Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Halloween is just around the corner and that leaves many preparing to look for costumes, candy, décor and so much more. There is a lot of preparation that goes into celebrating Halloween but many don’t think about how they can keep their pets safe over Halloween.

Our pets are our best friends and members of the family so it is very important that we are taking the appropriate actions to protect them on this spooky holiday.


Keep Your Pets Safe

Keep Your Cats Indoors

Cats, especially black cats, are at an increased risk of experiencing cruelty during the few weeks before and after Halloween. It is best to choose to keep them inside and safe from pranks and other danger.

Plan Walks Accordingly

Take your dog for a walk long before the little ones are out trick-or-treating and make sure that you keep a firm grip on the leash just in case. Dogs can be easily spooked by costumes, masks and fake weapons so it is important that we take special care to ensure that their walk has been finished before people are starting their rounds.

Consider Confinement

If you are going to be handing candy out at the door, it is a good idea to consider keeping your pet safely locked in a room away from the trick-or-treaters. Opening and closing the door so many times can risk your pet running out the front door, or being spooked by a costume. Set your pet up in a comfortable room with their favourite things until it’s time to turn off the porch light and stop answering the door.

Be Careful with the Candy

Some candy or chocolate can be toxic for your pets. Store the candy out of reach of your furry friends, and educate your children how dangerous their treats can be to their fuzzy companions.

Keep Pumpkins out of Reach

While decorating for Halloween can be fun, some of the décor choices can be dangerous for your pet to ingest. Store Pumpkins out of reach of your pets and opt for battery operated candles to ensure that if your pet somehow manages to knock over a Pumpkin, you are avoiding a fire hazard.

Halloween can be an amazing and fun time for your entire family, especially if you are taking the measure to ensure that every member of your family, furry or otherwise, is safe.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

BTW … Halloween Express has this article about Halloween safety tips for kids we found informative


  1. Good suggestions. We get so busy preparing our children for Halloween, that it’s easy to forget that our pets may need special care at this time.

  2. ascendingbutterfly says

    I’m “between furbabies” right now, as the death of my last furbaby hit me hard, but I always had to be careful when I opened the door, as my Rottweiler assumed all company was there to visit HER! She especially loved the UPS man! LOL 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  3. Great suggestions. We don’t have a dog anymore, but when we did, he always used to love to try to sneak some of the candy!

  4. We dont have any pets but I love these! Totally sharing for all my pet owning friends!

  5. My fur babies are my world. I will certainly take this advice and as much more as you can offer.

  6. It is so important to keep our pets safe this Halloween season, great information. I will keep it in mind for our doggies.

  7. These are really practical tips. Our dog is known to chew on anything and everything sparkly and nice!

  8. These are great tips. My friend loved to dress her dog up and hand out the candy over her fence.

  9. These are great tips for pet owners. It’s definitely important to keep pets safe and away from all the excitement, particularly when lots of strangers are coming to the door.

  10. natalielovesbeauty says

    These are great tips to prevent something really bad from happening to your pets or home. Keeping them away from treats should definitely be a priority!

  11. Our two black kitties are definitely INDOORS! These are really great tips for pet owners.

  12. Great post! We have two super fritzy cats and I’m always afraid they’re going to escape on Halloween 🙁 Especially worried for my pretty black cat <3 We'll definitely be keeping them in a room together this year!

  13. I have two cats and three dogs. I keep my cats indoors during Halloween especially. I also keep the curtains closed so my dogs do not freak out as much.

  14. Christine Vivero says

    Pet dogs would really be excited to meet the trick or treat kids. So, it’s better to keep them safe inside the house.

  15. Pet safety is one of those things that people normally don’t think about at Halloween! We always take pets with us when we have them.

  16. I have a Corgi and she loves trick or treaters. I usually dress her up and keep her on her leash when I open the door. This way she can participate too and be safe. She likes the kids and gets so excited.

  17. I bet a lot of people think only of the kids when it comes to safety on Halloween. Thanks for these great tips for pet owners.

  18. We definitely take extra precautions with our dog. He doesn’t get to hang outside during trick or treating time.

  19. Melanie Walsh says

    Those are great reminders for the holiday. My parents always kept their black cats indoors on Halloween out of fear people would be mean to them.

  20. I was thinking about bringing our dog along for trick or treating, but never thought that she’d get spooked by the costumes. I don’t think she will be coming with us.

  21. These are all great informative tips on keeping our furry friends safe during Halloween. And that puppy with the witch hat is too adorable.

  22. These are great tips. Thank you for sharing. We have a dog and a cat – so we will keep these in mind.

  23. I hadn’t thought about safety for pets on Halloween, but these are great tips! Thanks for sharing!

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