Raise The Fun with Hasbro Games

Growing up with a younger sis we played a lot of games. It was really nice because we both always had a friend around to keep the other entertained. Then I had my own children and could not wait to play the games I played as a child. It was so much fun but often became repetitive. Playing the same games over and over was fun at first but the kids quickly would lose interest. By the time my youngest was born, the oldest had no interest. So I knew I had to Raise the Fun! I longed for the fun memories and quality family time that we often enjoyed while playing our fave games.

Introducing Raise the fun

Raise the fun by adding a twist to your favourite classic games.  For example, using your feet to play Hungry Hungry Hippos, or playing Jenga with Chopsticks.

Many of us have these fun games sitting in our closets so why not bring them out again and change things up? Maybe your child has been asking for one of these for a gift and you have been resisting. Now you can play the fun classic games you grew up with i an equally fun unique way.

I received a great selection of games to play with my family from Hasbro Canada. These eight games have been part of my life for many years.

  • Twister
  • Connect 4
  • Clue
  • Game of Life
  • Operation
  • Guess Who
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Jenga

I asked my youngest to choose which ones she would like to play first. Of curse she wanted to play Twister, then Jenga .

I admit I can not twist and turn like I use to, however Twister is always a great game for some fun and laughs. Add in some pillows to your shirt and you will Raise the Fun.

Twister + Pillows
Find the biggest pillows you can find, stuff them into a nice, loose-fitting tee-shirt and play the game by the classic rules.

Then we pulled out the Jenga and piled up all the blocks. My daughter slowly and carefully placed each block on-top of the other not to knock them over. Then I showed her how we were going to pull the blocks out. with chopsticks!

It took us a bit to figure out the best way to remove each block with the chopsticks. We had to have lots of patience and a steady hand. Even the dog was an obstacle for a while.

Jenga + Chopsticks
The instructions for this one are deceptively simple. Normal Jenga rules apply with one big exception: you must use chopsticks instead of your hands.

We already know that our Classic games are fun to PLAY. Now its time to make them fun to WATCH and fun to SHARE! The Raise the Fun program features some of our classic games, with a twist added to make gameplay even MORE fun! Take a Classic Hasbro game, add a challenge to the game play, and RAISE THE FUN!

This holiday season when you have family and friends visiting, be sure to break out the old games and try a new way to Raise the Fun. You can always find these great games at any retailers where games are sold. So be sure to stock up before the holidays. Don;t forget, they make fun gifts too!

Raise the fun game ideas

Below are a few ways you can change-up your favourite game and Raise the fun . The possibilities are endless when you think about it. Best of all, the fun never ends!

Guess Who + Silly Faces
Just do your best to match the facial expressions of the Guess Who characters to try to get your teammates to guess correctly

Taboo + Water
Same Taboo instructions, except now, every time you pull a card, you also have to take a mouthful of water. Spill any before your teammates can guess your word and you’re turn is a wash.

Simon + Brain Teasers
Mix up your all your Simon colors with mismatched labels and give it a go. But you now have to call out the color of the word on the label each time you press the normal Simon buttons.

Connect 4 + Musical Chairs
Connect four individual Connect 4 boards together to create a cube. Four players sit around the cube with teammates seated directly across from
each other.
Everybody starts at the same time, and then quickly rotates clockwise to the next seat. Play continues as fast as possible until the first team connects 4.

Clue + The Makeup Challenge
All the suspense and accusations of Clue with a new penalty. Anytime a player makes a false accusation, they have to be “made-up” to look like the
character they accused.

Check out www.hasbro.com today and pick up the perfect gift for the holidays.

Tell me below how you would raise the fun with the classics games from your life.


Disclosure-The above mentioned products were received free of charge. All opinions are my own 


  1. My two oldest kiddos were playing games with each other yesterday! I love that games offer fun without a screen!

  2. Lori a Galbraith says

    Hasbro is such a classic name for games. We love playing games as a family and these ones are some of our favourites.

  3. NormaJane (NJ) says

    What awesome suggestions! I remember Hungry Hippos being crazy even with hands so I can just imagine with feet lol.

  4. We love our family game night! So it will be fun to mix it up with these fun twists on old favorite games.

  5. I have at least four of these in the Games closet downstairs. LOL. I have never thought of doing this with any of them. Chopsticks with Jenga is brilliant. My girls will be all over that. I will lose because my chopstick skills are way worse than theirs. Great ideas here. Thanks! These make sushi great gifts for the holiday season too.

  6. Ugh such great gifts not sushi great gifts. LOL

  7. Such fun ideas! Such great memories playing many of these games as a kid, and love sharing them with my kids now! These are some great ideas that I can’t wait to try with them soon! 🙂

  8. Twister still remains one of my all time favorite games. I am super competitive with games

  9. You know, I never thought about it until reading this post, but all of our games are Hasbro games. They do make the best of the best for interactive family fun.

  10. These are such great ideas to add a new twist on old favorites! We love Jenga, Twister and Guess Who at our house. Will have to try these new ways to play!

  11. We love our Hasbro games. Love your twists on the classics!

  12. We love Hasbro games!!! Family game night is one of our favorite ways to spend a Friday night!

  13. Oh my goodness! My family loves playing games. I used to make my kids play board games so they could learn to be good/happy losers. We’ve always been fan of Hasbro too. And Twister!! Oh yes.

  14. How awesome! Few things are more fun than family game night and I love these unique twists on classic favorites.

  15. YOU have no idea how much I love games. And HASBRO is my favorite because they created ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON!!!!

  16. We love to have a game night we friends of the children and family.

  17. Jenga with chopsticks is insane! The last time I played it was at a pub in the Cotswolds in England. So much fun!

  18. We are always playing games together and I would say the majority of them are from Hasbro. I like how you put fresh ideas to the classic game play.

  19. We love playing games together as a family! I love the twist on the classics. I keep seeing the commercial on tv here with the Connect 4 musical chairs!

  20. We’ve been playing with these fun variations too! We had some fun playing Operation on my husband’s back recently. 😉 haha

  21. Claudia Krusch says

    We have at least one game night a month. We used to have more when the kids were younger. Our favorite game to play right now is Giant Jenga.

  22. We just love playing games! Jenga is so much fun. I need to go buy it!

  23. I have always loved Hasbro games. We need to get some new ones for family game night!

  24. We love all of those games and own every one of them. Family game night is a common occurrence in our family.

  25. Jenna M Wood says

    So many classics- I love when I already know how to play a game with my nieces and nephews. We definitely need to have a game night for the holiday break.

  26. I’ve always been a fan of Hasbro. My family has a lot of the games and toys from Hasbro. They always come out with some great items each year.

  27. We do not have Jenga in my home but our kids love it. My sister in law has it and she lets my kids play with it.

  28. Ooh, I’ve never played Jenga with *chopsticks* before, that sounds like a ton of fun!! Will definitely have to try that next time I get the game out. Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

  29. Great collection of games. My kids grew up with all these. It brings out my inner child

  30. thetennisfoodie says

    Jenga + Chopsticks seems like a fun game! I think my friends would love this!

  31. These are all such fun games! My most favorite from my childhood are Connect 4, Guess Who and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

  32. Jenga with the chopsticks is brilliant! It adds like an extra level to the game. Will have to try this on the next party session.

  33. All these games are real fun and my children like them a lot. jenga used to be my favourite game when I used to play.

  34. We love fun games for the holidays! These should be on our list this year! Thanks for sharing!

  35. I am ashamed to admit that I am such a rule follower (I got it from my husband) and I almost never add my own twist to any of the games we play. I’m such a bore! Ha! What a great idea to raise the fun and adding the twist to these classics. I’m with your youngest – I would TOTALLY choose twister first. And what a hilarious idea to add pillows – but my fave is how your pup joined in a round of chopsticks jenga. hahah!!

  36. SO many classic games!! Can you believe that I’ve never played Twister and Jenga? It’s fun change up the games with some new instructions!

  37. I don’t think I ever actually realized how many of these games were part of the Hasbro family. We absolutely love Guess Who. It is a fave around my house.

  38. such a fun games i would try guess who

  39. We have family game night once a month, and Hasbro is our go-to company! They always have games that we agree on!

  40. Men I miss having time to play games with our friends. We can’t play with out toddler so I have to wait till she’s older.

  41. I love these classic games from my childhood. Adding these twists will make these even more fun to play.

  42. I miss playing these games.. It used to be so much fun that time..

  43. I can’t wait till my girls are board game ages! I have so many great memories of game nights growing up!

  44. Sammie Brakebill says

    Hasbro has some amazing games and always has over the years. They’ve been around for a while for a reason!

  45. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I love these new twists to old games. I will have to try these out on our family game night. I am so excited for Saturday. We are going to have loads of fun.

  46. We really love Hasbro games! Hungry Hungry Hippos and Twister are my daughter’s favorites. We really have to try playing Jenga with hopsticks!

  47. My kids aren’t quite into board games yet although my 4 year old is starting to have some interest in some of them. I’ll have to remember these tips to keep them fun and interesting!

  48. Ok, I have played Jenga quite a few different ways. And even played it with huge blocks. But I would be curious about Jenga with chopsticks. That would really be hard.

  49. Savannah Pham says

    Hasbro is such a classic game brand! This post brought me back to my childhood because I played most of these games as a child.

  50. Love so many of these games – great classics! Guess Who was one of my favourites. I bet my oldest is big enough to play that one now.

  51. I love these hasbro games. Jenga is one of my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  52. We love family game night! I rule at Twister despite a few extra decades (and pounds) on the kiddos! Games under the tree would make for an extra fun Christmas vacation!

  53. I love all of these games. I have got to try Jenga with chopsticks soon it sounds like fun!

  54. I love these simple ideas to spice up these classic games! The pillow and Twister one looks like a fun idea I want to try haha

    Sondra xx

  55. Connect four and game of life has always been my favorites !
    I love how you took all these classic games and put a twist on them!

  56. Hannah Marie says

    I struggle with normal Jenga, I can’t imagine adding chopsticks to the game! Talk about an intense game where you have to have the world’s steadiest hands! WOW!

  57. We love a good family game night!!!! Hasbro makes the best games. We have tons of games they make

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