5 Best Ways to Tour the Big Apple

New York City is on everyone’s radar as the place to visit when going to the good ole’ USA and the list is endless on the many amazing things to upon arriving to the Big Apple.

Everyone knows that you come to New York City for the exciting nightlife, amazing culture, celebrity viewings, taking in one of the best skylines in USA, shopping, or even learning about how hip hop music was pioneered in the South Bronx.

However, the big question is: What is the best way to see the Big Apple?

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Bussin’ it Around Town

For the first time tourist, the double-decker buses are the way to see every part of the city from a relaxed, sun in your face perspective. There are many different options from the Downtown tours, Uptown, Brooklyn, and some amazing night tours.

Some of the tours have many participating buses and you can jump on and off at different locations to shop or maybe catch some soul food.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Who said the French just cared about their smokes, baguettes, berets, and wine? The French were so kind to gift the States the Lady Liberty in the late 1800s to symbolize freedom and liberty. Which was and is a very important symbol to all of the immigrants living abroad and in the New York area.

By far, the best way to see the Statue of Liberty is to take a water boat cruise in the New York Harbor. When taking in the Lady Liberty you can also catch a glimpse of all the important places around the Harbor area, such as the World Trade Center, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, and Battery Park.

Mixing Cardio into the Trip

There’s always those travelers who wish life was one big treadmill and cannot get enough of their fitness routines. What better way to exercise than by mixing in some walking or biking into your trip with sightseeing all the top attractions the city has to offer.  

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Biking Around the City

Hands down, one of the main attractions of New York is the Central Park. Central Park is huge and has over 47 miles of trails. There is no better way to see it than by cruising on a bike.

It is fairly easy to rent a bike and tourists have the option to either go independently or find a set tour that will guide them around trails, enabling them to see different attractions such as the prominent movie spots. While Central Park is a hot place for a bike tour; there are other places to cruise around such as Brooklyn, Harlem, or even a relaxing night tour.  

Those Feet Were Made for Walking

If you are a mall walker by heart, and you love strapping on those sneakers, there are a multitude of walking tours around New York that can take you wherever your heart desires. Each tour is really specific to the area or sites you wish to see such as the Greenwich Village, Soho, Central Park, and Lower Manhattan just to name a few.

Choosing the Right Tour

The beauty of making the decision on the type of tour in New York City is that there are so many different ones. The time of the year and the weather that might be best for you are two very important factors to think about.

Also there are other parameters such as time available, money, and speed that are good to take into consideration when choosing a New York City tour. Resources such as https://www.gonytours.com/ are a ton of help when researching the different tours and areas you might consider seeing on your trip.




  1. I love walking around New York, especially Manhattan area. I couldn’t imagine driving ever there. But bus tours are also a pretty great way to explore a city. I have been to NYC several times and loved it every single time I visited. My older daughter managed to save for a trip to go with her theatre group last year and she loved it as much or more than I did. That young group of teens took the subway everywhere and simply used maps to figure out where to go. Brave and resourceful kids.

  2. The next time I go, I’m totally going to bike around! It sounds like a blast, plus, much more exciting than walking!

  3. I love to walk and walk and walk when I’m in NYC. I’ve taken other kinds of tours, but nothing beats your on two feet. In the streets, you’ve got yourself to meat. Bonus points for anyone who gets that reference.

  4. Catherine Sargent says

    I went to NCY two years and I absolutely loved it. We took the subway or walked every place we went. I would love to go back one day.

  5. I’d actually really like to go on a NYC trip with my sister sometime soon. Great recommendations. There is so much I haven’t seen.

  6. jmanandmillerbug says

    I have not been to New York City in so long. That city is probably my favorite city to explore. Whenever I go there’s always something new to check out. I typically walked New York with the slight subway here and there.

  7. I tend to prefer walking. Something about the hustle and bustle of NYC always makes me smile.

  8. NYC is always a blast. Even my kids loved it when they visited

  9. Fun! I have not been to NYC in a while and would like to return. I think walking is a really perfect way to really see the city.

  10. I have never been to NYC!!! I know I would love to walk around the city, such a fun way to explore new cities and towns

  11. I’m not a fan of big cities like this – too crowded for me. However, walking would be my favorite way to get around.

  12. New York City is one of my favorite cities, great memories of my first visit there. Hope to go back soon.

  13. Claudia Krusch says

    My first time in NYC I took one of the double-decker buses. It is a great way to see a lot of the city.

  14. Lisa Bristol says

    I love NYC. It is one of my favorite places I have ever been to. I am looking forward to going back in the spring. I will have to try a double-decker bus ride.

  15. I miss NYC. I recommend doing what the locals do and use public transit. My kiddos and I had a blast traveling around the city on the subway!

  16. For me, half the battle of NYC is getting there. I think the train is my best bet.

  17. I’d love to go to NYC one day. It’s on my bucket list. I’d probably do a mixture of all of these.

  18. New York is the best city! I’ve always enjoyed walking around the city. I hope to go back someday soon.

  19. I love going to NYC, seriously so much fun. I have been 3 times now and hope to go again. I couldn’t’ live there, but visiting is super fun. Love your ideas!

  20. These are great tips for NYC. We live here and I couldn’t have given better tips!

  21. If I ever make it there I will use the best walking shoes I’ve got and walk the whole thing! I wish!

  22. I think you experience so much more of a city when you are actually out there walking and interacting as you visit. I do enjoy a bus trip though since you find out so much info from the tour guide.

  23. I have not been to New York but I have been wanting to visit that place. A couple of my friends keep inviting me.

  24. I would love to go to New York! I think I would walk in around and Bussin’ it around.

  25. I’ve been to NYC a lot of times, and never really had a formal tour. I need to experience one. And, I really need to get a close look at the Statue of Liberty.

  26. I also haven’t been to NY in so so long!! But, i know that if I were to go anytime soon, walking and walking some more is definitely how I woud take on the city!! Absolutely love New York!

  27. Great suggestions, someday I want to go back! The trip I had planned so many years ago was interupted for a broken knee!

  28. toughcookiemommy says

    Many people like to bike it around NYC now that they have Citibike in the city. It definitely is a great way to sightsee and get some cardio at the same time.

  29. It is realyl smart you will get lots of walking done and you can put that into your fitness plan!

  30. I haven’t been to New York. But, I think it’s one of the busiest cities in the US. However, if I travel around New York, I would love to do everything on the list!

  31. Victoria Ess says

    I love to explore NYC by foot! So many sights to see!

  32. katyashadeofteal says

    It’s been almost 10 years since I last visited and I want to go back. These are great tips to tour NY, all must visit places.

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