How to Prevent Pests From Invading Your Food

There are many pests that come out with the presence of moisture, sugar and other foods. While you may not be able to rid your home of every one of them, there are steps you can take to prevent an infestation. Listed below are some ways to take your home back and put an end to the scratching sounds, scurrying and the visual existence of pests.

Natural Versus Chemicals

If you have a serious problem with insects, bugs or rodents and you feel that’s it’s beyond your capabilities you may want to initially call in a professional pest control service. It is especially important to find a company that specializes in local pests and their safe removal. For instance, if you live in Ohio you’ll want to find local experts in pest control in Columbus (or Cincinatti or Toledo or whatever city you are in) who can advise you of the things you should do to prevent a recurring problem and provide regular monthly treatments.

If there are children and pets living in the home and you prefer not to use chemicals, there are other natural and effective ways to give you a similar end result. For instance, if your problem is ants try a concoction that consists of three ingredients lemon juice, cinnamon, and peppermint. For those pesky gnats and fruit flies that seem to appear out of nowhere, disposing of soft, over-ripe fruits and vegetables and covering all other fruits and vegetables will remove the source of their interest. There’s no doubt about it houseflies are annoying. A quick fix to the problem of these flying insects is to hang fly paper or place fly traps around the home. If you see a roach on your counter or in the closet, chances are pretty good they are already inside your home in large numbers. Cleaning the home is a good start, but unfortunately, it won’t solve the problem. Roaches are very difficult to remove from your home once they take up residence. If you find that you still have these creatures lurking inside your cabinets, try a mixture made of three to one, three parts boric acid and one part powdered sugar. If this still fails, there are pest control companies that use natural methods to eliminate pests.

Sealing Up Your Home

In order to maintain a bug and rodent-free environment, you need to find all the soft areas, points of entry, and seal them. Take a walk around the exterior of your home and see if you see any weak areas or potential problems. Do the same inside. Check inside drawers and cabinets, under sinks, in your basement and your attic to see if there are any holes, cracks or areas where you notice moisture. If you spot an area seal it with glue, caulk or foam. Many bugs like to travel undercover and use the scrubs and plants as a way to gain access to your foundation. Trimming vegetation back away from your home will reduce their access.

Clean the Kitchen Daily

In the fall and winter months, many people tend to cook more of the comfort foods and warm, sugary treats. You may think that leaving behind just a few crumbs is no issue, but, in fact, it sounds the drums and the bug march begins. After you cook and bake you must make sure to wipe down all the counters and sweep the floors to remove any remnants of food and grease. If you don’t want to load the dishwasher, simply rinse the dishes prior to heading off to bed.

While there is no way to rid your home of all bugs, insects, and rodents, you can take pre-emptive measures to safeguard your home against an all-out invasion. If things get out of control know that you have many options. You can use homemade remedies, or seek professional help from a pest control service.


  1. I need to trim vegetation again. Thanks for the reminder. We have many mice in the neighbourhood and I am a bit concerned there could be some in the attic. Time to actually call someone for that I think. But sealing the containers and getting rid of food laying around is a big preventative measure that we try to do all the time.

  2. These are good tips and I must try to remember them because we live in an older style home.I just think it’s easier for the m[ce to find a way in than in a newer building.

  3. Nena Sinclair says

    This is good information. So far the only pest I’ve had to deal with in my home was flour weevils. That was bad enough! I used tea tree oil to get rid of them..

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