Smart Parenting and the Role of an Android Parental Control

There is no doubt about the fact that Android smartphones provide several benefits to teenagers. However, parents need to stay aware of the digital dangers on the web as well. Once you allow your teenager to use Android devices, they become vulnerable to several threats on the Internet including sexting, pornography, cyberbullying, FOMO and online predators. Children get addicted to screens within no time.

Take Control of Your Teen’s Android Phone

Before letting your child enjoy the privilege of using an Android device, look for an Android parental control to monitor them digitally. FamilyTime is one such tool that offers a complete set of features to the concerned parents. Here is just a glimpse of the few features offered by the app!

a) Limit Screen Time

Our teens are so addicted to their smartphones, this addiction can not only damage their health but also affects their academics negatively. An Android parental control as efficient as the FamilyTime app, allows you to put screen time limit on your child’s smartphones. For instance, you can put limitations on cell phone usage on bedtime or during family time by scheduling auto screen locks on their device.

b) Block Adult Content

Today, the biggest threat of internet for parents is pornography. FamilyTime allows you to monitor your child’s web behavior and enables you to keep your child safe from the X-rated stuff. Parents can monitor the frequently visited URLs, bookmarks and the web history on their teen’s mobile device.

c) App Usage and App Blocker Alert

FamilyTime Parental Control App for Android lets you know in which App your child is spending more time and reports exactly how long they used that app. You can block those apps which you do not consider right for your kid. If your teen tries to download that certain app you have blocked, you will get notified instantly.

d) Phone Monitoring

The FamilyTime app helps parents in phone monitoring as well and for this, it offers multiple features:

  • FamilyTime allows parents to mark suspicious contacts in the Watchlist and notifies them if their child comes in contact with that particular contact. Using the FamilyTime app, parents can see their teen’s contact list just as it appears on their child’s device
  • Parents can monitor sent or received text messages on their teen’s Android mobile phone to protect them from compulsive texting addiction and sexting
  • Have a detailed look at your teen’s call logs to make sure they are not wasting all their time in calling their friends

Want to have a detailed look at the app and all its features? Go to Google play store and download the FamilyTime on your Android device now!


  1. These are excellent tips. Parenting today is different than it was even 10 years ago. We have to roll with the changes.

  2. It’s key to be aware of what’s going on in our children’s lives online. The online world is full of dangers and pitfalls.

  3. jmanandmillerbug says

    As my kiddo gets older I am worried about this more and more. I’m so glad there was a lot of apps out there to help with the security of my child.

  4. It is so comforting to know that there are apps out there that can help to ensure your child’s safety.

  5. With the ever changing world of technology and many more children participating in online activities, I am so glad there are things like this that can help them be safe.

  6. Technology has made it a challenge to keep children away from seedy sites. Thank goodness for parental control apps like this!

  7. These are awesome tips! My little niece has a new phone and I’m going to tell my sister about your ideas for monitoring. Thanks!

  8. The Family Time App sounds like a really great resource. Technology is a wonderful thing but the bad is out there too for our kids. It’s so important to protect them!

  9. Sounds like a great app. I need to check in to this. I have an android phone, so I’ll be checking this out right away.

  10. We have Androids so this could come in handy. I need to check it out. Thank you!

  11. This is great, I could use this with my girls. They enjoy their devices so keeping safe is a must!

  12. Great way to limit the phone from being a distraction and monitor your childrens activities on the phone

  13. I think parental control at any age is SO important! We limit screen time and I see a huge difference in my kids when they don’t spend hours and hours in front of the TV!

  14. It is so important to be in control! My girls don’t have phones yet, but this will definitely come in handy!

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