Unusual Sources for Home Decor Inspiration

For most of us, keeping our homes looking fresh and clean occupies us quite a bit. We all want a home that is decorated in a way that reflects our personalities and that of the rest of the family. Most of us have more ideas than we know what to do with, but every now and again we get stuck. Sometimes we cannot choose the best option. Other times, our minds go blank. When that happens, it is time to look for inspiration from a variety of sources.

Home staging firms

Firms like Emblem Furniture offer home staging services to businesses, developers and private individuals. However, they mostly spend their time helping developers to dress their new houses and rental accommodation so that they sell, or rent out, fast. As a result, firms like this have a very good knowledge of what the latest trends are. More importantly, they know how to implement them in ordinary homes. If you want to you can tap into their expertise. You can either simply browse their websites or you could hire them to help you to stage an important room in your home. In fact, many home staging firms offer a full interior design service, so you could use them in that way too.

TV shows and films

Often, we see something we like while watching our favourite shows or films. Perhaps Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory has just bought himself a new gadget for the kitchen or has a sofa that we like the look of. Next time that happens to you, take your phone out and make a quick note. Or better still, go online and see if you can find it for sale on the web.

For some shows, there are even websites that tell you where you can buy many of the items that you see. If you need a more visual aid memoire, you can sometimes find show or film stills with the item in it. These are especially useful if you like to shop in physical shops. Potentially, you can show your photos to the assistant, so they can quickly narrow down your options.


If you want to re-create the look and feel of a particular era in your home, museums can be great sources of inspiration. Their exhibits really can help you to work out the extras you need to finish off a room you are decorating.

They are also great places to find beautiful art and design. Some of it dates back hundreds, even thousands, of years. Potentially you can borrow some of the styling details and use them to create truly unique items to use to decorate your home.

Back/copy interior design magazines

Another good source of inspiration is old interior design magazines. One or two publications have uploaded some of their iconic editions online. These are really great sources of decorating ideas that have not seen the light of day for a while. As a result, they seem fresh and new when you use them in your own home. You can sometimes find these magazines at boot sales, and oddly doctor’s and dentist’s clinics, as well.

If you want more recent ideas, home decor websites are a fantastic way to find it. You can see a list of 50 very good ones by clicking here.

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