Living Life Worry Free While out with Friends #PoiseMoment

For some people, it may seem strange to worry day-to-day about living life. We get up and do our thing every day with little to no thought on what the day will hold. But for people like me with light bladder leakage (LBL), it can be pretty stressful. I first experienced LBL when I was pregnant with my first child. I was on a city bus and due to give birth any day. I sneezed and immediately regretted it. Being pregnant, I kinda laughed it off but the embarrassment was enough to remember 23 years later. At the time, I assumed it was just part of the pregnancy and never thought much about it. Then I got older and the frequency became more and more. Then the stress began.

At first, I just thought it was part of life. Getting older and having had four babies, this is what my body is doing to me. I figured there was not much to be done, so I just adjusted my life and carried on. What does adjusting my life look like? Well for me, it meant passing up on a lot of fun activities like boating, zip-lining and roller coasters with the kids. If things were unpredictable and I was unsure if there was a bathroom close-by, I would be too uncomfortable to go. I always needed every detail to make sure if was something my LBL would allow me to do.  And if I did go, I would visit the bathroom so much to make my bladder empty. In my mind, this meant no chance of leaks. But how fun is that? It was a huge nuisance and caused me a lot of stress.

What started off happening with the odd cough or sneeze, became an issue with every bump, laugh and unexpected, unplanned movement. It was easier to hide away at home and avoid what may possibly happen if I went out.


Just as no two women are alike, there’s no single reason that LBL happens. Some of the most common things that lead to uninvited leaks include:

  • Physical changes from childbirth, pregnancy, hysterectomy
  • Being overweight
  • Complications from surgery, and health related illnesses
  • Bladder or urinary tract infections
  • Bladder irritants (certain foods and beverages)

After getting brave and chatting with some friends about their experiences with LBL, I discovered a great solution, Poise!. After that, my life changed. I could go out and enjoy myself worry free. I could go on long bumpy boat rides, wait in line and ride a roller-coaster, have a few drinks with friends while laughing and I could go to Zumba all without worry .Why? Because Poise liners are small and discreet and are 3x more absorbent than period-only liners because they are designed for leakage specifically. They provide 3-in-1 protection, offering dryness, comfort and odor control. Not to mention how nicely  they fit in my pocket or purse. Poise Impressa is another great option. It’s inserted like a tampon and actually helps prevents leaks from happening in the first place! Just insert it and forget about it for up to 12-hours of discreet protection against leaks.

Just like my keys and wallet, I do not go anywhere without my Poise.

Thanks to the support and confidence that Poise provides, I recently enjoyed a fun-filled day with friends worry-free of leaks! We did a winery tour for the day and had a great time. Bumpy tour bus, lots of stairs, liquids and laughs. This is something I would have never attempted before discovering Poise. Best of all, I did not need to scope out the closest restroom for frequent visits as soon as we arrived.

We started off the day on a private tour bus and ventured on the 30-minute drive to the first winery. We stopped in and enjoyed four different wines while chatting and laughing. Followed by a little shopping with no need to empty my bladder ‘just in case”. My thought process always was to keep my bladder as empty as possible so there was nothing to leak out. As you can imagine, these thoughts previously consumed my day and add unneeded and unwanted stress.

We then went to the next winery where we did an hour-long walking tour that included four flights of stairs. Stairs and liquids are normally not my friend. However, I had no stress and enjoyed my time. We had a few more tastings followed by a yummy lunch while enjoying the view and laughing.

I realize everyone’s situation is unique and for some, this may be an easy day. But for me, someone who has experienced the embarrassment of LBL, it was empowering not having to concern myself with this issue and allowing myself to just enjoy the company of my friends.

It is never fun to have to obsess over the nearest bathroom when out. Experiencing leaks always puts an end to a fun day and  I was glad I did not have to cut my day short.

The rest of our day consisted of more tastings, amazing sights and some tasty snacks. I even grabbed a few bottles to enjoy at home.

I know many say to live life and laugh so much you pee, but who wants to deal with that? I rather live life and enjoy my time protected from LBL and the potential embarrassment it brings with it. I am excited to see what the future holds for me and hope more women will discover the freedom they can to have, to enjoy their best life.

I am proud to say this was my Poise moment

Visit for more product info, money-saving coupons and samples. Starting living your life worry-free and enjoy your own Poise Moment. Follow the conversation online at #PoiseMoment You can see highlights from our day on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


This post and my event were in part of my partnership with Poise. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I was shopping with a friend the other day and she was raving about Poise products. I haven’t tried them myself but looking for them next time I am out shopping.

  2. I could’ve used these while I was at the trampoline park for the first time last week! I definitely wet myself a bit…and so did my sister! After having babies we are both affected.

  3. I have been suffering with bladder problems for five years. It is the most awful condition and truly affects every aspect of your life. Poise liners are a life saver. They save you from embarrassment and let’s you truly enjoy life without worrying about leakages (or worse!)

  4. haha “live life & laugh so much you pee”.. I agree with you- who wants to deal with that? Glad there are ways to deal with this!

  5. I have been using Poise liners for some time now and i really like them !

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    This is a problem that many women suffer from, including young women – I always thought this was just something that older women got with age so to speak. Sounds like Poise could help 🙂

  7. Hey, it happens! It is so nice to know there is help for women who need it!

  8. I love Poise. I don’t have LBL, but I know I probably will at some point. It seems like women were designed to have it eventually. It’s nice to know that if I come down with this, I’ll have a company there to have my back.

  9. Looks like you had a great time and was well prepared! I only recently learned that regular period pads wouldn’t do the trick!

  10. jmanandmillerbug says

    I have this problem too! When I sneeze it is bad! I am glad there is stuff like this out there to help us with problems like this!

  11. After having two kids, I know exactly how this feels. Thankfully they have some great products out now to help.

  12. We as women, go through so much. Its important that we continue to share as we will learn that we are not alone and others go through what we do. Thankful, there are brands that understand and support our plight! Thanks for this…

  13. I love Poise products. It’s great to be able to live your life without worrying about every little sneeze.

  14. I too am a huge fan of Poise products, they have literally given me back the freedom to enjoy all that life has to offer!

  15. What a FUN day and I agree I would not do these activities without Poise!
    I have used them for years. After having 3 children – pee happens!
    I love staying active and won’t let a little accident slow me down!

  16. I’ve heard Poise is a great product! Good thing to have on, or on hand, when those times might arise!

  17. I never realized how common this was until recently. I have a few peers who are already suffering from it – but brands like Poise can really help out in the most uncomfortable situations.

  18. This is sadly becoming more and more of a problem for me! I need to try POise.

  19. Claudia Krusch says

    I am so happy that Poise has so many great products to help LBL. The pads are so thin you forget you are wearing one.

  20. So many of my friends suffer from this! I have to tell them to watch this video!

  21. Worrying about leaks can definitely ruin an otherwise fun day out. Poise liners are super handy for travel.

  22. Luckily I haven’t had to worry about leaks…yet. Its great to know there is an amazing product out there to keep you worry free!

  23. I’m glad to not have to worry about this, but I know many do. It’s nice to see Poise have some good products for bladder leakage.

  24. I have had LBL for years. It is such an inconvenience. I am glad to have products like this to make life more “normal.”

  25. Ah yes, I’m SO familiar with LBL!! Thank goodness for Poise products, you don’t have to worry about those little haha moments!

  26. I had problems when I was pregnant. I’m okay now but it is good to know that Poise can help. Keep enjoying life Kim!

  27. Melanie Walsh says

    No one warns you about these things! It’s great to know there are discreet products that will make it easier to adjust to all the stages of life.

  28. It’s always great to have a product like this available when you need it. The scary thing is you never know when you will need it.

  29. I know some friends who suffer from LBL. This will be very helpful for them. I will definitely share this with them.

  30. All the things that happen to our bodies once we have kids/start getting older! I’m glad you found a product that helps, you don’t want to be missing out on life!

  31. LBL is such a headache and kills our confidence as well. I’m so glad that we have poise and other products to help us deal with it properly, throughout the day!

  32. Fortunately for me I don’t have bladder leakage, yet. I’m sure it will come one day and I’m glad there are products out there to protect my clothes!!

  33. I’m glad that you discovered Poise and had a fun filled stress free activity. Never heard of the product before but this could come quite in handy.

  34. Definitely going to have to look into these. Just started with the LBL when I sneeze.

  35. Poise is a great product for ladies! So far I have a pretty strong bladder, but time will tell!

  36. I don’t have to worry about leaks yet— but it’s good to know what products work. Thanks for sharing!

  37. It’s great to know that there are products like these out there for women who need them! It’s definitely totally normal and something so many deal with. Great post, glad you found products that help!

  38. I have heard lots about poise products, they seems great! All your photos look great too!

  39. I don’t have that issue yet, but so good to know about this product. At least I know now what to get in case I’ll have LBL problems later on.

  40. seekneverland says

    I’m glad you have found something to take the stress of. I couldn’t imagine how it must have felt day after day. I don’t have this problem yet, and hopefully never will. However, glad to know there’s product out there to help.

  41. Gabriel Bregg says

    Every little thing that helps you be confident is important!

  42. I discovered Poise products 2 years ago after a few embarrassing moments. I knew about Poise but I really thought they were for little old ladies who had a “problem”. Am I ever glad I spoke to a girlfriend about them and she told me that she had been using them for quite awhile now. I feel so much more confident when I go out and they are very discreet.

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