Impressive Entry-Level Tech for Your Teen

There are plenty of sobering reports on screen addiction, cyberbullying and teens that circulate the headlines. Although technology should be monitored for a healthy balance, technology also holds huge benefits for teens. Creative expression and building a community are just two ways that teens can harness the positive power of technology. At the end of the day, technology can help them build confidence and prepare for careers of the future.

But positive technological benefits doesn’t mean your teens are ready to jump into the electronic abyss and grab any device they can find. Instead, introduce them to these entry-level tech options with teens in mind.

Apple iPhone 7

The average age for a child to get their first smartphone is now 10.3 years. If your child doesn’t already have a smartphone or needs an impressive upgrade, consider an iPhone 7. Sure, the iPhone 7 has a 12mp camera with 4k video and optical image stabilization, but teens will love that it’s the ultimate selfie camera. It also comes with up to 14 hours of talk time to get through long car trips or a day out and about with their friends. Now they can’t use the excuse that their battery died and couldn’t get in touch with Mom and Dad.


Teen girls with a STEM career and coding in mind will love these Jewelbots wearable. Wired reports that the creators call them “friendship bracelets that teach girls to code,” but also comes with some flashy embellishments. A semi-translucent plastic flower charm slides on, and the device itself combines Bluetooth and smartphone app technology to teach girls to code. For example, Jewelbot lights up to a special friendship color when friends are together by teaching girls how to code them. A group of friends can even code their Jewelbots to turn rainbow color or display their school colors when everyone is together.

Arduino Starter Kit

Boys and girls alike can get in on the coding action with an Arduino Starter Kit. These kits get teens inspired with coding and electronics to make 15 fun projects with step-by-step tutorials. One lesson even covers how to create a master control board for all of your teen’s devices. There’s also a fun social aspect with an online forum and blog to help users troubleshoot their projects and find new inspiration.

RC Quadcopter Drone

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a teen that isn’t intrigued by the power of a drone and what it can do. The RC Quadcopter drone comes outfitted with an FPV camera and live video component. Teens can give it a whirl and take aerial videos and photos and master their new drone and photography skills. Give them a task to take a video around the neighborhood and post it to YouTube to share with the world.

Fire HD 8 Kindle

An expensive tablet isn’t necessarily a must-have for teens. But a reader can help enhance their learning while giving them games, videos, and social media at their fingertips. Amazon’s Fire HD 8 features up to 12 hours of battery life and now connects with Alexa to get quick answers and information on all your information and entertainment. You can also set up parental controls as needed to limit screen time use or restrict online surfing.

Technology and teens doesn’t have to spell trouble. Find the right devices and tools to enhance their lives and appreciation for learning to give them an entry-level education to technology.



  1. While it’s important that teens (and everyone else) don’t spend all their time on their tech devices,I agree it’s also important that they learn how to use these devices. I was surprised at how many different items are out there for you to tell us about. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  2. I agree that you dont need super expensive tablets. the kindle is a great one to start with!

  3. Catherine Sargent says

    These all sound like great options. My son would really like the RC Quadcopter Drone.

  4. My kiddos are still little but tech is so important to learn nowadays. I totally have to keep these ideas in mind for a few years from now.

  5. These are some great tech choices. I think the Fire HD 8 Kindle is going to be a very popular gift this winter!

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    If my kids were still in their teens, I would get them a Fire HD 8. This will encourage them to read more and give them the function of a tablet as well. I will recommend the Jewelbot to my sister so she can get it for her daughter.

  7. Love, love, love the idea of teaching my daughter to code in a way that appeals to her. I had never heard of Jewelbot before but it sounds like the perfect gift for my unicorn, rainbow, glitter loving daughter who also happens to rule and math and science.

  8. These are great ideas! My kid is still in elementary but agree that expensive tablet isn’t necessarily a must-have for teens.

  9. I’ve never heard of Jewelbot, but it sounds perfect for a girl I know. Thanks for the introduction.

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