Bring Back the Excitement of Summer with NEW Kid-tech from VTech! Giveaway

Summer always goes by way too fast! My kids are doing everything possible to hold onto the last little bit of decent weather we may have. So after school and weekends are fun time and playtime as much as they can squeeze in. Weather across Canada was so strange this summer. If you were not experiencing drought and wildfires, you may have been getting the flooding and cold temps. It seemed to be one extreme or the other for most of the summer. Hopefully we have some play-friendly weather around the corner and the kids can continue their outdoor fun.

I know not everyone is as happy for back-to-school as my eight year old. She loves school and seeing her friends all day long. VTech has some great tech to help kids stay excited about playtime and is helping them get the most out of the little bit of summer we may still have left.

Kidizoom™ Action Cam 180

Capture your adventures wherever you are with the Kidizoom® Action Cam 180 by VTech®. The 180 degree rotatable camera lets you take photos and selfies, plus shoot videos with fun features like slow and fast-motion. Use the included accessories to mount the camera to your bike, skateboard and more while taking great action shots anytime, anywhere. Add the all-weather, water-resistant case for use up to six feet underwater. For even more fun, play one of the three included games. Get in on the action with the Kidizoom® Action Cam 180!
Age recommendation: 4 – 12 years
MSRP: $59.99 Canadian
Available at Toys “R” Us, Amazon, HBC, Indigo, Mastermind Toys, Walmart

Kidizoom® Smartwatch DX2

The perfect tech for kids, Kidizoom® Smartwatch DX2 by VTech® lets them take pictures, videos, play games, tell time and more! Featuring a new sleek and stylish design, this durable smartwatch includes 55 digital and analog customizable watch faces to help kids learn to tell time. This smartwatch features two cameras that allow your child to capture everything from action video to selfies that can be customized in the Silly Me app and made into new watch faces. Includes an assortment of new games including Monster Detector, which uses the camera and augmented reality to help kids find and capture monsters in the real world. Kids can also use the watch’s motion sensor for active play challenges or to track steps. Using the included Micro-USB cable, upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery. The Kidizoom® Smartwatch DX2 is a great multifunction watch like Mom & Dad’s, designed just for kids!
Age recommendation: 4 – 12 years
MSRP: $69.99 Canadian
Available at Toys “R” Us, Amazon, HBC, Indigo, Mastermind Toys, Best Buy, London Drugs

Kids love their tech and VTech makes it easy for younger children to have fun tech that is age appropriate. Easy for parents to figure out as well!

With the new additions to VTech’s Kidizoom line, kids can record and endlessly re-play their summertime fun.
Play games, take pictures, and get active with the new Kidizoom Action Cam 180 and the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2. The new rotating 180 degree viewfinder on the Action Cam allows you to take pictures from any angle, and throw on the waterproof case to capture even more fun. Does your kid
love putting fun filters on their pictures? With the Silly Me app on the Smartwatch DX2, they can do just that and customize their watch’s background!

The above mentioned product was received free of charge. All opinions are my own.


  1. http://Laurie%20P says

    The DigiArt easel is pretty impresive!!

  2. http://Kate%20Hearn says

    The kidibuzz smart phone looking thing is neat. Then maybe he’d leave our phones alone lol

  3. The Baby Beats Monkey Drum looks great.

  4. http://Allie%20f says

    The DigiArt easel looks wonderful!

  5. http://Treen%20Goodwin says

    Pop-a-Balls Twirl & Pop Turtle for my Grandson 🙂 so cute he would love it !

  6. http://Nicole%20Jubleew says

    I also love the Inno Tab 3 Plus.

  7. http://Tiffany%20Rotulo says

    GoGo SmartWheels are a big hit in our house.

  8. http://Cheryl%20H says

    My son would love the go go smart wheels adventure park

  9. http://Juliee%20Fitze says

    Would lbe me to get Baby Amaze for my granddaughter.

  10. http://krisha4444 says

    My daughter would freak right out for the KidiBuzz in pink <3

  11. http://409cope says

    My little grandson would love Sliver the T-Rex.

  12. http://laura says

    i would love to get the DigiArt Creative Easel™ Pink for my daughter

  13. Something from V-Tech my grandchild would love is the Crazy Legs Learning Bugs

  14. http://nicky says

    I also love the Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Save the Day Fire Station!

  15. Something else I would like is the Giggle & Grow Jungle Playmat

  16. http://Janet%20M says

    I know my granddaughter would like Silver the T Rex as she loves dinosaurs.

  17. Storytime Rhymes Sheep™ for my little niece,would be perfect for her.

  18. http://Jenness%20M says

    I would love the Touch & Learn Activity Desk Deluxe for my daughter.

  19. The InnoTab Max Pink looks pretty cool for the kids to play around on and to have their own tablet!!

  20. http://Gemma says

    The InnoTab Max.

  21. http://julielaura1 says

    I would love the KidiBuzz™ Blue for my grandson

  22. http://Linda says

    I think my son would also really like the Race & Trace Lightning McQueen.

  23. http://loriag says

    I am sure my niece would love the DigiArt easel.

  24. http://Joan%20G. says

    My granddaughter would like the KidiBuzz in pink.

  25. I would also love to have the The DigiArt easel. Thank you!

  26. http://jessica%20s says

    The Go Go Smart Wheels Airport looks really fun!

  27. http://edmontonjb says

    The DigiArt Creative Easel looks really cool and innovative as well.


  28. I would love the race and trace lightning machine

  29. http://tammy%20ta says

    I also would like the Inno Tab 3 Plus

  30. http://Sherry%20K says

    I would like the DigiArt Creative Easel. Looks like lots of fun.

  31. http://Dianne%20G says

    I think my youngest grandson would like the Inno Tab Max. He is very interested in technology so this would be a good introduction for him.

  32. http://israel%20y says

    i like the Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Save the Day Fire Station

  33. http://Jennifer%20P. says

    I would really love both of those items, as well as the DigiArt Creative Easel – looks like an amazing product that I know my kids would love!

  34. http://Elizabeth%20Matthiesen says

    I love V Tech products so it’s hard to pick just one but I will, it’s the InnoTab MAX + Storage Tote.

  35. http://Debbie%20White%20Beattie says

    I think my nephews would love the Go! Go! Smart Wheels – Ultimate RC Speedway

  36. http://Marlene%20J says

    Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser & InnoTab Max

  37. http://SHIRLEY says

    The race and learn tablet

  38. http://ivy%20pluchinsky says

    I love the DigiArt Creative Easel

  39. http://Viv%20Sluys says

    I’d like to get the Touch & Learn Activity Desk™ Deluxe for my youngest daughter!

  40. http://caroline%20m. says

    the race & trace lightning McQueen looks really cool.

  41. The Go Go Smart Wheels are always a lot of fun in our home.The grandchildren like them.

  42. http://Robyn%20Bellefleur says

    I think my daughter would like Silver the T Rex.

  43. http://SueSueper says

    Another item that would be fantastic is the DigiArt Creative Easel™

  44. http://Elva%20Roberts says

    I like the ActionCam and the Smart Wheels. My great grands would love them as well.

  45. The Go! Go! Smart Friends® Shimmering Seashell Castle looks pretty awesome, my daughter would love it!

  46. http://binabugged says Sliver the T-Rex and its a reasonable price of $20

  47. http://Lucy says

    The DigiArt Creative Easel looks great!

  48. http://Holly%20O'Gorman says

    My daughter would love a pink KidiBuzz

  49. http://DebP says

    Wow, there’s lots to choose from! The Race and Trace Lightning McQueen would be a favorite.

  50. I think my nieces would love the Go Go Smart Friends Shimmering Seashell Castle.

  51. http://Victoria%20Ess says

    The InnoTab MAX + Storage Tote would also be entertaining!

  52. http://Maryanne says

    My son would love the Race and Trace Lightning McQueen!

  53. http://Lisa%20bolduc says

    my son has a dozen of the go go smart wheels and loves them

  54. http://Florence%20Cochrane says

    I like the Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train.

  55. http://LisaM says

    The DigiArt easel looks amazing!

  56. http://lori%20b says

    the shimmering seashell castle is something that is cute

  57. http://Rosanne%20Robinson says

    My grandson would love the Go! Go! Smart Wheels – Ultimate RC Speedway.

  58. http://Miranda%20Wood says

    I would love to get a couple of the InnoTab Max for my granddaughters.

  59. I like the Flipsies – Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser

  60. http://Andrea says

    The Digi Easel looks amazing!! My daughter would love it.

  61. http://Melinda says

    My nephew would have fun playing with the Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Save the Day Fire Station.

  62. An InnoTab would be great to have!

  63. http://Kim%20K says

    The DigiArt Creative Easel looks really cool!

  64. http://Barb%20W says

    My son loves his VTech watch!

  65. http://Erica%20Seaman says

    The Light-Up Dry-Erase Board would be a huge hit at our house.

  66. http://Brandy%20Champion says

    I visited the website and the flipsies look so cute!

  67. http://Mandy says

    I also like the Touch & Learn Activity Desk™ Deluxe.

  68. http://Maritess%20S says

    I would love my kiddo to get the Touch & Learn Activity Desk™ Deluxe.

  69. My kids would probably have fun with the DigiArt Creative Easel™.

  70. I think my son would love the DigiArt Creative Easel!

  71. http://Sandra%20McG says

    I think my granddaughter would love the kidibuzz in the colour blue

  72. The Smart Shots Sport Center is another VTech product I would love for my son!

  73. The gogo smartwheels looks really fun

  74. http://Stephanie%20LaPlante says

    Another cool toy is the KidiBuzz.

  75. http://Rochel%20S says

    The kidibuzz looks cool!

  76. http://Lisa%20McLain says

    the kidibuzz looks awesome

  77. http://Kristy says

    My oldest wants the DigiArt easel. It’s pretty amazing. My twins love the Go! Go! Smart Wheels and would love some more tracks and vehicles for their collection.

  78. I think the KidiBuzz is really cool ! So cool you can let them text you and have such control , what a great starter ! The kids would love that !

  79. http://Caryn%20Coates says

    My boys would love the go go smart wheels adventure park

  80. http://my%20villa says

    the KidiBuzz Pink is cute

  81. My son would also love the InnoTab Software – Paw Patrol!

  82. I would like the go go smart wheels too! Thanks

  83. http://Jenny%20Major says

    The DigiArt easel looks cool

  84. http://Athena says

    The GoGo SmartWheels Adventure Park

  85. http://MARGO%20B says

    digital art easel

  86. http://Linda%20Svarovsky says

    I like the Inno Tab 3 Plus.

  87. http://Elizabeth%20Robinson says

    The DigiArt Easel would be nice.

  88. http://Piroska says

    I love the Go! Go! Smart Friends® Sweet Surprises Treat Shoppe.

  89. http://Donna%20Durie says

    I’d like the Storytime Rhymes Sheep for our little one

  90. My son would like the Digiart creative easel. 🙂

  91. My children would love The InnoTab Max!

  92. My daughter would love the Go! Go! Smart Friends® Sweet Surprises Treat Shoppe™

  93. http://Margaret%20HIrst says

    I think I would like Cody the smart cub for my youngest grandchild he’s a little behind in his progress and I think Cody might just be enough to get him going

  94. http://Karin%20Dollery says

    My granddaughter is always wanting to use my cell phone when I go there on the weekends and I know she is always wanting to use her parents smartphones as well to play games during the week so another thing I know she would love to have is the KidiBuzz Pink.

  95. http://Sarah%20Jackson says

    My son would like the T-Rex Silver

  96. http://crystal%20porter says

    I would like Flipsies – Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser for my niece.

  97. My son loves getting creative. DigiArt Creative Easel would be great for him.

  98. http://June%20Murphy says

    I would like to purchase the sit to stand ultimate alphabet train for my grandchild. Such a fun way for children to learn the alphabet

  99. My nephew would just love the Ready to Race Lightning McQueen. Anything to do with racing is right up his alley.

  100. http://Ryan%20B says

    I’m liking this DM222-2 Safe&Sound® Digital Audio Monitor with Two Parent Units

  101. http://Tanis says

    My kids would also like the KidiBuzz™ Blue!

  102. http://Elizabeth says

    My little mermaids would love the waterproof feature

  103. http://Erinn%20Lishman says

    My girls would love the Kidizoom Camera Pix!

  104. http://KellyPC says

    The Go! Go! Smart Friends Sweet Surprises Treat Shoppe would be awesome for my niece!

  105. My kids would love the innotab or smart easel.

  106. http://Eleanor says

    Sliver the Trex

  107. http://Ellen says

    GearZooz™ Roll & Roar Animal Train™

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