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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Royal Canin. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have a lot of animals! More than the average family and it is easy to forget that each and everyone is unique and has special needs. Not only do each one of our pets have their own personality with their own likes, dislikes and quirky behaviors, but they also each require special dietary requirements. We have three dogs that each are at different stages of their lives. Our ‘middle’ dog is Earl and he is a purebred black lab who is almost five years old.

Earl is a sweet boy who loves his family and is great with kids. He will roll over and show his belly for a quick rub or happily chase a ball for hours. He has lots of energy and can run quite fast but also loves to curl up at our feet and sleep the day away when possible. He gets along well with the other dogs in the house and has no problem not being the boss or alpha. Labradors are a very popular breed of dog for families as they are super smart and easy to get along with. It took Earl some time to not run away anytime he was off leash, but now happily will play and walk outside and stay close by at all times.

A favourite disability assistance breed in many countries, Labradors are frequently trained to aid the blind, those who have autism, to act as a therapy dog or to perform screening and detection work for law enforcement and other official agencies. They are prized as sporting and hunting dogs.

Technically Earl is our youngest daughter’s dog as she picked him out just after her birthday (just before Christmas) when he was just a pup. But he loves to be the family pet. He loves being outside and will play with his friends for hours (our other two dogs). Since he has high energy and is a purebred, it is important for him to get the nutrients and care his breed needs.

Recently Royal Canin sent me some very specific food for Earl to try out. Royal Canin Adult food for Labrador Retrievers.

Royal Canin knows the world of dogs is vastly more diverse than people realize. So they pursue knowledge of every individual dog’s needs with passion and obsession.

Once they identify a real need through science and observation, nothing will stop them from finding a nutritional solution to it. They partner with pet experts – vets, breeders and other professionals – to tailor precise nutritional formulations to the real needs of individual breeds, at different life stages, in different lifestyles and across a host of medical conditions, from the mildest to the most extreme.

Earl loves the large kibble pieces and Royal Canin obsesses over the details that make each breed unique, right down to the most minute detail. Their breed formulas are precise, with each one clinically researched to provide the best for your dog.

It is important to me to nourish the things that keep our dog at their magnificent best. Earl turned out to be a bit smaller than we had expected him to be. But the more I see black labs, the more I realize they are not a large breed. However as they get older, they tend to gain weight. A few things to know about Black Labs is below.

Labrador Retrievers like to gorge themselves, so it’s up to us as owners to make sure they don’t overeat and put on weight. We have a diet designed to help prevent this. Through a combination of satiating fibres, an adjusted nutrient profile, and specialized kibble design, we can help turn your ravenous, fast-eating pooch into a content and satisfied companion.

•    Big appetite, gulps food without chewing, prone to loose stools. Earl does this especially when excited or if other dogs are around. He actually will pick his food up and bring it in-front of us to eat. I guess he is a social eater.

•    Energetic personality. Earl is calm when he needs to be but would run and play all day long if we allowed it. He loves being outside as much as possible.

•    Thick waterproof coat. Makes for great swimming and living in Canada during the winter.

•    Prone to weight gain. I have noticed he has been gaining weight the last few months. We assumed it was because we got a puppy but with more research, I see it is his breed.

We do everything we can to keep our dogs happy and healthy. They are a big part of our family and trust us to take care of them. It is important to me that they are eating the very best food and getting the exercise and care they need to live the best life possible.

Visit Royal Canin today to find out what you should be feeding your purebred dog. What should I feed by purebred dog?

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  1. We’ve never had a purebred dog growing up but one of my friends did. Royal Canin offers a great service for dog owners. It’s so difficult trying to find the best food for our pets.

  2. We don’t have dogs, but we do have kitties. When our son and his kitty were home this summer, he brought her Royal Canin food with him and our kitties loved it. Now it’s all we give them!

  3. Thanks for the introduction to the brand,beautiful dog !

  4. Earl is a beauty. This seems like a great brand for him. We have never had dogs but I have heard good things about Royal Canin anyways.

  5. Earl is gorgeous! We have a purebred keeshond. Kallie’s more of a grazer than a gulper, but I think she’s starting to put on a few pounds too. 😉

  6. Marco Bairos says

    I have only ever fed my Lab Royal Canin dog food since I first got her 6 years ago. She is healthy, has energy and looks great

  7. Earl is a beautiful dog! We never had a purebred dog, but we love Royal Canin dog food!

  8. Lori a Galbraith says

    We just had to switch to Royal Canin. Our puppers needs a very specific diet, as she is so picky I was concerned but she loves the Royal Canin food.

  9. No pets here but my kids so want a dog. I love that your dog has a waterproof fur

  10. I keep hearing great things about Royal Canin dog food! I guess I need to check into it for our Taffy.

  11. What a gorgeous dog! We only have cats, but my daughter would love a dog. I’ve heard Royal Canin food is awesome.

  12. I love Labradors! My sister in law has a lab that is in competitions for jumping into the water. They are very active.

  13. Claudia Krusch says

    He is such a sweet looking dog. We have been using Royal Canin for our dogs since we brought them home. It is so worth having a good quality food for your fur babies.

  14. I wonder what my parents feed their dogs these days. I don’t think it’s this brand of dog food but they were always sooooo picky. I remember for a time they were feeding them raw chicken legs! LOL!

  15. confettiandbliss says

    What a beautiful dog! I’ll need to tell my daughter about Royal Canin for her little guy. Thanks so much for the product recommendation!

  16. If we ever get a dog it will be a lab for sure. This seems like the perfect care for them

  17. wow what a cute pup. I love how he swims.

  18. The brand looks like a great company. Cute puppy by the way! I hope it’s healthy.

  19. I love Royal Canin and give my Golden Retriever mix this food! She’s super picky too, so that says a lot about the brand.

  20. i do not have a pet at the moment but im planning to get one next year and knowin this product is very helpful!

  21. Thanks for the heads up! We have a chocolate lab mix whom is all kinds of picky of what kibble she’ll eat, and we’re currently stumped. I’m passing this on to the sis, and insist we try Royal Canin for her next bag of food.

  22. I love getting to know sweet Earl. He sounds like a perfect dog! I’m so glad you’re recommending Royal Canin for purebreds as I am pretty close to getting a new fluffy family member and there are a lot of things I would do differently from the days we had our two little guys.

  23. We also used to have many pets at our parents’ house but never more than one dog (at a time). But I totally understand that each one has his own dietary requirements, and these mixes look great in meeting them.

  24. Awwwwww. Earl is lovely. We have a hamster. Everyone says its a gateway pet HAHAHHAHA

  25. I totally need to try this for my pup! I’ve heard good food can really help dogs, especially with behavior.

  26. I grew up with dogs but we do not have dogs now. From your article I learned that in choosing a dog you have to do your homework and use your findings to determine which type of dog is the best fit. This is important if your dog is to kept healthy and happy

  27. Although we have always had shelter dogs that were mixed breeds, I love labs. If I ever saw a lab at a shelter, I’d snatch it up! 🙂

  28. These seems like a really great brand. I love that it is breed specific. Our little Harley Girl was a rescue pup and we still need to determine her exact breed but once we do I will need to keep royal canin in mind.

  29. we don’t have a pet but my friends do, So il share this post with my friends and followers 😀

  30. Earl is absolutely gorgeous. We’ve never had a dog before, but we would like one in the future. I’ll definitely keep this brand in mind when we finally adopt our fur baby 🙂

    Louise x

  31. Looking into this brand for my little guy.

  32. Your pup is so adorable. I love that Royal Canin partners with pet experts to create a nutritious blend for animals.

  33. Cute dog!! Been asking my parents to have them at home hopefully next year

  34. Pets are like family and we should definitely treat them like one. Depending on their age and activities, their foods change. My dog is a senior now so he’s on a low fat diet.

  35. themommymix1981 says

    First off Earl is a very handsome dog. We don’t have any dogs…yet, BUT I would love a Golden Retriever (blame Full House for that obsession), it’s nice to see that Royal Canin caters to not just dog ages but the different breeds as well!

  36. Such a beautiful dog!! Love that you feed Earl so well.

  37. I don’t have a purebreed, but Earl is absolutely adorable. I have a mixed pitty and her name is Regina. 🙂

  38. Such a beautiful beautiful breed. I love dogs and labradors have always made such an impact on me, they are so kind.

  39. Earl is a beautiful dog! We have 2 dogs and dog sitting 1 currently. Our rottweiler is having some hair loss patches so I have been researching different foods that might help her a little bit.

  40. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I always wanted a golden retriever or a Labrador, alas neither was to be.

  41. What a cute dog.

  42. Wow golden retriever is my favorite dog, and they seems more kids friendly. And also, toyal canin is our trusted foods for them

  43. 101foodtravel says

    I love dog, we have rescued few dogs two of them are boxer and we have one Australian Sheppard.

  44. Labradors are such neat dogs! I have a smaller dog, but I’ve always thought if I had a large dog, Labradors would be a great choice.

  45. Looks like your lab loves it! My little shih tzu is a sucker for tasty dog chow.

  46. Your dog is such a cutie! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it sounds like a good one.

  47. Such a good boy! We have 3 small dogs but would love to add a big dog to the family in the future.

  48. Our dog is not purebreed labrador..I wonder if this is food for him. Though he is used to other dog food brand though.

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