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I have been struggling with losing weight and getting healthy for quite some time now. I get all these goals and then something happens and I give up. Although not everything has worked for me, I have learned from each and every time and keep on moving forward. I set smaller more realistic goals and find I have better success. I have joined gyms, attended classes, bought equipment etc but in the end, I find good old-fashioned at home workouts to work best for me. For me the weight gain was slow over quite a few years, so I know the weight loss journey will be slow as well. I want to lose it and keep it off. I want to be able to keep up with my kids and not lose my breath when going for a simple walk. Being active and making a few changes is helping me achieve my goals. I am excited for the future. Recently I had the opportunity to try the BodyBoss  Ultimate Body Fitness Guide a 12 week fitness guide at home for myself. I was really excited about starting as it was exactly what I needed. A step by step guide for home workouts starting out slow and working up gradually.

The BodyBoss Method is a unique blend of exercises, combined into each 24 minutes training circuit. The workouts accelerate fat loss and improve fitness, as well as rapidly toning the body.

#BOSSEFFECT is the biggest benefit of the Bodyboss Method and it lies in the afterburn effect, or what is called, the #BossEffect. After completing a BodyBoss workout, you’ll continue to burn calories for hours as the body completes a range of functions to recover from the intense exercise. You can expect to burn 100 calories or more after your workout has finished, so you will burn fat even while you sleep!

My issue has always been not knowing where to start, how long to work out for and what to progress to. This book was great for helping me every step of the way. BodyBoss helps you rapidly burn fat, re-invent your shape and save time and money. I have been at this for a couple of weeks now. Working out for 24 active minutes a day 3 X a week and changing my eating habits has not been easy but is enough to notice some changes. For me it is just having to find the time and get into the habit. I enjoy working out in the morning the most. It is a great way to start my day. BodyBoss makes it super easy to get your workout in when and where you can. I am on week four and am very happy with my results. I have lost just over 5 lbs but I can feel muscle in my arms and back legs. Seeing results makes me want to keep going. The more I workout the easier it gets. I feel I sleep better and I have more energy during the day. Best of all my routine will not change just because my budget or the weather changes. 

BodyBoss is also launching their Super Food Nutrition Guide at the end of this year so I can’t wait to see how that will help me and complement my Fitness workout plan. If you’re as excited as I am, you can subscribe here to get first-hand info the moment it launches! They’re doing some giveaway too if you subscribe! >

The BodyBoss fitness guide is filled with great pictures and exercise howto’s to help you reach your goals. It is important for you to have proper form to not have any injuries and to get the most out of your exercise. Their fitness method contains 4 different kinds of workouts. The HIIT Circuit, Cardio, The Power-up workout and Recovery. I like that no matter what fitness level you are at, the guide helps you and explains each exercise not only with words but images that are easy to follow. The guide is available in both printed and online versions. Personally I like the printed one as I am a hands on kinda gal. But in the online version, you’ll get interactive animations (GIFs) to guide you through! I’ve also noticed that recently, they launched trainer demo videos in the online edition for Week 1 workouts! You can watch and workout alongside the video if you’re more of a visual person. Although it’s only available for Week 1 now, I hope they launch it for the rest of the weeks soon.

If you want to get serious about your health goals and are like me, needing to workout at home. Check out the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide

Ultimate Body Fitness guide

    • 12 week step by step training program
    • Unlock the afterburn effect*
    • Rapidly burn fat with our high intensity formula*
    • Save time by working out in under 24 active minutes
    • BONUS 4 week pre-training program

Online and print version $89.90 (CAD)

BodyBoss is available worldwide with free shipping.

I still have quite a few weeks left to finish the guide and see my end results. But so far it is very motivating and the way I feel is great! I am looking forward to the week ahead and can not wait to start seeing results. I also like that I can do these exercises anywhere at any time. If I am traveling I can take the time to do a quick workout indoors or out. I am constantly challenging myself and pushing myself farther to reach m health goals.

Check out BodyBoss online and start reaching your health goals within a few short weeks. Save with the special promotion code (15% off to all fitness guides only, valid till 30 November 2017) : BBGINGER



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