5 Destinations for a Girls Getaway

Every girl needs a break from the rat race of life. What better break than to have a girls getaway.  No one knows you better than your girlfriends. Spending time with your BFF’s can be exactly what you need to reboot. Yet, the question is, where should you and for girls go? Here are five different places that are sure to perk your interest.

  1. Washington State.  Nothing is more beautiful than the Evergreen State. Where wildlife is all around you, green lush forests, and coffee shops on every corner. If you and your friends love the outdoors and the city life then Washington is the place to visit.  Between locations such as Hoh Rain Forest with it’s giant conifer trees dripping with green moss or sleeping volcanic mountains of Mt, Rainier and Mt. St. Helens you are sure to have picturesque hike. After a day of adventure enjoy dinner in the famous Space Needle, it is the best view of the city. Washington, has many great places to see and experience. Visiting here only once will just touch the tip of what this State has to offer.
  2.  New York.  What group of girls wouldn’t want to live it up in New York City.  Four girls in a never sleeping city, hmmm sounds a lot like a hit TV show.  Nothing says New York then being in the Big Apple, or taking a Double Decker bus through the City. Let’s not forget about the food carts! How can you not go to the City of all cities and not eat at least once a food cart.  Grab your girls and live it up Sex in the City style, with Cosmos all around. If the hustle and bustle of the the City isn’t for you then head off to a location called Kingston located on the Hudson River. Kingston is home to the Hudson River Maritime Museum that leads tours about the area and you must take a trip to the Rondout Lighthouse. This town offers shops and restaurants and don’t forget to stop at the wine bar before heading back to the City.
  3. Wyoming. Getaways are supposed to be easy and fun, so why not the great State of Wyoming. If you and your friends are looking to kick back and relax then spend some time at hot springs in Thermopolis or maybe take a trip over to see Devil’s Tower, it is one of America’s most iconic landmarks, while there explore the quaint towns nearby. Wyoming may not be first on your list of a girls outing but if your group is ready for an unique adventure then grab your boots and cowboy hats and book your next trip in the land with slogan Forever West.
  4. Sand, Sun, and Surf. California of Course. If you and the girls are looking for more of a beach vacation, California is your destination. San Diego, alone has 17 miles of coastline with 11 beaches. You are sure to find the beach that is perfect to relax and unwind. Maybe you want to try your hand at some surf lessons, El Porto Beach in Los Angeles is a popular choice for all skill levels. As the sun sets on the beach the nightlife begins. With cool ocean breezes finding a good restaurant with outdoor seating is a great way to end the night as you and your girlfriends toast to a great getaway.
  5. Las Vegas, baby!  Probably the number destination of a girls weekend is none other than Las Vegas, the city that is always hopping. No matter where you end up when visiting the strip you will find something that will interest everyone in your group. From concerts, clubs, pool parties, acts of all kinds, Vegas is not short of entertainment. Of course, the gambling is always a hit and not to mention the variety of different hotels. Whether you and your friends are looking to stay in a suit such as the The Venetian or maybe your looking to stay in classic hotel such as Excalibur you have no shortage of options in lodging. Treat yourselves at spa during the day and take up dinner and a show in evening. Vegas has it all and remember “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

So whether you are wanting to be in the Pacific Northwest to hike, play in the City that never sleeps, explore the open range, grab a surfboard and catch a wave, or live it up in Sin City. One of these destinations is sure to give you the reboot needed while creating fun and lasting memories with your gal pals.


  1. These places all sound like fun places to be with friends. I think I’d want to go to Vegas. I’ve never been yet.

  2. I am from Washington State and there is so much beauty to find there! White water rafting on the Yakima river is so much fun! I’ve also visited the Devil’s Tower and it was really neat to see. New York is next on my list of places to go!

  3. Any of thesenplaces would be great. The right group of friends would make it better. Of course I would need to pay attention to which season I want to visit where. Because my girls trip may not want to play in 6 foot of snow in NY or Wyoming.

  4. Stephanie LaPlante says

    I had a girl’s night in New York once. We had a blast. I would love to go to Vegas someday.

  5. These are some awesome ideas for a getaway – I would love to have a girls weekend in New York myself, that would be the dream.

  6. I would love to visit New York again and these other US states seem lovely especially Vegas

  7. I would LOVE a girls getaway sometime soon. These sound like great destinations too.

  8. I love VEGAS! Have been there 4 times and my wife has been there 7 times! We are from Singapore 🙂

  9. It’s a shame all your suggestions are so far away from the UK, as me and my girlfriends love a girls break away! We go to Bournemouth occasionally, as it’s not far from where we live x

  10. I haven’t had a girls weekend in FOREVER. I wish I lived closer to these places! One day I will make it to Las Vegas, it’s a destination I’ve got on my bucket list for sure!

  11. Las Vegas is a perfect destination for girls getaway. Great list as I am planning a girl getaway with my cousins. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I reckon that New York would be perfect for a girls getaway. From the street art and the parks to all the shopping you can do it sounds like a great idea to me x

  13. thetennisfoodie says

    I haven’t been in any of the states in US. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely look on those places especially New York.

  14. Those are all interesting get aways. I wouldn’t have thought about Wyoming but for the more adventurous and outdoorsy woman I can see it. The one place I can’t particularly see is Washington and having it come in at number one seems interesting to me. I do think it’s beautiful but I am not sure how I see the adventurous part of it there.

  15. I would love to go on a girls destination to California and New York. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we’d have a blast. I haven’t considered the others on your list but now I will.

  16. Beach and will always be beach for me. Okay if there’s none, at least a pool!

  17. Going with friends on a trip is so awesome. These are some great destinations!

  18. I have never been to a few of these. I am going to have to make a trip with my gals!

  19. Every girl needs a break from the rat race of life.It is same for moms too 🙂 I love to have a break in any place that is calm and relaxing.Sun and beach can be the best idea for me..

  20. This post came at the perfect time. I’ve been looking to book a girls’ trip and your suggestions are perfect.

  21. Steve Walters says

    My wife needs a girls getaway with some of her friends. I’m going to share this with her to try to encourage her to go out there and have a blast. I just got done telling her about how much I love Seattle and Washington.

  22. Would love to travel to New York see all the sights and the Bronx Zoo

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