I am a Redhead! Don’t call me Blonde

It is funny how little things can irritate a person. If you are a redhead like me, you will totally get the title of this post. I cherish my hair and love being a redhead. Being a redhead is more than a hair colour. It is a bit part of who I am. I think it has to do with all of the teasing and comments we get growing up. We learn to love our hair and become somewhat protective of it.

So yesterday when someone called me a blonde, I may have over reacted. Nah!

Hubs and I were at a local market and I walked up to cash out. There were two ladies behind the counter. One rang through my drinks and started adding someone else’s order to mine. I stated that they were not mine. The following conversation went something like this.

Older lady behind counter “Those belong to the blonde lady”

Younger cashier “Oh! Well she is blonde”

Me “I am NOT blonde”

Younger cashier “Well kinda blonde.”

Me “No! I am visibly a redhead. Not blonde. No redhead EVER wants to be anything but a redhead”

Older lady who was also a redhead smiled and agreed.

Young cashier “Fair enough”

Blonde lady comes up. I look over and her hair is short and grey 😛

I think the young cashier thought she was being funny but it really irritated me. Do not argue with me about my hair colour. My hair is dark red with strawberry blonde (still red) streaks from the sun. NOT Blonde.

There is nothing wrong with blonde hair. My daughter is very blonde and her hair is lovely. I realize I was a bit more annoyed than the average person but still. Maybe I am just defensive about being a redhead LOL

Do things like this irritate you? Eye colour? Hair colour? Tell me about it below.



  1. I can totally understand where you are coming from!

  2. Lynda Cook says

    I totally understand ya, I would be irritated as well!!

  3. I can’t think of anything that would bother me like that , at least not so far.

  4. edmontonjb says

    It’s not exactly the same but it irritates me when people question if I am saying my name properly. It’s pronounced the same as Johnny but people always say it like Joanie. I correct them and then they continue to call me Joanie. A few have even asked if I’m sure it’s not Joanie!


  5. I can imagine – I would love red hair and would defend it always lol

  6. My hair is auburn. It looks brown-ish unless natural light is shining on it. I HATE it when people say I have brown hair…NO NO NO NO it’s RED!

  7. nicolthepickle says

    I’m blonde, but I got blue streaks in it and people kept mentioning in the green in my hair. Did it really look that green?

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