Stay Active Outdoors Without Being Bugged (Giveaway)

With the long hot days of summer, many of us are heading to the lake to spend our days. If not, we wait until evening and head outside when it is a bit cooler. These are great ways to beat the heat, but the bugs seem to be at the worst during these times. A big part of our daily routine is to spend time with our animals every night. This is usually around eight o’clock pm when it is a bit cooler. We feed them, make sure they all have water and give them some belly rubs before putting them away for the night. The only problem with doing this, is the bugs. So many bugs!

As you can imagine this causes us all to itch and scratch and make us cut our evenings short. Nobody wants to be swarmed by bugs biting at you while you are trying to enjoy your time or get things done. Two of my children swell up quite badly from bug bites. So we do everything we can to try and avoid being bitten.

This summer we had everything we needed to fight off the bugs! Thanks to Tender Corporation, the makers of After Bite, we were able to enjoy the great outdoors while spending time as a family. And if the bugs did get us, they had us covered for that too!

Summer is only half over and there is still time to enjoy being outside. As you prep for your summer plans, be sure to include bug repellent in your “must have” essentials, whether you’re headed to the beach, cottage, or back-country or having a “stay-cation”. It is confusing knowing which products are best for our family. When choosing a bug repellent, look for one that is safe, effective and provides long-lasting protection. Things to look for include:

Effective active ingredients such as DEET or Lemon Eucalyptus Oil – available in Ben’s DEET and Natrapel.

Two common bugs you want to protect yourself against are mosquitoes and ticks. DEET-based product, such as Ben’s DEET, and all-natural products, such as Natrapel, are your go-tos to keep these nasty bugs away. Mosquitoes are a common summer bug and ticks can be found almost anywhere there is tall grass or bush. These bugs can bring about nasty diseases, such as Lyme Disease, Zika Virus – or just annoying, itchy bug bites. Two of my children get horrible reactions and swell up when bitten by anything.

As much as you try to protect your children, the odd bug bite or sting may still happen. My daughter was recently stung by something and the After Bite gel gave her much needed relief.  No parent wants to see their child suffering. It was great having this on-hand for quick action!

To help keep your family enjoying what is left of the summer you will want to stock up on the following.

Ben’s 30 Tick & Insect Repellent

  • Ben’s® 30 Tick & Insect Repellent offers protection from ticks and insects that may carry West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, Zika, Malaria or other infectious diseases
  • Providing up to 8 hours of effective protection, Ben’s® 30’s unique formula is made to evaporate slowly – so repellent stays on longer with little absorption into the skin
  • 177ml continuous spray bottle provides effortless, even application

Natrapel Lemon Eucalyptus Spray

  • Natrapel® Lemon Eucalyptus DEET-free formula provides up to 6 hours of protection from biting insects and ticks
  • This great protection formula has an active ingredient derived from a natural plant base (Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus) which provides a cool refreshing scent
  • Perfect for any type of travel, Natrapel 75ml easy application spray comes in an airplane friendly travel size

After Bite

  • After Bite®Gel is a powerful treatment that provides instant relief from insect bites and stings
  • This gel contains baking soda and tea tree oil to soothe the skin and stop the itch and pain
  • Keep After Bite® at home, in your car, in your tackle box and camper. Don’t let insect bites and stings ruin your outdoor fun!

Having a first aid kit on-hand is very important all year long. 

Easy Care First Aid Kit

  • Priority EZ Care First Aid System®, has all your supplies organized and packed into injury-specific pouches. For fast and effective first aid.
  • Quick-reference instructions are included so that anyone can quickly and confidently provide first aid. The best first aid kit $90 value at a $29.99 cost –only at Costco.
    • After Bite: Instant Relief from mosquitoes, biting flies, Bees &Wasps and other insects. Pharmacist preferred and Canada’s #1 bite treatment product that provides better relief for the whole family. Professor Bugsbee will provide you helpful tips on how to instantly stop the itch or sting wherever you are .. a hike, the beach , or in your backyard. Don’t let insect bites ruin your family fun!
    • Easy Access Bandages: High Quality Easy Access bandages features patented easy open technology for fast application. Just Grip/Pull/Stick and is so easy to open you’ll say “WOW!” Available at Walmart, Rexall and other fine Canadian retailers.
    • BurnShield: hydrogel for emergency use on burns and scalds. Cools and soothes, minimizes trauma and skin damage with added pain relief.
    • C-Splint: a flexible large finger splint for improved injury comfort
    • EMT Sheers: Hospital quality EMT shears can cut through medical tape, trousers, or even boots.
    • Canadian Red Cross First Aid Guide: for fast reference during a first aid emergency.
    • Includes a bonus auto kit for those long road trips.

Preventing bug bites is best but when you cannot prevent them, arm yourself with the tools to provide relief from discomfort.

Have the bugs been bugging you this summer? How do you find relief? Fill out the form below to win a great prize pack containing the above mentioned products.

Disclosure-The above post has been brought to you by Tender Corporation. As always all opinions are my own.



  1. We area always taking the kids camping and hiking. This would be great to help them stay bitten free!

  2. Oh this would be so helpful around here, we have a swamp for our backyard, so the bugs are bad and they love my granddaughter and my blood, I would love this!!

  3. We go camping quite a bit and this would come in very handy!

  4. Gillian Morgan says

    I want to win because flies and nippers love everyone in my family and this would help relieve the itching and swelling.

  5. Rosanne Robinson says

    I would love to win this terrific prize pack because my grandson has sensitive skin and he gets a lot of mosquito bites, cuts, & scrapes, so it sounds perfect.

  6. edmontonjb says

    I want to win because there’s nothing I hate worse than bug bites! I do everything I can to prevent them and use tons of After-Bite to treat them.


  7. butterflyamyc says

    We could use some relief from bug bites. The mosquitoes just keep biting the kids.

  8. This would be great to have at home to soothe bug bites and to help prevent them in the first place. It would allow my family to enjoy the outdoors more.

  9. We have been trying to enjoy our backyard more but in the evening it seems all the bugs come out and bite. I would like to try these products and enjoy our yard again.

  10. We spend a lot of time in our backyard in the summer but this year the mosquitoes have made this challenging. These products would definitely come in handy.

  11. I wanna win because mosquitoes looooove me and I’d love to try the after bite too.

  12. Jennifer P. says

    I would like to win this because it is definitely needed in our camping / hiking preparedness kit!!

  13. Victoria Ess says

    I want to win this because I am a mosquito magnet!

  14. Carol Denny says

    I would like to win for when we go camping.

  15. Tara Betterley says

    We camp all summer.. We can never have enough of After Bite in the trailer.

  16. I’d like to win because we’re always outside doing something!

  17. This would be super useful as I hate feeling itchy after bug bites! This would help me so much.

  18. would love the chance at trying some great products!

  19. julielaura1 says

    I would love to win this as I have found the mozzies are really bad this year!

  20. We spend a great deal of time outdoors and we like good quality insect repellent and first aid products.

  21. ivy pluchinsky says

    I live in Manitoba, we are surrounded by lakes and bush, and sometimes the bugs can be awful! This sure would help with that problem.

  22. With the large backyard and a creek running at the back, we love to be outside. We really need these products.

  23. We love spending time outdoors year round, and avoiding bugs is a huge part of this.

  24. Stephen gordon says

    Super camping with my lovely wife of course.

  25. We live in the country. I get bitten by spiders way too much. They are extremely itchy and last for several months.

  26. Florence Cochrane says

    I love being outside.This would be perfect to keep those nasty bugs from biting me.

  27. I would like to win this because mosquitoes like me

  28. beewbedard says

    would love to win this to take camping

  29. I would love to win this because we are always outside and need protection from all the bugs!

  30. We live in a wooded area and we do have quite a bit of insects, and insect bites. This would be great

  31. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I would love to win this as I seem to really attract the bugs when I am outdoors and we also have a property up north which has a lot more bugs than in the city.

  32. We get eaten alive at the cottage so this would come in handy!

  33. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I’d love to win this because we have a small lake (not ours) at the bottom of our garden which of course is a breeding ground for mossies, for some devious reason they especially love my blood. It wouldn’t be so bad if the bites didn’t then swell up, the worst is when they get me on my ankles, then I can hardly walk!

  34. Patrick Siu says

    I’m a mosquitoes magnet, i get sting every time i go outside

  35. I want to win because I’m always the one that gets bitten!

  36. We spend lots of time outside and mosquitos loves me!

  37. I’d love to win this because we have lots of mosquitoes where I live. They like me, but I don’t really like them at all.

  38. We live in a wooded area and black flies and mosquitoes are real issues. My husband is like an insect magnetic – he gets the most bites, but our when our grandkids visit I want to protect them as well.

  39. We spend a lot of time outdoors as a family and go through these products like crazy! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  40. We could use some relief from bug bites as we have a forest behind our home.

  41. Juliee Fitze says

    My granddaughter attracts the bugs and gets bitten all the time.

  42. I would like to win this for my son and grandson as they go camping a lot and could use this protection.

  43. We do a lot of deep woods blueberry picking in summer, so we always need bug spray and more bug spray.

  44. Aarone Mawdsley says

    it looks great for the summer

  45. We spend the entire summer camping so deal with lots of bugs and bug bites so would love to win and add these products to our first aid cabinet. They would definitely come in handy.

  46. Treen Goodwin says

    I would love to win this for when we are camping and outdoors , those skeeters love me , it would be so helpful for the bug bites !

  47. I want to avoid getting bites (westnile virus).

  48. LILLIAN BROWN says

    I would like this, the grand children are here and I often need to soothe their bug bites

  49. I have 3 kids and they are always getting bitten by bugs

  50. We have a lot of bugs around us and we love camping.

  51. Both my daughter and I are severely allergic to mosquitos. This would help us out so much!

  52. Jennifer C. says

    This would come in handy for camping and being outdoors, in general. I have tried “AfterBite” before and I love it! Thanks for the chance to be bite-free! 🙂

  53. Nicole Jubleew says

    This would be perfect for our upcoming camping trips and for our weekend hikes.

  54. I would love to win this because I love outdoor activities.

  55. my hubby works in the woods and says the mosquito’s are so bad they could almost pick up a small child and carry them away. He would make great use of these products.

  56. I love spending time outdoors and walk and hike often. This kit would be great to keep in the car in case we need it.

  57. I’d love to win this so I could be prepared for when the mosquitoes and black flies bite.

  58. I would love to win this

  59. I live in a area where bugs are prevalent.

  60. I want to win because this would be perfect for camping!

  61. I would love to win because we camp a lot and this would be so handy!

  62. Brenda Penton says

    I’d love to win because I seem to be a magnet for flies and mosquitoes (which I am allergic to!) and I’d love to protect myself from bites and sooth myself when I get bit.

  63. I’m deathly allergic to bee stings. Absolutely I need to prevent stings,.

  64. janine alton says

    I would love to win this because bug LOVE me and my son and we are going camping for the long weekend coming up so we could really use it!

  65. Chris MacDonald says

    I want to win this because I get welts when bitten by mosquitos – so I need all the help I can get!

  66. I’d love to win because my daughter hates bug bites and this kit would help.

  67. Morgan Stewart says

    I want to win this because I have had so many bug bites this summer and this would be very helpful!

  68. Would like this because I have been bitten by some of the pesky mosquitoes here, they tend to like me.

  69. Linda Svarovsky says

    Would love to win to use at a cottage.

  70. Anne Derkat says

    This would be for my son and his family who live next to a large lake and have a lot of bugs to contend with.

  71. Dawn gordon says

    We hike so this would be useful !

  72. Edith Rennes says

    I’d like to win this for my daughter who lives in mosquito country.

  73. Heather Swanson says

    I need help when I sit out on my veranda

  74. Tammy Dalley says

    I would love to win we are always hiking and at the beach this would really come in handy!

  75. Phyllis Wilson says

    Because bugs love me!

  76. Julie bolduc says

    I would love to win because we like to sit outside in the summer but the bugs are so bad it keeps us inside

  77. Lots of great products here for those pesky bugs, summer is great but not loaded with bugs that bite. Need to also keep the grandchildren safe.

  78. I would like to win this so our family can go out to enjoy our backyard picnics under our screenless gazebo!

  79. I would love to win this as my grand daughter is allergic to mosquito bites.

  80. Would love to win because I need the help against bugs. Certain times of year the bugs are really bad in our backyard.

  81. It would be great to keep the biting bugs away on the walking trail.

  82. Mike Gismondi says

    I’d like to win this because I always get eaten alive!

  83. I would like to win as I am do the point I hate going out in the backyard

  84. Dana Miller says

    I want to win this because my daughter and I are magnets for mosquitoes. She actually has an allergic reaction to the bites was has led to infection and antibiotics in the past, so prevention is key! We would be grateful to have these products to effectively take on the bugs!

  85. still lots of outdoor times with light clothing left. thanks

  86. Deb Philippon says

    I like gardening, but bugs can make it a miserable time. I’d like to win to have a fighting chance.

  87. Rosa Cross says

    I hate bug bites. They are so itchy.

  88. krystyl olson says

    I would love to win this! we got SOOOOOOO many bites this year….the bugs were baaaad

  89. Chantelle Daigle says

    One of my daughters gets the WORST reactions to any sort of bug bite! This would be so helpful.

  90. I would love to win because this has been our worst year for mosquitos and it would really come in handy!

  91. We do a lot of camping in the summer, plus play a lot of baseball games in the evening so this would be super helpful for us! I’m sick of being eaten alive!

  92. We spend a lot of time outside during the warm months si this basket would be a great way to protect my family. Thanks!

  93. I’d love to win this because we get a ton of mosquitoes in our area and we always seem to be scratching bites.

  94. i want to win because we spend a lot of time outdoors

  95. My daughters spends time outdoors and and this prize pack would be perfect.

  96. I need this kind of stuff when we go camping!

  97. Thid is a awesome contest. The bugs this summer where we are camping would carry you away they are so bad.

  98. Brenda Smith says

    I unfortunately attract bugs..they love my blood. I am constantly looking for different things to treat my bug bites.

  99. michelle matta says

    Ive never been more outdoors in my life than i was this summer and i didnt prepare even with sunscreen but also bugspray and the like. be nice to be ready for next year.

  100. I’d love to win because a lot of those items are things I should have on hand in our first aid kit but don’t always remember to replace!

  101. I would like to win because you can never have too much after bite on hand and we’re getting low.

  102. Emily Carter says

    My boyfriend is a bug magnet, this is much needed!

  103. Barbara Hall says

    Bugs have taken the fun out of camping this year. This prize would certainly help.

  104. Because It would be perfect for us that spend a lot of time outside

  105. Judy Hunting says

    As a fair skin Redhed bug she love me. I am always eaten alive, after bite is my best friend

  106. I am a huge fan of camping and fishing, but do not love the bugs!

  107. I would love to win this, my boyfriend is a mosquito magnet and I would do anything not to hear him cry.

  108. Darci Paice says

    My sons and I camp and we do not like the bugs 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  109. Charity Banman says

    I want to win this prize because the we love spending time outdoors and by the fire but the bugs have been really bad this year.

  110. Due to a cool and dry spring Mosquitos in the city are rare, however at the lake they are pesky along with the bull flies and wasps!

  111. I would love to keep the bugs away!

  112. jane kramer says

    i would like to win because i live in the middle of no where and its a very wooded area , so there are tons of mosquitos , horse flies and other annoying bugs that bite

  113. I’d love to win because out backyard is a mosquito haven, and it would be great to get some relief!

  114. I would love this since mosquitoes are so horrible this year!

  115. Caryn Coates says

    I would love to win because I hate hate hate bugs and the mosquitoes are horrible this year

  116. I’d like to win so the kids can enjoy camping and hiking more fully as the deal with less bugs!

  117. The bugs were super bad at the beginning of this summer and still are up in the mountains! We get by with some OFF! and a lot of AfterBite.

  118. I would love to win this for my hubby, the bugs just seem to love him. We would take it to the cottage and fend off those pests

  119. binabugged says

    BOY would this ever have been helpful on our camping trip!!! next yr I’ll slap one together

  120. I find that I am reacting more and more to bug bites this year, and with all the new diseases out there, I want to protect my family.

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