Go Southern: New England Southern Tour is Perfect for Kids

There’s a never-ending range of new experiences for children in Southern New England, whether you’re heading to a zoo or museum or you’re looking for white-knuckle rides at the area’s water parks and theme parks.

Where else in the world could you immerse yourself in culture while also finding yourself coming face-to-face with sea lions and beluga whales?

So, when you’re booking a trip for the family to New England, staying in hotels like the Marriott Renaissance Boston, here are some of the must-see places you’ll want to put on your to-do list:

Go Wild at the Roger Williams Park Zoo

Rated as one of the best zoos in America, the Roger Williams Park Zoo boasts over 100 different species which are found on the 40-acre site. As one of the oldest zoos in America, it’s the home of some of the world’s most incredible creatures, including cheetahs, elephants, snow leopards, and kangaroos.

Experience the Thrill of Six Flags New England

Hailed as one of the most exciting theme parks in north-east America, Six Flags New England has something for everyone. It also hosts regular events and concerts that are ideal for the whole family. And, of course, no trip is complete to this world-renowned theme park without a ride on Superman, Ride of Steel. With fans deeming this the best roller coaster in the world, it’s full of plenty of terrifying twists and turns. Smaller children will also love Thomas Town, Wiggles World, and the Looney Tunes rides on offer.

Finally, if you’re still there at night, the Glow in the Park Parade is well worth joining in with. Featuring hundreds of sparkling lights, fantastic music, and state-of-the-art floats, it’s a great night of entertainment.

Explore South County, Rhode Island

This part of Rhode Island is known for its beaches, with this coastline offering you the perfect place to whale watch from (at Galilee). There’s also plenty of fairground fun to be had, with what’s thought to be the oldest carousel in America. At Watch Hill, these exquisite wooden horses with real manes and tails have been entertaining children (and adults) since as early as 1879.

Dive into Some Maritime History

In Connecticut, there are a number of family-friendly attractions on offer, all of which provide you with a great insight into the history of the area. Mystic Seaport features fine old ships and busy craftspeople, helping to depict what this quaint fishing village was like back in the 19th century.

Then, for a bit of sea life, head to the Mystic Aquarium, which has recently collaborated with Dr. Bob Ballard’s Institute for Exploration. Here you’ll find a plethora of marine life alongside some fantastic exhibits on undersea archaeology and exploration.

You might also want to head to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum while you’re in the area as this is where you’ll find a life-size Indian village from the 16th century. As the largest Native American museum in America, it’s the perfect place to witness a snapshot of America’s varied history.

These are just some of the fabulous things you and your family can do when you’re visiting Southern New England. Whether you’re keen nature enthusiasts or you love to ride the latest roller coasters, you’re sure to find plenty of entertainment throughout your trip.


  1. Zoo, maritime history and Six Flags? YES! I would love this as an adult, too! I need to visit soon.

  2. This is my neck of the woods 🙂 I love Roger WIlliams zoo. It’s one of the best here in New England 🙂

  3. This looks like the perfect mix of activities for kids and adults. We’re looking for new places to explore and I’d love to get back to the northeast with my family.

  4. I would love to do this with my family! We love to explore new places and take in the beauty of nature. And New England is SUCH a gorgeous region!

  5. jmanandmillerbug says

    This is definitely something that both kids and adults can agree on. These look like fun places to go and I would love to check out anything in the Northeast.

  6. Boston was super fun for my family to explore two years ago. I would love to take my kiddos to the Roger Williams Park Zoo!

  7. I am from Rhode Island and have had a Roger Williams Zoo pass for several years. They do so much fun stuff throughout the year, especially during the holidays. Now, don’t get me started on my love of the beach. We moved to Massachusetts last year and I still got my beach pass and drove to the beach at least once a week.

  8. I live in NY and am within driving distance of all these great sites. I would love to visit the zoo and check out Mystic Seaport.

  9. I love living in New England. We have SO many amazing places to travel to in our backyards!

  10. Visiting the New England area has been on my travel bucket list for quite awhile now. Between the rocky beaches, awesome lighthouses, the crisp air and all of the delicious cuisine, I can not wait to get there. I know my kids would love it too!

  11. It would be so cool to spend a little bit of time at the coast. Whale watching would be a lot of fun for me.

  12. A few of my friends here in NJ go up to Six Flags NE every summer, they love it. Our season passes work there. My husband and I have been trying to make a rhode island trip work for years!

  13. Those are awesome ideas – the zoo is always a good thing and entertains everyone of all ages!

  14. I would love to take my family to explore Southern New England. I am obsessed with lighthouses, so that would be fun.

  15. That’s an area I’d love to explore … there’s so much to see and do and I’ve heard it’s absolutely beautiful!

  16. I would love to head up there and explore, especially during this season. I’m sure its beyond gorgeous with the leaves changing!

  17. This sounds like a great place to be. I know my family would love it there. Hopefully someday we can check it out.

  18. I live in Southern New England myself. I actually live right on the border of MA & RI too so I have the best of both worlds.

  19. I will have to remember these things when I am in the area again. My kids would probably really enjoy all of this!

  20. I love Southern New England. We spend summers in New Hampshire and I love to venture down into Mass and Rhode Island! I need to visit South County this summer with my kiddos!

  21. Claudia Krusch says

    These all sound like great things to do with the kids. I would love to go to Six Flags New England.

  22. New England is one of my favorite places to visit. The Rhode Island lighthouse looks particularly fun and a great thing to do with our family on our next trip to the area.

  23. What a great place! I would love to visit this with my family!

  24. Another place to add to my bucket list I’ve heard New England is beautiful.

  25. Sounds like a ton of fun! I’ve never left my area so I would love to take my kids and explore the south! Looks like so much to do! New England is somewhere I’d love to spend some time with the family!

  26. These all look like great places to see. Hopefully we’ll be able to plan a trip there.

  27. I’ve never been to New England before, but would love to go someday! I would love to travel there with our family.

  28. What great spots! I would love a vacation to some of these places!

  29. If you’re in the Mystic area, there’s also the Submarine Force museum in Groton, CT! Tons of fun and you can go on the first nuclear submarine, the USS Nautilus.

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