Installing Car-seats is not Always Easy. Get it Checked by a Professional #CarsCom #ad

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With each of my children there were different challenges when they were born. How far we lived from the hospital. Who would watch the older kids? Planning and making sure we had all the stuff babies needed. And of course the car-seat. When I had my first the hospital made sure you had a good quality car-seat before allowing your baby to leave. Even if you did not own a car, they required this. Talk about stressful! Then you get the car-seat and you have this brand new baby and then what? Is it installed correctly? New parents stress out about everything. This was a big one for me.

There are a few options for new parents when it comes to installing a car-seat.

Ask a friend

Friends who have little children are a wealth of knowledge. They have seen it all and most often are willing to share their experiences. If you have a new car-seat and are unsure about installation, ask them to take a look.

Do your research

It is amazing what you will find online. You need to make sure your child’s car-seat is for their size. Many will adjust to their age, weight and needs over the years. Your local insurance company may have brochures about car-seat installation as well. Find the right seat for your baby and then read up about installing it. Of course they do come with instructions as well. Never buy a used car-seat as you do not know its history and it could be unsafe. Whether you’ve looked at purchasing a car, renting a car, or driven a car, has a lot of great information! They are even showing parents how they check and install a car-seat. Great info!

Ask a professional

There are certified technicians across the country who can install your car-seat for you. I found this extremely helpful when my children graduated to the next size seat and were facing forward. In some communities, the fire hall offers this service as well. It is very comforting and gives parents the peace of mind having a professional help with this important job.

My suggestion to all parents is to not be afraid to ask for help. If you bought a new vehicle, have a larger car-seat or are just a bit stressed out, ask someone for help. Other parents, family and professionals are happy to lend a hand. Just be prepared to do the same when it is your turn to be asked.




  1. After I installed my car seat I had someone from the health unit come in and make sure it was done probably

  2. Thankfully I had my husband to install the seat with no issues. It took him a while because he wanted to make sure the seat was installed proper and everything was safe

  3. My daughter always installs my granddaughters car seat in my car when I bring them somewhere or I use her car.

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Like Carole, I always let the parents install car seats for their kids in my car, I want my grandchildren to be safe.

  5. Yes, please make sure they’re installed properly!

  6. We has someone at the RCMP install out seat !

  7. Treen Goodwin says

    We check with the RCMP , to make sure its installed correctly 🙂

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