Don’t Let Holiday Stress & Bladder Leaks Hold You Back This Holiday Season #IncontinenceAwareness

The holidays can be a stressful time for all. With so much to do and many places to go, many people feel more holiday stress than holiday cheer. And while staying home may not be an option, leaving the house may be tougher than usual for some. If you are one of the millions of Canadians living with bladder leaks, you may feel added nervousness venturing away from home this holiday season.

It is so common for people to experience leakage for many different reasons. For me, pregnancy was what caused my bladder to rebel and after 4 pregnancies (to be exact) my leakage issues increased and so did my stress. Although bladder leakage isn’t something to be embarrassed about, many find that their leaks hold them back from their everyday activities. The good news is, you don’t have to allow leaks to take control of your Holidays!


Enjoy the Holidays 

There is no reason that you can’t enjoy the Holidays thanks to bladder leakage products like, Depend. While bladder leakage can hold you back from enjoying the things you love due to the fear of an accident, with Depend underwear, you can take control of the Holidays.

Both men and women can trust the uncompromising protection and comfort that Depend offers. Comfort and Joy right? Yep. The Depend Silhouette Briefs for Women and the Real-Fit Briefs for Men look and fit just like your normal every day comfy underwear but provide an outstanding level of protection. You no longer have to feel as though laughing at your crazy uncle may cause you more embarrassment than it’s worth. Spending the holiday with confidence is something you deserve and you should be able to  enjoy every single second of it.

As we approach the end of the month, and November is Incontinence Awareness month, and as we head into the holiday season, it is important to know that if you or a loved one experiences bladder leakage, there are products available to keep you protected. Depend offers a line of innovative products designed for people experiencing heavier, more frequent bladder leaks. Long car rides, laughing, dancing and holiday travels do not need to be a worry anymore.

There are many factors that can contribute to bladder leakage, including:

o    Natural changes in our bodies – enlargement of the prostate in men, or weakness of the pelvic floor muscles in women (childbirth or menopause)

o    Certain medications prescribed for conditions unrelated to the urinary system

o    Diet: Certain foods and drinks can irritate the bladder and exacerbate leakage symptoms. The effects of various foods on bladder leakage vary from person to person and you should test different foods listed below to determine which ones affect you personally and avoid the ones that trigger your leaks.

Caffeine and alcohol

Acidic foods


Artificial sweeteners

Hot spices

Carbonated drinks

You deserve to enjoy your Holidays like you were meant to, belly laughs and all! Get on that plane, take that long drive or go shopping worry free.

November is #IncontinenceAwareness Month; find out how to live your best life despite bladder leaks here  or to try a free sample of Depend to see what you can gain back this holiday season, click here.

Even though it is a common condition that affects roughly 3.5 million Canadians, many people feel inhibited and embarrassed by their symptoms and, as a result, may hold back from doing the things they love due to fear of an accident or a loss in confidence. Depend makes products specifically designed for the bodies of both women and men so they can be confident that the protection they are wearing is crafted with great care and consideration. In fact, over 80% of men with leakage don’t use any products at all and 79% of women with leakage either don’t use any products, or use menstrual products that don’t offer protection against leakage and odour the way bladder leakage protection products do. The implications of using the wrong product or not using any product at all are broad-reaching and can include interrupted sleep, cause one to miss out on special occasions for fear of an accident, or lose intimacy in a relationship due to a loss in confidence.

Disclosure-This post has been brought to you by Depend. All opinions are my own


  1. I can relate to incontinence, after having two kids some outings become a bit complicated especially road trips not to mention jumping on the trampoline. I didn’t know that diet can be a contributing factor to bladder leakage, I will put more effort into watching what I eat.

  2. Leaks are the worst and can totally ruin the holidays if you are worrying about them. Glad there is help for those women who need it.

  3. jmanandmillerbug says

    Having children this is definitely become more of a problem for me. I am glad that this is not a taboo subject anymore because things get solved when stuff gets talked about.

  4. I don’t have leakage issues yet, but I know for a fact I will. I mean, I think women are biologically hardwired to end up having leakage problems. And having kids pretty well guarantees is.

  5. I am so happy that incontinence has been brought to the forefront for ladies who have to deal with it. Leaking while trying to enjoy the holidays could prose an issue.

  6. So glad that people are finally talking about incontinence! So many people, including me had suffered in silence, but no more!

  7. It’s great that a company like Depends makes so many products to help people with incontinence. This is such a huge issue for so many people and it’s a good thing that discussion is taking place about helping to manage it.

  8. So many mothers that I know have issues with this! I love that this awareness gives them the knowledge that they are not alone and that there is help with it! Thanks!!

  9. The holidays certainly can be stressful for many. I think it’s great to have products like these for those who need them. I’m sure they’re very helpful.

  10. Oh I can so relate to this! I’ve noticed when I don’t eat well, it’s worse, which is always around the holiday season!

  11. I wouldn’t want my holiday fun to be restricted by potential leaks. It’s good that Depend offers such a variety of simple solutions!

  12. This is definitely a subject that is not talked about enough. This seems like a great way to make sure that you don’t have to worry about it.

  13. I am so glad they have products like this for those that suffer from incontinence. It isn’t much fun if you have to worry about leakage. I am glad people are able to write about it and get the conversation going.

  14. Traveling can be the worst with this problem. Luckily you found what works!

  15. Claudia Krusch says

    I am so happy they have such a variety of products available for incontinence. I have had LBL since my Son was born.

  16. What a great post! I know so many women that suffer from this!

  17. There are so many great products available now.

  18. My mom had issues like this. Travel was a challenge

  19. This seems to be a huge topic of discussion lately that affects a lot of women of all ages

  20. I didn’t know that different foods could contribute to bladder leakage. Thankfully, I don’t have that issue yet.

  21. Bladder leakage can be so embarrassing. As I get older I find something as simple as a sneeze can cause it to happen.

  22. The holidays are stressful enough! Great way to end the stress of this common issue!

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