Increase The Success Of Your Community Charity Event

Using Modern Tools

The internet and cloud computing have made some interesting things possible in the modern age. You’re actually able to make money online just by making a crowdfund profile, and this is a smart thing to do when it comes to charity events. Consider tools like Plumfund, a crowdsource organization that will provides you with an online fundraising platform which will further enable friends and family to give and receive funds without fear or etiquette concerns.

Here’s the thing about online crowdfunding campaigns: you’ve got to be fastidious. You’ll want to book some big event near the end of your charity drive online, you’ll want to blast it across social media, you’ll want to take out advertisements, notify populous community bottlenecks like religious groups and schools, and tell everyone about what you’re doing.

Friends and family will be those most likely to make an appearance at your charity event, but you can likewise find support through various businesses and social clubs you’ve never had interactions with, provided your cause is in some level of alignment with theirs. It’s a tit-for-tat, quid-pro-quo kind of thing.

Some Collateral Benefits

There are more positives from charitable pursuits than the benefits for the group around which a given event is organized. If you’re a business, a school, or a government institution, sponsoring a charity event could grow your operation. There is little better PR than being associated with philanthropy at a public level. The larger the group you serve, the better the press will be.

If your charity organization can reach out to businesses and pitch them on the positive PR aspect, you may find some surprising support either in terms of endorsement, venue, or even contribution online. Perhaps you can’t get the library to put money on your crowdfund account, but you may be able to convince them into letting you use one of their event rooms free of charge—you get the idea.

When it comes to the event itself, you’ve got to have more than just “business” at hand. You want a band, or a comedian, or both entertainment options. You want food, you want drinks, you want decorations, and you want to characterize the way people dress such that it fits the event.

Sometimes a “gala” atmosphere invites suits and gowns. Sometimes the affair is dress-down.

It all depends on the kind of event you’re throwing, and what you think will suit it best. But as you go about designing the event and accompanying entertainment, you’ve got to do your best to ensure you’re meeting the needs of everyone at your event.

The Sweet Aspects Of Charity

One thing you’re going to want at any charity event, large or small, primarily adult-oriented or centered around a larger community, is candy. Free candy evokes childhood memories of halcyon times among adults, and simultaneously gives children the memories they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

From candy buffets to discount bulk purchasing options, you can shop here to find some great deals. Why shouldn’t you satisfy your ‘sweet tooth’? Just remember: satisfaction isn’t the same as gorging yourself! Still, at a specialized event, a little more indulgence than what is considered healthy is certainly excusable. For you and the guests.

If you’ve done your best to endorse the event across your community, met with people, secured a venue, entertainment, and refreshments, you’re likely to see a more successful community charity drive. Formal or informal, candy and crowd-sourcing are excellent for any charity get-together. So make your charity event one worth attending!



  1. Great tips. I’ve been wanting to get more involved in charity work, so I’ll have to bookmark this to come back to.

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