Maplelea Girls Make Great Gifts

When I told my youngest we were getting a Maplelea girl in the mail, she was beyond excited! She has had a few over the years and loves everything about them. She loves the story each girl has, their clothes, accessories and most of all brushing their hair.  Each doll is from a different region in Canada helping teach your child more about our great country.

This time we decided to check out Charlsea who is from the West Coast of British Columbia. She is one of seven unique dolls from across Canada. Each doll comes with a journal that tells a little bit about her and where she is from. Her clothes and style is specific to her location as well.

Maplelea has been producing high quality 18” dolls and Canadian-themed accessories since 2003. Created by Canadian mom Kathryn Gallagher Morton to be an alternative to the diva-type dolls on the market, the Maplelea Girls™ are age-appropriate dolls that promote creative play and healthy, active lifestyles, while fostering a love and interest in Canadian culture, heritage and geography.

The Maplelea line consists of 7 Maplelea Girls and over a dozen Maplelea Friends, 18″ premium vinyl dolls with soft, huggable bodies, poseable arms and legs, eyes that open and close, and a wide range of hair, skin, and eye colours. Each Maplelea Girl is from a different region of Canada and has a uniquely Canadian story to tell. Each Maplelea Friend helps you create your own Canadian story. There is also over 250 accessories, including doll furniture, outfits, play sets, and matching girl & doll clothing to choose from.

A little glimpse on how each doll is researched

Maplelea Girl Charlsea from Canada’s west coast was inspired by the many letters and emails our office receives each week. Online research helped us to learn about the history
and geography of the area, but it was the trip to Salt Spring Island when specific details  about her experiences and character really came to life.

Whether a descendant of an original farming family, or a recently arrived escapee from hectic urban life elsewhere, 
everyone was eager to share their knowledge of the Island and its community.  They told us about Salt Spring’s need for exceptionally high recycling rates, the wide-spread love of gardening, the frustrations of a life ruled by ferry schedules, and the mystery of fairy doors in the forest.

Charlsea has a fun, carefree look to her. She comes with her 64 page journal and you can purchase additional accessories for her. We got a few extra things with her that made her arrival extra special.

  • The Empress and Kam and Loops (goat and 2 sheep)
  • Hair brush
  • Gulf Island Stylin’ outfit

For some reason my daughter insisted she try on her new clothes. I think it is the fashionista in her that makes her love changing her dolls outfits. Just like any West Coast girl knows, the temperature can change drastically quite quickly. So one outfit is for cooler temperatures and the other for warmer days.

All Maplelea dolls are priced at $99.99, a price that hasn’t changed since they were first introduced in 2003. They are intended for children 6 – 12+ years of age, but safe for children 3+.

Her soft body makes her great for cuddling while her beautiful hair will have your child wanting to brush it over and over again. My daughter loves that her eyes close when she lays her down as well. My daughter also enjoyed reading more about the West Coast of Canada and the people of British Columbia.  These dolls make learning fun without the child even realizing it.

As a mom, I like these dolls because they are educational and make great play friends for our children. They are modest compared to some other dolls and toys and makes me feel good about my child playing with them. Maplelea has a great selection of dolls, accessories and add-ons for your girl. Each add-on comes with additional journal pages to help carry the story on as well.

Check out and bring home the perfect gift for your child today!


This post has been brought to you by Maplelea, all opinions are my own. 


  1. We have 2 or 3 of these dolls here including Charlsea. LOVE Maplelea. It’s my favourite Canadian doll. High quality for sure. Love their adorable accessories too.

  2. I got my granddaughter a doll like this last year and she loves her.

  3. That’s so cute! I love dolls like this that are so individual and have backstories to them.

  4. These look similar to American Girl dolls, which my daughter loves. I’m sure she would love these as well.

  5. Jennifer Grenier says

    What an adorable doll! My daughter would LOVE something like this. I haven’t ever had the chance to get her one but I am sure she would get a kick out of it.

  6. I have had my eye on these dolls for years! They are so cute, I’m sure both my girls would love them. Such great toys for kids to be inspired to use their imaginations.

  7. WE LOVE Maplelea in my house! My DD6 has 3 dolls and she never goes anywhere without them! She loves dressing them up, playing house and treating them like friends. I love the quality, the outfits and how happy they make her!

  8. I want one!! LOL Seriously we never had dolls like this when I was a kid and not really even when my daughter was small. I think dolls like this started coming out when she was in her teen years. These are adorable and love the clothing and accessories!

  9. This is so adorable. We never had such cool dolls growing up! I can imagine her excitement! Too cute 🙂

  10. I’ve heard so many great things about these cute Maplelea dolls. Wish they had been around when my daughter was younger, she would have loved them!

  11. My daughter would have loved this doll! I use to love playing with life size dolls when I was younger!

  12. Wendy Polisi says

    I’ve never heard of these dolls before. Similar to American Girl. I love that there’s another option!

  13. My daughter would have so much fun! She recently started to show interest in toys and its so much fun watching her.

  14. That doll is adorable. My daughter would have loved this when she was little. She had one similar though. Seeing cute dolls makes me miss her being little, she is an adult now. 🙁

  15. I’ve never heard of Maplelea dolls. I love the back story that each doll comes with. This is a fun way to educate.

  16. We love Maplelea Dolls, they have so many fun accessories and the fun never really ends. I love the fact they are truly Canadian. It is what makes them unique!

  17. These are such gorgeous dolls! My girls would love Maplelea Dolls. They are so unique and Canadian! Can’t beat that!

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  21. I do wonder if my niece who just moved to Canada with her parents already got this doll. If not yet, this will be a great gift to give her on Christmas.

  22. I have not seen these dolls before but they are so cute! I love the educational aspect and the way they help girls learn more about Canada!

  23. My little sister has one of these dolls and she loves it! As a Canadian myself I love finding products like this that incorporate our country’s stories

  24. I hadn’t heard of Maplelea dolls before. They look cute, like dolls my niece would have enjoyed when she was younger.

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  27. I have never heard of a Maplelea doll before! This is so cool for those who live in Canada that these dolls educate them on the different regions in a fun and creative way.

  28. My niece has one of these dolls and loves it. I really should get her a second doll. They hold up to all the love that is thrown their way.

  29. What little girl doesn’t love a doll. These are so cute, and I love the colorful clothes.

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