Carry Case would be perfect.

  88. Caryn Coates says

    I would love the NHL set!

  89. I would love to get the Cruise Ship for my daughter, she would have so much fun with it!

  90. Would also love the Dragons set

  91. There are a lot of awesome themes but I would like the Dragons set for my little grandson.

  92. My daughter would love the Playground set too.

  93. The Friendly Children’s Hospital playset!

  94. I’d love to bring home the 9015 NHL® Stanley Cup® presentation set.

  95. The pony farm is too cute!

  96. I would love the Dragons Berk set

  97. eeeks the Cruise Ship would be great

  98. Ginger Gervais says

    My son would enjoy the Ghostbusters set

  99. My kids would love the Grand Princess Castle.

  100. ghostbusters looks fun!

  101. Big Western-Farm.

  102. I’d love the NHL hockey! (Suzi)

  103. Brooklyn Dutson says

    my little guy would love the ship!

  104. Another cool set is Dragons 9246 Hiccup & Toothless, my nephew would love it.

  105. Nancy Munson says

    The History set looked great!

  106. Kim Naumann says

    My grandsons would like dragons set I think.

  107. favgreen(Rhonda W G.) says

    The NHL® Advent Calendar – Rivalry on the Pond would be perfect for 7 year old Mason.

  108. The Ghostbusters sets!

  109. Miranda Wood says

    I think the girls and I would have a ball with anything from the Dragon set. Especially Berk.

  110. My daughter would love the Deluxe dollhouse

  111. The Grand Princess Castle

  112. Stephanie LaPlante says

    Another set I like is the Ghostbusters Firehouse.

  113. Would love to get Pharaoh’s Pyramid

  114. I love the NHL set. It would really be a hit with my grandson.

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