Style & Function for Back-to-School #BackToBackpacks

There are certain things my kids get new at the beginning of every school year. A new backpack is one of these things. They seem to be really rough on them throughout the year and often need replacing. But they also grow and their needs grow. What they carry around, their style and their wants all factor into getting their new backpacks. We look at it as a fresh start to a new year.

Whether you are headed back-to-school, back-to-work or on an action-packed adventure around the world, WillLand Outdoors has got your back! Designed for those on the go, with unique features like built-in laptop sleeves, padded back support and magnetic closures, WillLand Outdoors is the perfect staple to ensure you are always equipped for wherever life takes you.

With a large variety of fashion forward styles, fabrics and colours, there is a WillLand Outdoors backpack to suit any fashion personality. Whether you’re sporty, chic, simple or bohemian –WillLand Outdoors has a backpack to accompany you on your next adventure, wherever that may take you!

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My youngest loves school and can not wait for it to start-up again. Her brother on the other hand, not so much. But they are eight years apart and he gets way more homework than her. She has been super excited about back-to-school shopping and has been requesting a backpack with the straps for quite some time. So when we had the opportunity to check out these ones, she could not wait.

With lots of room and many choices in colours and styles, WillLand Outdoors has something for everyone.

The larger grey back pack is the Deliziosa. It has padding on the back and is great for teens who may carry more books for longer spurts.

Both have a padded lining to separate a laptop or whatever you may need in its own area.

The red is the Romantica. It looks similar to the grey but is smaller without the padding on the back. Better for younger, smaller kids.

A good backpack should be no larger than your child’s back. Take 2 measurements of your child’s back and use those for the maximum height and width of the backpack. It is important that the backpack is not too heavy as well.

Find the #BackToBackpacks look that’s right for you:

  • Romantica

Looking for something fashion-forward? The Romantica’s sleek size, trendy colour spectrum and relaxed shape is ideal for those who want to make a statement without compromising comfort.  $98.00

  • Victoria

For the modern traditionalist, the Victoria combines a classic look with contemporary design, including a wider body, perfect for stowing laptops and textbooks. $98.00

  • Deliziosa

The perfect travel companion for the occasions when a standard sized backpack just isn’t enough. The Deliziosa is designed for the true adventurer, who is always on the go. $148.00

  • Luminosa

Timeless design, compact storage solutions and lightweight fabric, the Luminosa is the ideal commuterbackpack, perfect for everyday use!  $88.00

  • Luminosa Forte Freedom

Navigate with ease – this versatile, convertible backpack is designed to carry just about anything! Built-in-wheels and large compartments make it ideal for travel and commuting.  $168.00

Since 2012, WillLand has brought high-fashion street-style to ready-to-wear backpacks, bags and accessories. Created with a firm belief in providing Canadians with easy-to-wear and high-quality bags, WillLand’s unique product portfolio includes two distinct lines – WillLand Outdoors and WillLand Selection. The WillLand Outdoors line features outdoor gear, bags and backpacks built for the Canadian adventurer. The premium WillLand Selection line puts a modern luxury spin on classic bag, tote andbackpack designs.

WillLand believes that modern luxury should be made ethically. Since its inception, WillLand has risen to be at the forefront of ethical manufacturing practices and received certification from the Fair Labor Association and Live Green Toronto.

The great thing about a good backpack is you can use it for multiple uses. Camping, traveling , sleepovers and of course, school. Find the perfect backpacks for your family here

Have you picked up a backpack for back-to-school yet? Which one of these would your kids love most?


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  1. I have the red one for my grandson,a great quality bag !

  2. I love the look of the Deliziosa, it looks like a great bag not only for kids but also professionals looking for a good commuter bag.

  3. OH. Those are really nice quality and timeless. My kids backpacks are pure garbage this year.

  4. Heather Lynne says

    I love the padding!! If you’re wearing your backpack a lot with a fair bit of weight in it, padding can make a big difference!

  5. My daughters are in middle school and these stylish backpacks are perfect. Their school does not have lockers, so that extra padding would certainly come in handy.

  6. mapleleafmommy says

    A decent backpack is such an important part of heading to school. Love the back padding on these bags. I’m eyeing the Victoria style. Thanks for the intro to this brand.

  7. the padding on these is very nice. So many books to carry around, at least when they are younger, now its all on their computers…

  8. I think the Delizosa would be a great option for my kiddos. I love backpacks and agree the kids go thru them too quickly, so I plan to invest better this year in one. This looks like a great brand to test out!

  9. What great backpacks! We are lucky that last year the backpacks I bought are still good for another year. I only had to buy one out of 4, so that’s always a great thing! These backpacks have great padding as well!

  10. Yes we have two of these this year. The best thing about these backpacks for me is that they last. The two we got last year are still in great shape actually. My older daughter this year needed a larger one though for her high school books. And we got the Forte Freedom for travel carryon luggage. LOVE these great backpacks.

  11. It’s good to have a great good quality backpack, one that is going to be sturdy and hold all the books and the right size for the body as well!!

  12. These are great backpack! I love the colours, the styles and are objectionable they are.

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