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Back to school is just around the corner! It is a bitter-sweet time here for us as I love the routine and feeling of normal, but miss the kids being around 24/7. Like most families, we buy new items for the kids to have for back to school. Clothes for school and clothes for Fall. My kids sprout up every summer and seem to outgrow their clothing so fast. Along with the start of a new school year comes basketball and cross-country as well as some other activities that guarantee the kids will get dirty. My children spend a lot of time playing sports and hanging out outside all year-long. As you can imagine, this really does a number on their clothes.

Sometimes grass, dirt and even blood stains have ruined my kid’s clothes. It is not an affordable option to toss them out and buy again, especially uniforms since they need to be returned end of season. I do what I can to keep their clothes looking good for as long as possible.  I have learned over the years to pre-treat clothes, soak when possible and use products I trust to get the job done right, the first time. OxiClean is a brand I have trusted with my family’s clothes for many years. They help keep my whites bright and my colours looking good.

After all I want to keep my children active in sports and when they come home dirty, I know they had fun! You may think little kids are messy, but that is nothing compared to teens. Bigger kids just mean bigger messes! My boys are working and playing hard outdoors and I need to do what I can to keep their clothes looking good!

When I was recently presented with the OxiClean Challenge, I put my children’s clothes and my own to the test. I was sent a kit to test out and share my results. I used the stain fighting power of OxiClean exclusively for one month on our toughest stains to keep my kid’s clothing stain-free, and looking like new longer.

The kit included everything I needed to fight stains in my laundry;

  • OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Foam Pre-Treater blasts away even the greasiest of stains the first time with its foaming action. Spray and treat for up to 7 days for those tough, stuck-on stains.
  • OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Spray – combines 5 types of stain fighters to help you get out more of your toughest dried-in stains the 1st time!
  • OxiClean™ White Revive™ Laundry Stain Remover gets the toughest stains out the 1st time and whitens 40% better than bleach with powerful whitening and brightening agents that won’t damage clothing.
  • OxiClean™ Colour Shield Laundry Stain Remover has tough stain fighters paired with colour-safe brighteners to guarantee your colours look new and radiant longer

In very little time I was seeing amazing results. Below you can see the before and after of a few items I washed. Each one was treated with OxiClean before washing.

Now when it comes to white socks, I have no idea how to keep my kids from getting them dirty. My youngest is always running around without shoes, climbing in dirt and playing on grass. As you can imagine her socks pay the price. Sometimes the inside of her shoes are dirtier than the ground she is walking on.

I added OxiClean White Revive to this load of socks. I let them soak a bit before washing. As you can see the socks were extremely dirty and normally a lost cause. Below is the after, from just one washing.

I was seriously impressed with OxiClean and the ability to get the toughest set in stains clean. OxiClean works on a wide variety of stains and gets the tough stains out the first time. Moving forward I will remember to always use it from the start. All month-long I added OxiClean products to my laundry and I was so happy with the results.

Since I was seeing such great results with my children’s clothes, I wanted to try to revive a shirt I loved but thought I ruined. One of my fave shirts I almost threw out is below. It is a mix of colour with white and is a silky material.

This one had gravy spilled on it. The splash pattern made it a bit tricky to see but I knew it was there. I used OxiClean MaxForce Spray to pre-treat.

I was so happy that the colour was not faded and my white part was clean and bright. The gravy was all gone. I had previously washed this shirt 3x with no success.

I can see why OxiClean is the #1 Stain fighter Brand in Canada. With powerful pre-treaters to powerful in-wash stain fighting products OxiClean is designed to be colour safe for all your needs. Make sure to follow label instructions for best results when doing laundry.

What is your toughest laundry issue? Have you tried OxiClean yet? Be sure to check them out on Facebook for tips and promotions.


Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by OxiClean Challenge



  1. I’m always spilling coffee on my shirts!

  2. Food stains are m biggest challenge.

  3. My biggest stain problems are grease stains from cooking, ugh!

  4. We can’t live without OxiClean.

  5. I hate grass stains on kiddo’s pants!

  6. edmontonjb says

    One of my sons loves to ride his BMX and greases the chain to keep it working well but the grease gets all over his pants when he’s doing tricks. To make it even worse he insists on wearing khaki pants when he rides so the stains really show up.


  7. Jennifer L. says

    My biggest problem is stains to my clothing from cooking, especially oil and tomato sauce.

  8. Tara Betterley says

    My biggest problem with stains is grease from cooking. I have such a hard time getting that out of my clothing.

  9. It is not a stain problem but keeping hubby’s white works shirt looking white and bright is a big challenge in this house.

  10. These are the products I use too. My husband loves the new pods too. They are excellent and work to treat stains while whitening and cleaning too. The stains we have here are similar to yours and we use resolve often but that white revive is great for whites. You described my daughter’s socks too which makes me laugh. People sometimes don’t think girls can be hard on clothing well mine are really tough on socks and jeans too.

  11. Treen Goodwin says

    My biggest stain is grease splatter on my shirt from frying food , ughhhh its impossible to get off !

  12. Both my kids play soccer so mud and grass stains are my nightmare!

  13. cgrandy823 says

    My biggest stain problem is yellow underarm stains.

  14. One of my biggest stain problems is underarm perspiration stains

  15. My stain problem is my 7 year old and 13 year old’s refusal to use napkins and instead they wipe their hands on their clothes! Makes me cuckoo and it’s often spaghetti sauce and fry grease.

  16. My stain problem is grass & mud!

  17. Grease stains and grass stains

  18. June Murphy says

    My toughest laundry problem is mustard stains

  19. julielaura1 says

    Grease stains are the worst!

  20. I get grass stain from playing with my grandson at the park.

  21. Rosanne Robinson says

    My biggest laundry stain problems are from grease, red wine, grass, chocolate & tomato sauce.

  22. LILLIAN BROWN says

    My husband is an avid gardener and his pants have grass and mud stains on them.

  23. Deanna Barkley says

    Like others have noted, one of my biggest problems is grease stains from cooking. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  24. Black grease stains are always a problem at my house.

  25. Mishelle Greening says

    Oil is a problem here – cooling oil. Never fails – I need to get a larger apron (I’m larger chested and the aprons never fit across all of my chest) and get cooking oil or butter on everything except the bowl or I lean into the bowl and the dough gets on it. *sigh*


  26. Food stains are always a problem at my house.

  27. Grease stains on work clothes are the worst!

  28. I always have trouble getting mud stains out of clothes.

  29. I have difficulty getting out grease stains. For example, bacon grease that splatters out of the pan and onto my shirt.

  30. Grease stains on my husbands work clothes is always a challenge.

  31. I just bought a new couch with blue woven material. I’m in love!, but how do I keep it clean? Im lost how to clean and remove stains from this material!

  32. Garnet Leib says

    Food grease on synthetic fabrics

  33. My husband has a lot of grease on his clothes when he comes home.

  34. I am always splashing cooking oil on my shirts when I cook

  35. Everything my sons touch have stains. Paint, grass, dirt, you name it.

  36. Food stains are my problem

  37. Our stain problems are always grease related. My kids don’t like to use napkins and always wiping their hand and mouth on their shirts.

  38. My biggest stain issue is my hubby’s grease-, dirt- and mud-covered jeans from working in the garden.

  39. Dirty Socks!!

  40. My biggest stain problems are grease stains from cooking, you think I will wear my apron but I never do!

  41. Nicole Jubleew says

    Dingy whites are my biggest issue, even after they are washed they still look dirty.

  42. Robyn Bellefleur says

    My biggest problem is coffee stains on my shirts.

  43. With kids in sports it’s pit stains,for sure!

  44. Casey Miller says

    Salad dressings!

  45. Jennifer P. says

    Stain problems I have are deodorant stains on my shirts; and dirt, fruit, grass and sunscreen stains on my kids’ clothes. Oh, and all of our sports socks look a bit dirty all the time, especially my husband’s since he runs on a dirt trail, and rides his bike in cyclocross competitions – so much mud!!

  46. Cooking oil stains on my clothes.

  47. Ink stains are terrible to get out 🙁

  48. Victoria Ess says

    My biggest challenge is oil stains!

  49. Elva Roberts says

    My biggest problem is food stains. I have used almost every product made but still have not found one that works on most stains. Oxi clean stain spray is good but I haven’t used the detergent yet.

  50. Hubby always seem to have something on his shirt, grease, spag sauce, pop, red wine…

  51. Mary Boudreau says

    Grass stains on socks is my biggest problem right now

  52. cooking oil splatters and spaghetti sauce always ends up on my clothes and are difficult to treat.

  53. Any kind of stain. My youngest is super messy. lol

  54. Any type of curry stain is just nasty!

  55. I find grease stains hard to remove as well as perspiration stains.

  56. Juliee Fitze says

    Mustard on my white shirt is the stain I’m fighting.

  57. Anu Chopra says

    My husband plays softball so always have dirt/mud/grass stains to deal with!

  58. Caryn Coates says

    In our house it is usually grass, food and grease stains

  59. krisha4444 says

    I would definitely have to say grass and spaghetti stains! my girls are obsessed with spaghetti and it ends up all over there clothes even with a bib lol

  60. Our biggest challenge is the dried-on mustard stains that seem to make their way on to my son’s shirts every week. Mustard is my enemy!

  61. Vivian Dionne says

    My biggest stain problems are from grease; I find these hardest to get out.

  62. Sunshine G says

    I have small children. The number and variety of stains knows no bounds.

  63. grease and oil stains are the worst stains i have!!

  64. Food stains are my biggest challenge. Strawberries, blueberries, beets, gravy, and ketchup are some of the worst I encounter.

  65. For me it’s generally stains from cooking…pasta sauce or olive oil.

  66. grass stains are always a problem!

  67. Florence Cochrane says

    I have a blueberry stains on my white capris that I would love to get rid off.

  68. I find grass stains difficult to get off clothes.

  69. Mustard stains are a huge problem for me. I can get out everything else, but mustard is a hazard.

  70. I have difficulty getting grass stains out of my clothes.

  71. The biggest stain problem is oil stains for me! They’re really tough !

  72. I’d have to say those grease stains are the hardest.

  73. The worse stains are from hubby–grease, oil, sap, tar. You name it, he’s probably got a shirt that has it!

  74. Erin McSweeney says

    well i always seem to drop what i’m eating onto my tshirts…so food stains are the worst for me

  75. Food and grease stains are my biggest problem

  76. Maritess S says

    I have a toddler that loves to eat and wipes her hand on her clothes.

  77. nicolthepickle says

    I have a little one that gets food all over her shirts.

  78. I have a six-year-old – it’s all about the dirt and grass stains here.

  79. deodorant and grass stains

  80. Grease stain at the moment on my new shirt.

  81. Wendy Jensen says

    My stain problem is always red wine. It is so hard to get out.

  82. Biggest problem stain is coffee

  83. I always have trouble getting cherry stains out of my son’s clothes.

  84. Dana Miller says

    It’s summer and that means berry season. One stain problem I have is from blueberries getting sat on and ground into the clothing. Help!

  85. tea stains. thanks

  86. The latest ones were getting ground in mud out of a 5 year olds overalls!

  87. biggest stain is food stain, any dark colour foods like cherries, tomato sauce, juice

  88. Oil and grease is a stain problem I would like to fix.

  89. My kids are forever getting grass stains….at least they are having fun!

  90. Tammy Dalley says

    Grass stains always!

  91. Travelbuds says

    My daughter came back from school camp with her clothes so stained with grass stains and ground in dirt.

  92. I always get a greasy tomato stain from my delicious pasta sauce

  93. grass stains from soccer lessons are the toughest!

  94. We’re berry pickers (wild blueberries) in summer, so at the moment it’s dirt and ground-in blueberry juice on the knees of picking pants.

  95. Brenda Smith says

    I have coffee stains on my coffee stains. Help!

  96. Grass stains are the worst

  97. Josie Tusa says

    Food oil stains are the worst!

  98. My stain problem is food stains

  99. My hubbys greasy work jeans!

  100. Coffee stains for me and various food stains and mixes of blood/mud for the boys

  101. Garnet Leib says

    Definitly Greasy Food stains on synthetic fabrics

  102. grass stains from sports

  103. Patrick Siu says

    I always have oil stains on my clothes

  104. Stains like mustard and grease stains are always a challenge to get out.

  105. Garnet Leib says

    Grease stains from food on synthetic fabric

  106. I have chocolate milk stain on my son’s white karate uniform. I just can’t take it out

  107. sarah alexis says

    I have two kids so… stains galore!

  108. Garnet Leib says

    Greasy food stains on synthetic fabrics

  109. A mixture of grass stain or mold on tulle fabric

  110. Grease and oil stains from cooking!

  111. Kim Barrett says

    Just today, I’m covered in coffee, grease, grass, blood, and ice cream stains! (Busy day. 😉 )

  112. My daughter is all over so she has a lot of grass stains on her clothing.

  113. caroline m. says

    my kids spend their time rolling around in the dirt and having fun on their bikes all day. I’ve got lots of dirt coloured clothing

  114. Darci Paice says

    my son works in construction and gets grease on his work clothing.

  115. Grease stains. My husband insists on wiping his hands on his pants instead of a rag.

  116. tea on a white couch or anywhere.

  117. Garnet Leib says

    Grease stain on Synthetic fabric shirts

  118. My husband is a tradesman so I struggle with grease, oil and dirt all day!

  119. my son its always grass and mud stains and juice

  120. Saw the pictures of the socks and I have to say I’m impressed – I’ll have to try this on my boys socks!!! Cuz I’m pretty sure at one point they were white lol

  121. Julie bolduc says

    It is always spaghetti sauce

  122. it’s canning and preserving season – fresh fruits and veggies challenge my clothes daily.

  123. Carol Denny says

    Grease stains on my shirts from cooking.

  124. Food stains, grass stains and grease are my biggest problems when doing laundry

  125. Catherine Brown says

    Grass stains is a problem.

  126. Erica Seaman says

    My Son’s white baseball pants….HELP!!

  127. Ink stains are a pain!!

  128. Garnet Leib says

    grease stains on synthetic fabrics

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