4 Benefits of Working Out at Home

I have joined gyms, attended classes and watched what I ate. But nothing gave me the results I was after like walking and working out at home.

Working out is something that we all should be doing at least a few times a week.  However, life gets busy, we get busy, and well, something has to give.  That something is always working out, because it is the easiest thing to put off till the next day.

Well, we all need to stop the excuses that we instantly come up with when it comes to working out and just do it.  It may sound crazy to say it or hear it, but we will all benefit from the results we get when we do take the time to work out.  The best thing is we don’t have to leave our own homes to accomplish any part of our work outs!

Here are the 4 benefits of working out at home:

  1. Time – Find it and Save it

All that time that we all think that we don’t have to go to the gym is what is holding us back.  Thankfully, when we work out at home, that time issue can be solved.  First off, there is no time needed for travel, so that saves time right there.  As for finding the time to actually work out, well, that could take some creativity.  However, we can all find ten or fifteen minutes a couple times a day to do it.  A couple options that we all have are working out when we first wake up in the morning, when we are watching our favorite television show, or while we are waiting for dinner to cook.  We all spend time sitting around doing nothing, so we might as well do something productive.

  1. Stay on Budget

Gym memberships can be expensive, but working out at home is not.  There are numerous free workouts available online that people can follow along to and we all don’t have to purchase a lot gym equipment either.  Instead, we can use a few simple tools, of which most of us probably have, and get started.

  1. More Focus

Working out takes focus, just like everything else in our lives.  Well, at a gym, our focus could be lost multiple times during a workout.  We can run into friends and begin chatting or we can see something out of the corner of our eye that makes us stop and pay attention instead of continuing on.  At home, we can turn off our phones and anything else that might distract us, and simply focus on the task at hand.  This will make our workouts more productive and we may even find ourselves more productive in other areas of our lives as well.

  1. No Excuses

There is never an excuse that can keep any of us from working out at home.  That major snowstorm that has shut down the city cannot affect an at-home work out.  Neither can the fact that the gym offers the one class that you want at a time that you can’t go or the fact the temperature has dipped below the freezing mark.  Working out at home can keep us all from procrastinating as much as we would if we belonged to a gym.  Who knows, maybe that no excuses motto could carry over to other areas of our life as well??

These are only some of the benefits that we will all see when we begin to work out at home.  There are many more that we will begin to notice as we keep up our hard work while staying in shape and sweating at home.



  1. I really like this post and i have recently started following a yoga program on youtube to give me somewhere to start and i have been doing really well with and feeling better about myself!

  2. Great post and yep I am one of those people that keep putting it off even though I know I should be doing more, but when I start to do anything my back starts aching so bad I need to sit down

  3. I try to workout at home as much as possible. Like you said, it’s way cheaper than the gym.

  4. jmanandmillerbug says

    It is funny because everything you say here is right on the money, but I am terrible at working out at home. I wish I had your dedication.

  5. These are definitely some greats tips and reason why working out at home has positive benefits!

  6. I absolutely LOVE working out at home for so many reasons! You rock on!

  7. I prefer working out at home. I can do my thing in comfort and privacy.

  8. It’s been a while since I’ve worked out at home. Back then I had to really search what I wanted to do, and be creative. For some people it just works, but I love my gym, although I miss using kettle bells!

  9. I totally agree 100% with these! I work from home, and everyone thinks it’s the best thing ever – but they forget the amount of focus it takes to do it. I love working from home, though – I just think it’s something you have to master, to get used to!

  10. I totally agree!! It is so much easier to do at home work outs than having to pay for and drive to the gym!

  11. I work out at both the gym and at home. I do my weights at home and then run outdoors or the gym.

  12. natalielovesbeauty says

    I am all for working out from home. I have never stepped foot into a local gym – you can still get a great workout in without having to spend a dime!

  13. Going to the gym is a chore in itself so I think working out at home is a great idea. Going to the gym can be a social event but the idea is to get the workout in not talk.

  14. I have actually never been to a gym. I hate the idea of going so I just never have. I do like to workout at home though, much more motivation for me.

  15. I do go to the gym for speciality classes but I also work out at home. There is an awesome beginner Zumba class on YouTube that rocks.

  16. Claudia Krusch says

    I am working on setting up an area for home workouts. I have gotten into a great routine and I want to be able to keep it up without having to drive in the snow to get to the gym.

  17. I always prefer to work out at home when I can find the time to do it. Gives me much more freedom and don’t have to worry about creeps at the gym lol

  18. Being on budget is REALLY important and I do prefer to work out at home myself. I love streaming fitness videos on YouTube!

  19. These are great benefits to working out from home. It definitely cuts down on the excuses as it can’t be too hot or cold, too rainy, too much traffic, or anything else.

  20. My husband does the gym things at times. I am totally not into paying to work out though. I do most of my exercise running after my kiddos!

  21. It can be hard to get motivated to work out at home but I definitely like not spending a pile of money on the gym.

  22. I actually find I make the most excuses when I try to stick to a home routine. It is really weird actually.

  23. I recently joined OrangeTheory Fitness. The accountability has been super helpful for me. As a work from home mom, I’m prone to make excuses and get busy with work or the kids instead of working out at home.

  24. I practice yoga at home and love it!

  25. I have done workouts at home and workouts in the gym, and I kinda prefer gym. I feel like it motivates me to get out of the house. Plus, I don’t have a giant Boxer dog in my face trying to “help” me. LOL

  26. Working out at home is great for some people! I prefer to work out at the gym and take part in classes too but if I can’t get there I am happy to find a youtube video and do at home

  27. I am a huge advocate of working out from home too. I’m a p90X3 girl, myself.

  28. 100% agree. Always looking to stay fit on a budget!

    Sondra xx

  29. I am happiest when I am working out home. At the gym, I tend to become over competitive and do exercises that are very difficult for my current fitness level 🙂

  30. Good points, but I focus better at the gym because I don’t have laundry in the dryer there.

  31. Oh man. The things we know we should do, but somehow keep getting pushed off. I am more committed when there’s a scheduled class to attend (but I don’t want to spend the money), so here I am at home, not exercising. You’re right- with youtube on hand, there are no excuses!

  32. For me the budget point is super important. I just left my job to be a stay at home mom and saving money is essential!

  33. These are all so true! Especially finding the time and staying on budget! I know it’s always so hard trying to find the time and funds to get to a gym or yoga class. Now there are so many home DVD’s pr even just everyday things you can do to try and stay more fit. These are all really great tips, thanks for sharing!

  34. I dont have gym membership so sometimes I just workout at home via a Youtube video tutorial. I also like to do walks around this popular walking trail.

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